OVERNIGHT Dry Hands Treatment

OVERNIGHT Dry Hands Treatment

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hey guys welcome back my name is Doro
today’s video I am excited about it because it is a request video from dream
on dreamer and it’s asking me if I can make a video on how to get rid of dry
hands if you want to learn how to avoid dry hands and how to treat dry hands
keep on watching this hand treatment only uses two products the first product
that you need is a jar of petroleum jelly or Vaseline and the second product
that you need is a pair of cotton gloves so now this is the fun part the
first thing you’re gonna do is to apply Vaseline all over your hands it doesn’t
have to be like thick like a lot of layer of Vaseline enough product and you feel
like comfortable and then just put the gloves and go to bed because it has to
stay on your hands for about six hours gloves are gonna help you to hold in the
moisture on your hands look in this way it’s going to lock that moisture on your
skin throughout the night and the next day your hands are gonna be super soft
and moisturized but if you suffer every single day with dry hands trying to do
this every single day before going to bed the first thing that you need to
avoid is using soaps I’m talking about our soaps or liquid soaps that contains
fragrances preservatives sulfates all of these are just gonna make your hands
super dry investing on liquid hand soaps that contains aloe vera oatmeal cama
moiled and even coconut oil you can find those
at any pharmacy the other tip is that every time you wash your hands you right
away to apply hand lotion that is the important thing okay and I don’t know
why I’m holding my hands like yes don’t let it go just keep in mind the air
conditioner it’s going to dry out your hands crazy that’s why it is super
important to always keep a hand lotion everywhere you go because at the
office and your home when you go to a restaurant you’re gonna be exposed to
the air conditioner and that’s just gonna take the moisture out of your skin
and it’s gonna cost super dry hands you need to exfoliate them at least once a
week always wear gloves when you’re going to manipulate chemicals I’m
talking about if you’re gonna clean your bathroom if you do or wash your dishes
if you do or anything that it has chemicals so try it on let me know in
the comments below I hope you guys like and enjoy this if you wanted to become
part of this organic family you only need to subscribe and I’ll see
you up Friday PURA VIDA!

27 thoughts on “OVERNIGHT Dry Hands Treatment”

  1. Thank you so much for requesting this video! I hope you like it and helps you to heal your dry hands 🙂
    I took off the gloves and my hands are baby soft now so nice!

  2. Lo hice y efectivamente me sirvió a la primera vez 👌 Siendo que yo sufro de mis manos super secas toda una vida y claro que funciona👌. Gracias, acabo de ver el cambio.

  3. Thank you so
    Much for the tip I had always had soft hands and then all of the sudden my hands started getting dry and the tip of my fingers started to crack and it hurts so much.. I work in a restaurant as a waitress and have to wash my hands often and after I go to work in construction doing tile and grout with my husband so I wet my hands a lot and they hurt because the tip of my fingers are cracking and they are very dry I will use this tip Vaseline and gloves when I go to bed thank you 🙏

  4. God you are such a beautiful bonita…. the good lord must be real, he must have me in his good graces because I feel blessed to just be able to know that I got to see the most prettiest senorita today the woman I would defenitly go out my way for any of time at all !!! Yep….. it is true too

  5. I have a really dry spot the size of a dime in the middle of my right hand. It's been there for a few years now. I do wash my hands quite a bit daily. I have been using a bandaid and lotion for a few weeks now, but it isn't getting rid of the dry patch. Anyone that could have any idea what it is or how to cure it would be greatly appreciated!

  6. This helped so much because I’ve always had perfectly fine hands but I was using a lot of chemicals when cleaning and my hands just started peeling

  7. You don't know how long this has been a problem for me. I can not thank you enough for this video and this tutorial. God bless you🙏. you just earned a subscriber!

  8. During the past 2 winters, I had this eczema in the hands and fingers as a result of skin outbreak. Due to that I managed to figure out regarding this eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). Dryness, discomfort and also redness were felt all over my very own palms. The guide is magic that is effective. The guidebook ended up saving me from the hassle of putting ice packs to my hands and fingers. You need to test this. .

  9. This is stupid, why would you cake petroleum jelly over your hands during the night!?
    It's made from the waste products when refining oil into gasoline and is carcinogenic, plus it blocks all your skin pores, don't do this, don't use vaseline full stop

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