Panic to Freedom: Principle 1 ~ The Breath & The Body

Panic to Freedom: Principle 1 ~ The Breath & The Body

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100 thoughts on “Panic to Freedom: Principle 1 ~ The Breath & The Body”

  1. read a book ,watch a comedy, get laid , be specific with what you need help with, what is your weakness, let shit roll off your shoulder , pretend to have an eraser in your brain and erase mentally erase your damage thoughts,if an girlfriend is your pain scrap her name out from your inside your skull, if your broke stop spending ,if your broke make new friends, i

  2. great video for the average person.good work guys it is exacly what a lot of people need to hear…thats what I call being part of the solution and not the problem.

  3. if your broke make new friends….for sure….with good friends they always want the best for you and if they have any opportunities they will send them your way.but if your friends have a big ego they will always want to see you lower then them….. well said pretty cool way of thinking that can make it all easyer.i am not sure about the eraser part lollll peace

  4. A friend with a big ego is something I am learning to adjust to. friends with big egos always want what you have it is an extremely dangerous environment ,, I put them in the front line as my security task force you have to get threw that ass hole before you can get to me , sometime being alone is better then friends , but something we need full-time staff to oil your motion of wheel so to interact its part of the world.

  5. I believe in the erasing of annoying thoughts, the reminder of pain is not for me,sometime pain is unsolvable . some people let it slid of their shoulders I forget to heal my deepest wounds I live in the SECRETS OF NOW ,

  6. For everyone wondering what the middle song was,it is by Enya "Flora's Secret". She has a lot of beautiful music. Check her out…Namaste.

  7. awareness travels, wen it is all focused to one area you can say it is over their…if you place some attention here and some over there you can say you are in both place's. ect… mastering awareness and expanding it take many years. I recommend falun dafa chi kung cultivation for developing life energy and awareness…peace

  8. Hold up. Pausing the video. My body wants to move. If I deny my body then my mind will not do so well.
    ^ hopefully this is the purpose of your video. I shall see when I have completed moving. 🙂

  9. I was having a moment when you said take a breathe and breath out with a smile, I did it and immediately felt better and was overcome with goosebumps and happiness. Wow

  10. His eyes are awesomizable O.O… ^^ Mine are like a strange fusion of Blue, Green, and Brown… O.o… still not sure how its possible per say but still awesome ^^

  11. ok I tried it and when I smiled I felt like Im not okay… Im not in my best days.. But why did this happen? ;- maybe I can get rid of my bad emotions inside of me? I dont know.. If somebody knows please reply..

  12. these principles originate with the buddha. read dhamma teachings like the book "meditations". a bit more in depth and may answer some if your questions 🙂 love

  13. What if i suffer from an illness that causes me to wake up with nausea and anxiety every day? Also i get anxiety attacks triggered very easily. I have been relying on cannabis to get rid of it but I don't want to anymore. I've tried meditation but the anxiety itself makes it very difficult to concentrate. Any advice at all?

  14. Stop doing cannabis alone and on urban space. Cannabis leaves you in a permeable state and doing it on an urban space makes all the usual urban people worries and stress comes to you. Do it with people you feel confortable with, under a tree with your feets on the grass and when you get ready stop doing it.

  15. Relax. Breath up breath down. Energy rises when you inhale and falls when you exhale. When I watched thespiritscience video movie of crystals, i was drinking water and using this breathing technique. Try it, adapt to itl it may work in some shape or form for you. If not, best of wishes. I have anxiety as well; my relaxation ended when I kept talking to myself (at the 5-20 minute mark)

  16. Minor cannabis use during activity or with company may be healthy. Have the brain engaged. Getting stoned and baked can be good and bad. Getting lifted can be good and bad. It should be based on personal regulation.

  17. I'm was breathing deep threw this video realized I'm really depressed, each deep breath has brought me to tears…no joy, no relief…what then. =[

  18. just breathe . you seem to be filled with negativity and you need to empty yourself from this negativity, tears will do that for you . then you can fill yourself with positivity .

  19. I'm on the good pure side of YouTube again. =D The world is not totally helpless. *Tip: smile to at least 10 people during the day. Even of you don't know them. It might be the only smile they see, and they could need it.

  20. This is for those just beginning their walk or those that have been searching all the stuff out there and need to consolidate their info…yes it is basic…but a baby must eat milk before it can consume meat…if you need more spiritual meat then you would know where to get it..Blessings to the folks behind this effort….I will share with the newly spiritual.  Thanks for DOING something instead of talking..or attacking those that are doing.  We all have things to DO to change this vibration in our collective..Blessings..

  21. I love how I came here to watch spirit science because I was in a state of unrest, and after watching this and being reminded of my breath and just how calming it could be, how I'm now totally relaxed. Spirt Science is always there when I need it!!

  22. Know that through time thou may pursue wisdom
    and find ever more light on the way.
    Know that through time thou may pursue wisdom
    and find ever more light on the way.

  23. Have you ever had (guys from the video) panic attac in public places, in the middle of interviev or important conversation, in the places you cant run away form? Breathe is most important I agree but most situations in social life not allowed us to concentrate on proper breathing and every person suffer from high level of anxiety and panic attacks knows that

  24. I'm not sure if this concept really applies for everyone unfortunately. I have a puking phobia and it makes it very difficult for something like this to work.

  25. As someone with chronic asthma I want to say that y'all better appreciate when you can take a deep breath at any time, breathing is great, don't take it for granted.

  26. I have anxiety and nearly every breath is difficult like breathing through a straw I've tried multiple asthma medications but nothing has helped I finally tried xanax which just calmed me down so I didn't really care about my shallow tight breath. when I try to breath from my diaphragm I find it takes great effort and there's something blocking the expansion – some harsh negative emotions and stomach bloatijg. lately I've been working on balancing Chakras to see if that helps. if anyone has any experience with my issue or advice please share!!

  27. I really liked this video and the idea behind it. But u need to point out that this doesn't apply to everyone. Probably most people. But not everyone. Example; I can't take a deep breath at work. Probably while I'm outside or in the cafeteria but not at work. No everyone has "nice smelling or neutral smell jobs".—- and there's no way I'm going to hug any of my coworkers. __ I'm just pointing out these things because in the comments below some people already talked about their anxiety, and other stuff.

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