Part 2.The last life&last breath of newborn baby BUDDY | Wish baby rest in peace | Momkey Daily 622

Part 2.The last life&last breath of newborn baby BUDDY | Wish baby rest in peace | Momkey Daily 622

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100 thoughts on “Part 2.The last life&last breath of newborn baby BUDDY | Wish baby rest in peace | Momkey Daily 622”

  1. Why didn't they jump in & save the baby…get it medical attention??
    So sad to have to watch it die for days…:(
    I couldn't even watch the whole video..broke my heart..

  2. This is a scumbag channel. Complete rotters. Hope the channel owner experiences lots of pain in his life.

  3. Il se bat pour vivre ce ptit gar!! Au lieu de filmer, pourquoi pas l'avoir emmener au prés d'un service veterinaire!?!

  4. how can you see there …. the camera man stands beside it? Yes. yes nature, the game of life but then the monkeys may no longer be fed. Shame on you !!!

  5. Anyway, even if you didn't steal the baby from the mother. Even if the pregnant monkey did it himself. But you are responsible for her suffering!!!

  6. The kidnapper doesn't stop eating. She's pregnant. she needs strength before giving birth. They feed her. The child is lying on the side. He didn't drink or eat for days. Those bastards didn't give him a drop of water. They could bottle it. They could have just taken her. But it is important the fact of death. I hate you!!! You're worse than beasts!!!

  7. I don't understand someone standing by and taking videos like this, while the little baby is suffering and dying…you should be ashamed of yourself…the least you could have done, was take it to a vet.

  8. Is this his real Mom? I know the video is a little older but the Mom seems to be pregnant and pretty far along, I might be wrong but it makes sense why the baby isn’t thriving and starving to death. So very sad.

  9. You actually watched this poor baby slowly starve to death so that you can get a video to the public really dude!!
    You could've saved buddy's life in stead of watching the monkey bitch starve her newborn. Great job!! I don't know who's worst
    YOU or HER?
    I say both!!
    You watched her kill her baby off slowly.
    day after day!
    You should be a shamed of yourself. You could've saved him
    Everyday you turned your video on
    you watch a beautiful baby monkey unnecessarily starve to death everyday.
    The pain his little body must've went through
    Hungry thirsty and dehydrated the shaking & jerking. Not even able to make a sound let alone move
    Makes me mad and sick to my stomach.
    just knowing you could've have made one phone call to save him and get the right emergency vet or helpers over there to rescue buddy.
    This is the second most ugliest hurtful despicable video I've come across since I've been watching videos about monkeys.
    I'm so appalled your uncaring and heartless unfeeling towards these helpless infants shows your
    non-carrying towards life.
    Infact anytype of life regardless if it may be animal or human speaks volumes…
    In Loving Memory of Buddy
    RIP Buddy!


  11. Rescued , saved , vets , heartbreaking , Billion Tears , ALL lied all nonsense !!! NO ONE of this VD makers interested the misery of the Monkeys / Newborns, or the comments . THEY ONLY filming for views $$$

  12. Hell yea finally some dyin useless flea infested nasty ass rat i just wish i was torturing all the nasty bastard babies to death

  13. Bando de macacas só serve para comer, nem pra cuidar dos filhos serve. Pelo contrário, muitas delas matam seus bebês!

  14. It be nice if da camera man wasn't farting n shit u can tell it was a wet on he took a deeo breathe too. LOLCTFU

  15. Are you telling me that fat fucking worthless piece of shit couldn’t find a ant hill to put that little shit in? OPD such petty many tears grandma I don’t give two fucks dirty tampon eating monkey banana peel elephant Tonio’s Buffalo wings makes about as much sense as you fucking dip shits

  16. That fucking fat bitch doesn’t give two shits about that baby tree rat. All she’s worried about is stuffing her fat fucking face. You can tell because she’s got that little shit upside down so as soon as a fucking turd comes out she can eat it. I would love to bash her fucking brains in with a fucking tire iron

  17. That damn fart 💨 killed that baby! RIP little one, at least you won’t have to smell that sh*t!

  18. This poor baby needs to eat, it needs some nurishment.. and the mom is just sitting there feeding herself.. when she should be helping her newborn to get some nipple or even water.. something geesh.. he baby is gna die and she stuffing her damn face, literally leaving her baby on the ground..

