People Try Pimple Cupcakes

People Try Pimple Cupcakes

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– My god, oh my god. (coughing) (upbeat music) – I’m super into pimple popping. – I (bleeping) hate extraction videos. This is like my worst fear. – It’s like this (knuckle cracking). It’s like gross, but it also feels like something is being released. Yeah. – I like the ones where they like pop like big things out. Like it’s like a body part
comes out of their skin. – Like an arm. – Yeah (laughing) – There’s been cupcakes made inspired by viral pimple popping
videos in which you get to pop a cupcake pimple and then eat it. – I feel like this is
going to be a complete mind (beeping) because
the cupcake is going to taste good and you’re going
to be eating a pimple, ew. (upbeat music) – This is actually worse
than what a zit looks like. – It smells like a regular cupcake. – It smells like a regular pimple. – It honestly looks like a nipple to me. Let’s be honest. – This is the video that inspired this. – The large inflamed cyst. – These are the ones that
I talk about, the cysts. They’re like big old lumps. – How do you let something get that bad? – He just did not give a
(beeping) about his life. – Whoa, it’s already oozing. She’s not even squeezing, it’s oozing. – Too far. – Uh, oh (beeping). – Oh (laughing), gross. Zack is squeezing my
hand so hard right now. – I actually am now really
curious what puss is. – You didn’t know it was that gross huh? You don’t feel satisfied at all? – No. – Mine’s oozing puss already. – Ew. – So you squeeze it right. – Uh, why is there gel in it? – Oh, ew. – Oh, gross, look at that, do you want it? – Ah, no. – [Zach] Here we go. – It tastes really good. – Ew. – [Girl] Oh no. – Pimples are beautiful. – Oh wow you really just demolished it. – This is why I don’t pop my own pimples. – Because you just rip your nose off. – Yeah. – That was fun, but why? Why, why, why, why? (upbeat music) – This is how you should
watch pimple popping videos. This is the video that this
cupcake is based off of. – Why wouldn’t they shave
that part of his head? I’m glad the cupcake is not hairy. – Oh, mazel tov. That looks like a maggot. – Okay, come on, how does
she not know that that’s not his brain. – You got to get a saw
to get into the brain. