Panini Album “UEFA EURO 2016” – 100 % COMPLETE / FULL


match portugal x france euro 2016 for you which ones do you think are going
be part of the euro 2020 panini have the best movies lessons with the
best prices and best conditions in the world Porto 18 nov and obtains a
total 10% discount occupying good buy chrome channel good lack I suggest it to be very well
coming you can see from the title of this video and
increased the pope defined let’s do a genre of a beque o
sending some of the euro which is going to be a new channel series is going to be every
the euro on June 21 and also soon trying to gather as much
possible information to bring you you can see we have here from europe the team
today in 2016 if you want to see 2000 and 2008 and 2004 and 2006 and also 84 we will
try to hit the barrier of the 750 most you know was won by selection
oral in a lava and we will commented that the collection that forever
will stay in our memories forever much longer let’s dance to things
of euro2016 very well guys before but if you guys notice I keep everyone and in
all complete albums within bags and no less can buy one
saxophone to store things in fridge
even though i use to embroider on practice also sent it to the
smaller ones also have bigger pens that you government producers us
next videos how can i cut then in chats better and keep with bags from
statistical inca silva because malta because it absorbs every possible unit
inside this closed Sunday has almost 1
billion in November because of the so-called but there is nothing like it can enter
wanting and available the silica tacos and keeps so let’s go then open is the
country acts in a story and then finish this video back here to
inside then we have our euro collection
2000 that expression that the pepper stand marked in my and in our memory the
portuguese market people are already in this simple equation
well portuguese but French but it is not liquid that
a certainty had closed the euro in 2006 is not in the habit of almost 500
calls but with titans who have that second floor pressure one indicates that
wins with this collection I’m going to take here the road signs in here is that the
updates that will be later with this to be launched is impossible so
we will show very well it’s up to me was one of the most well
achieved euros was the top hat I liked long the feat of uefa’s
euro2016 yesterday so that the 24 in the city 15 years is from the collection was the first
European with 24 selections in my opinion unveiling more taka is portugal for
was then the first invested in the euro is composed of four sessions
this is a pen that was bought in as and as you can see it has to open
gradient was a thing for the advent is great with actions for youth and this because
because it was the wall at the time is almost nine on the rise moving to the
index really enjoyed
the whole all the compound looks of this europa portugal was part of the group
f Portugal was with Iceland and Austria
in cumbria and at first we thought cristiano easy signed was last month
the group with three bridges in with 13 team draws page introduction
Europe / bowl type mounted since june the palin time and we have here is
euro mascot but I also don’t remember the name
the index also came with expressions winners
the gold album after the calendar has that with all the games to a portugal us
remember because of her because was that the family I don’t remember said that in
the 14th on the 18th of June in 2022 mental posture – on June 10 it was
most important date is a bad part this fourth in my opinion and very
which senators did we have state labels in cities came already
stamped if they came is one in which observed in my opinion but anyway it is
for me that population chrome plugin and by those who have that way that I don’t have
done is keeping an eye on my opinion because here we have the first
page that we live from selections where we also have a little news here
in terms of stickers together with the symbols and in this case the celebrations will have here
a group introduction for example that the group we serve france france romania and
Albania and Switzerland ok but it proved to be a lot because not even
even my opinion you and I already know i think simple stickers
with the cards of the players is thus the panini album euro 2020 and euro 2016 different approach starting to break
the first selection would then be the France runner-up I will not
giving it all is a measure a while but you can see that the main ones
neither am I not all were present in this euro
so here we have the main pec of opinion of that pressure was undoubtedly the
of the pump program we have here we have this game let’s have for
example was cheered by the streets of new
we don’t have a dog here in the park prainha 1002 and saves and without a doubt yours
so great champion in the euro final who made a great game was not with the
my phrase help in that game but at show and also to portugal
so there was nothing was inclusion then the players in action who then 11
players per team supposedly the 11 goals plus two games
in the qualification phase in 2006 where had a test of two or more main
then a prominent figure stern ba ea romanian team the boy because the selection
Romanian home so who sapunaru already went through Porto football is
important but not making a big 260 on the axn and abandons it
Albania which was one of the surprises for communication for this old europe of the championship and also commented
emerson ben shahn we have isae we have here I fear more
look there we have the shake and it’s the brother of kid jack a from switzerland and athletic
also when bazil there in torino and aquino frosinone two in action in this case
Albany and Switzerland with shaq and then here then the Swiss team that came
how do you see being a confrontation historic because I didn’t even want shaka
who faced his brother in the groups against albania is shakine
it’s usually at the time in haiti the team is good and sentra is cop-10
england russia country degrees in genoa that would be very
interesting to say this is this the group fears that the confrontation between the two
uk country selections draft on England
we have here in 90 with the large rim selection figure in my opinion is to be
the itm package we had was who had to take me and champion by lester we have
here in defense games are the movies only the shortcomings of geralt differences
frank can withdraw from the situation because here in my opinion the great figure of
cup that was already in the final stage of degrees career that was undoubtedly is
big surprise for the people of opinion in this europe we have here a fantastic goal abel movie
stays in the field we had none like powerful body of the album so also the
central and captain this eight elements and finally i’m here i’m here too
that devastated this group was eliminated ahead is tomorrow and in terms of
reference is r 5 martin skrtel cuca we don’t have beautiful here
the central who currently plays for the inter seeks to win even though it was part of this
this of this promimp selection be composed tomorrow the anthony skull and
northern guarantan this is no surprise we also have here is