  19. FREAKIN'lies again!! Not the last breath. Please STOP LYING! You might like it! There's a lot of babies dying all of a sudden AGAIN!!! ASPCA is looking for your AS**S NOW!!! lol lol I love it !!!

  20. Los que estaban de testigos al mal momento que el monito pasaba por esa agonia porque no hicieron algo para ayudarlo ? Estaba agonizando sufriendo mientras documentaban el padecer, sufrimiento y dolor !!! Muy triste y lamentable !!! 😶

  21. Lmao I hope the hideous shit rat died a slow, painful death. If we can’t get GOOD vids showing baby shit rats being lit on fire, or being bashed in the head, or something painful like that, I guess we’ll settle for stuff like this.

  22. Monkey Daily = The Wichita Clan . The Specialist for Lie, Clickbait, Monkey Baby Suffering ( and torturing ) VDs …

  23. to many of these killers just waiting to bite some poor child, set packs of dogs on them and thin them out not many only around 99%

  24. What kind of monkey is the female in this video? Her colorings are very different and pretty, with that blueish/tirquoise /grey on her body and above her eyes like eyeshadow .

  25. Lieing ass ,all you do is lie,lie lie,cant seem to tell the truth evan if your life depended on it ,you SUCK.

  26. Look at how fucking fat that slob is… that’s not normal and um almost all of the adults are obese. It makes them lethargic and they could care less about offspring

  27. Rubbish, never seen so many FAT money's before, these tree rat's lived in the jungle thousands of years before you started interfering in their way of life trying to humanize them with your stupid statements as to what they are thinking. All they do is eat all-day, stop feeding the thing's and let them get back to normality and if they die, then that's normal progress, stop interfering in their life's.

  28. Je ne comprends pas pour ce bébé 🐒 est affaibli ? La faute de sa mère ? Elle n'a pas de lait maternel ? Ou a t'il attrapé un virus ?

    SubhannAllah 💚

  29. Le pauvre bébé 🐒
    Il est à l'état de SQUELETTE ⚠️⚠️⚠️


  30. L'agonie de la mort,
    SubhannAllah 💚
    Allah dit que tout le monde goûtera à la mort…
    C'est la vie…
    C'est la Loi d'Allah, le Noble, le Majestueux, le Clément, le Miséricordieux…

    MachaAllah 💗

  31. Wait isnt this the baby that was abandoned in the tree and she rescued it? I know this is old but I don't think that its mom I think she rescued it and couldn't feed it cause she wasn't full of milk yet considering she's due her self.. right??

  32. These nasty monkeys hsve got to be full of worms brcause all they do is EAT…they eat while shitting..they eat will fucking…they eat while theit baby is dying…selfish pricke arent they..aldo thst is one ugly almost dead bsby snd thr mother judt dragd it around..i swear these are the dumbest animals on thr planet.

  33. It's better for the strength of the troupe to kill could have something that affects all the babys.

  34. This is probably one of the saddest videos on this channel if not the most saddest!!! 😭😩😥😢😪😥

  35. This Poor Baby is slowly dying!! I only hope to God that this young, little baby is not suffering or feeling any kind of agonizing pain at this point before he does finally pass away!! My Heart just goes out to this precious, young, innocent life!!!🐒🐵😭

  36. This is not his mother. This female stole him from his birth mother and she isnt making milk yet because she is pregnant. He's starving to death and severely dehydrated because he has no milk to drink

  37. Bellezza allo stato puro e goduria infinita a vederlo ridotto pelle ed ossa e che ha ancora la forza di chiamare la madre che se ne frega altamente…

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