Pear’s Extreme Challenge #1: Holding Breath

Pear’s Extreme Challenge #1: Holding Breath

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PEAR: What the heck, is this thing even on? I can’t even fit– Oh hey, it’s on. Hey, hey, what’s up guys, it’s Pear! That’s right! And welcome to my YouTube channel. Um, so, there’s this rumour going around that I’m boring and I’m not, I’m extremely exciting. Just ’cause I like to read books, doesn’t make me boring, so, to prove to you that I am not boring, we’re gonna do something. I’m gonna take your comments for suggestions of things to do that are extreme! Extreme challenges! And I’m gonna do them and I’m gonna prove to you that I’m not boring, OK? Alright? Let’s see what we’re gonna do for the first one. Alright, alright. Holding your breath for as long as possible, I got this. That’s super extreme, alright, let’s do this, alright. Cue the extreme music! Alright, here we go! (GASPING) (PANTING) OK… (CONTINUES PANTING) OK, OK, OK… OK, alright, alright… (BREATHLESSLY) Let me know what do you want me to do for the next extreme challenge and make sure to subscribe and get me to 100,000 subscribers before everybody else. (COUGHING) Subtitles by ITFC

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  2. 1 touch in the eyeball from orange = 3000 baby
    1 nya nya from orange=5000)00000000000 tnt
    1 motor boat from orange = 400 copy of indeana jones movies

  3. I held my breath the entire time and also making this comment GASP

    Edit: omg it hurt making this comment

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