an area that was then the semifinal is ahead of france
my always favorite course this guy to the big decisions this time by
only 15 years only in the dispute always in the finals only drug spyer in marco nóis
ozil and thomas morus husbands the darling one hitting noia catches in the center one
very large station composed of large players to credit only one
passage though I think I’m not remembered but I think
didn’t make any point on this 2006 me appears this year as one of the possible
20-year surprises here and agogo in football opinion the goalkeeper with
pyatov it was a game that I whistle the heart is
amend on penalties was in a game very battled with the same rules are
2006 dictators still with fabi 10min with 32 years
lewandoski mika the corner gel no made public the old one of the draw that the
combat cops kim pours with that’s no doubt a situation with good players and
northern ireland an ugly duckling in this group that passed me enlightened groups
possibly by country degrees in the part mental January that was at the central the
west tur and having more to 11 if in the bank but nothing out there other than advertising
that brakes make reference to the game online game that the team presented
for channel 2025 i will make ba group czech republic turkey and croatia
Spain continues to go through the evolution of the situation some are are
here they will no longer be part of europa 2020 investments at home and leave the idea already
clear ready to be the holder of this situation either let’s generate cheesy and
in this cop the renovated mansion david silva in a great selection always by
god but spain and commanded us today and it was nothing for the etau and I believe that
Round of 16 spoke to the staff of czech republic which is not to try
check in these 24 rosicky tomas and stones since there is not much more to my opinion without major references
as in the past a great generation 2000 and 2004
here is the turkey that comes back this is the opinion destination that I can do
much better has more aids that do everything so the situation has not gotten yet
marked in the 2002 world one other good times so here during the
capital don’t ask me how old always with a great generation of
portugal in the round of 16 of this euro and I am sincere thought that we are not
you can count on that impression but even very well but from the moment that
smart managed to beat croatia I could only reach the final and be
european champion bother tiebrake try which one next
probably even pass manuel ipi cindy is undoubtedly a great selection
the group is ireland in a low shard and didn’t understand is undoubtedly a selection is
that I thought I would stay away from but feathered to the quarter-finals this year
at was mined back a great option after the absence at the 2018 world
a generation completely stay but it is a generation that practically doesn’t have
nothing with that with this is that after you have lived there for 90 years
the game does not like this in the euro 2000 and 2011 piro mar 15 thousand for the
ocean an adventure in 2001 the republic of ireland which
lambda group people gain against the Italy
we have here chem blob is jack kim da game language for newspaper xin player’s
manchester united on fire like the sweden now had no mouth because no
is here in detroit the new I think I am in 2008 since in this
height of the streets around the mess is and finally to the fo group portugal group
where then portugal superiority propose together with italy austria and hungary
we arrived here the group calls loot Portuguese team and now wants to do
what in the game with moscow which is of these 22 tone that represents for you
who do you think will be part of the europe 2020
i will make my registration and voice be at home also don’t do 15 reports
neither does ricardo carvalho yes i solved my opinion the
favorite we have cancer the best knowledge and Cedric so I think
which is a serious investment is not going be part of this same collection of
scallop stickers also don’t andré also not in the building is debatable
i think so the interval yes joão mário did not play I have it in the li no
I also do not give to you and korea also no and christian
ronaldo yes or be my opinion percent of those present here at school
here and not be by Indians in the disease euro’2008 deserves to be a champion
three group stage games good against iceland 0 to 0 yesterday on 3 to
3 against fury was composed in this eleven initial rui patrício josé de carvalho
pepe and fabio coentrão joão moutinho never there and rice
ari bruno silva and cristiano ronaldo in that same pregnancy that was also a
big surprise in the final quarter by france and england in the round of 16
he is best known figure is strictly not easy but participated
this year the safe purse is never thought that was 53 the austria that for me was a
of the big disappointments your good generation of players
this year is again at europa 2020 if you have due to the abba 20 x trail run from here I knew what you did
is here you know I was not even seeing wasn’t even with his Machiavellian
oacute ano cai na kevin braga video is the marketing man the subject is good
for us but it didn’t get very far and not personal this group stage and
finally the last session of this group and of this hungary collection that surprised
group stage in pennsylvania that ties 3-3 in portugal
then the turn of the player pajamas to go to ie then we had here young nag
promise the veteran back in what was the jack the forward alan challah and we’re done
here with does not prove that companies like euro’2000 history everything and get out of
euro to euro’2012 as the page curiosity and then we have here then the
tac depends on it i have several strikers from here you can buy at the time
her name because 08 euros I just think it will put us in Portugal because it is exactly the perfect back love
that the benfica player is a great selection figure in this context the
loved it said daniel ramos 50 goals there with more fans at the time doesn’t start to get
mpe note teago situation is also one of the great figures of this
euro 2016 had a good bet in the final against the dollar in clear tone renato
santos daniel victor and mário gomez and prosecution year
remember rafa at the time played in sporting braga
we have here the blow car Bernard is that Daniel is inaugurating for
be the ringtone of the phone during game the sporting in games why call me by
base page work and then at home happy and and being seven different
Now I have to have sex at any extra time all kinds
and today they succeeded in this pec are here because we have here ô ô ô of the French extras
with your waistband generating and jaime killed the sport supporter in general is sang
with roman joke that dimitri payet and finally here the player the Spaniards
ie the vehicle eta spirit behring mikel san josé soriano has alcântara
nazca seadre place says loved it says malta i hope you guys have
state from the beginning you listen to not the midfielder will try to beat 700
night and we will bring the boys in next Saturday 16 our mine for you
all the state be well stay around has to be done if the

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