Off Camera Secrets | Breath of the Wild  – Boundary Break

Off Camera Secrets | Breath of the Wild – Boundary Break

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  1. Vilia's face has scarred me. It's way worse than I though. I though she just has a 5 o'clock shadow I was not expecting all that.

  2. Can you please tell me the name of the theme or where its from thats playing in the beginning when you zoom out of the map at 0:50–0:54? I sounds so familiar

  3. The eyes on Molduga look the eyes on the scorpion mini boss from skyward sword, who is also in the desert region in that game 🤔

  4. I was hoping to see what's up with Mount Agaat. It's the only place with a name that you can't go because of the boundary.

  5. the room at the top of the castle, there is a pad that looks like it has the hylian shield printed on it? perhaps the original location to find it!!

  6. Guys Zelda 2 is coming out, and i think that door that doesnt open is for it, because they are using the same map

  7. My one question is:

    Why is Dorephan so HUGE. I'm just curious, cause his wife could have been so small, along with his children! Sooo smaaaall!

  8. I bet the memory models are used in the out-of-bounds zones. He mentions that the shadows are reused in the out-of-bounds zones. Which tells me that's where the, not yet destroyed, memory building are placed.

    And after the memory finishes they

  9. Shesez:Welcome to the final episode of B.B
    Me:That explains the overly dramatic song

  10. When he said that character actually had eyeballs, I joked to myself that it was probably something stupid like the deku tree…


  11. I'm pretty sure they have the water under everything so that when it rains on the hyrule fields (and wherever else this happens), they can just yoink up the water to make puddles rather than loading in a hundred little separate models. They just need the one that was there already to clip through the ground. I hadn't considered it before but it's pretty clever tbh

  12. Regarding the lag, notably on Wii U, it would be wiser to remove some useless polygons. So much undrwater? Entire world low polygons when you are into divine beasts? Why? Animations for an enemy underground? Why?… Were they smarter in the previous generations developers?

  13. I love it when developers put detail into areas the player should never go because they know their game finna get hacked…its just so cool

  14. 6:34
    I bet it's was a reflection before but forgot to erase it lol doing reflections is easy when you just duplicate and mirror the image

  15. Video: contains full game spoilers.
    Me: Good thing i played through this game 3 times, one time even to 100%…..

  16. The inside of the volcano is seen when you go into Vah Rudania, plus you can look inside from the top of Death Mountian
    So it's not all that of a surprise

  17. The inside of the volcano is seen when you go into Vah Rudania, plus you can look inside from the top of Death Mountian
    So it's not all that of a surprise

  18. What does Hyrule look like while Link’s inside the secret clothing store in Gerudo Town? There’s a purplish smoke effect when you go inside that goes away when you walk out

  19. The water trick is the best piece of lazy map design, why copy multiple instances of water for coding when you can just make one massive one and manipulate it where you need it? Perfect.

  20. i was thinking about the theory that there might be something behind the eighth heroine and i was really hoping you would check in the video, i think well just have to wait until after the sequel

  21. I’ve never heard it pronounced either Dehkoo or Deekoo. Only Daykoo.

    Also, “right OVER the horizon”, not around.

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