Oral HPV | Q&A

Oral HPV | Q&A

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[MUSIC] Oral human papillomavirus, also
known as oral HPV, is a viral DNA infection that can infect
the back of the mouth or the back of the throat. In most people,
oral HPV doesn’t cause cancer. But in some people in can cause
cancers of the head and neck, particularly cancers of the
tonsil or the base of tongue. [MUSIC] The HPV vaccine was designed to
prevent anogenital cancers and to prevent anogenital warts. We don’t know what the effect of
the vaccine is against oral HPV or HPV related cancers
of the head and neck. But we think that it help reduce
the burden of HPV related cancers in the United States. [MUSIC] So the HPV vaccine is known
to have high efficacy in reducing cervical HPV and
cervical cancer. Most head and neck cancers that
are HPV related are due to one type HPV16. HPV16 is included
in the vaccine, so we think it’ll reduce the
number of HPV related head and neck cancers in the future. Provided that there’s good
compliance with the vaccine. The recommendations are for
young boys and young girls to
receive the vaccine. Before sexual debut. [MUSIC]

9 thoughts on “Oral HPV | Q&A”

  1. None of these videos are informative about people that are CURRENTLY infected with oral HPV. They only talk about the vaccine for future generations.

  2. There are people out here who are older than 26 and can’t get the vaccines. So how about you guys talk about them too.

  3. I'm a 54 year old caucasian male, last week my Doctors told me I have 2 years to live. November 1st 2018 I will be put on Immunotherapy.
    It was explained to me that immunotherapy normally works for 18 months and then the body begins to reject it then the cancer takes over and then death.
    In 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer Squamous cell carcinoma.
    After 35 rounds of radiation and 10 rounds of chemo the cancer went away. Unfortunately the cancer has returned and is now spreading down my body. In 2015 my Doctors said the cancer was caused by chewing tobacco and drinking. The cancer started on the base of my tongue yet there was no mention of HPV back in 2015. My new Doctors now tell me my original biopsy in 2015 tested positive for HPV 16.
    I have asked my Doctors if I could have spread HPV through sexual contact and if so how many years back would I have been infectious. I thought it would be the right thing to do to tell any ex-partners I could find to get tested for HPV but my Doctors tell me they are not qualified to answer that question. Please, can someone at JHM answer my question(s) or point me in the right direction?

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  6. I am not sure if I have HPV because there is this white thing on the side of the tongue and I am not sure if it is HPV or something else

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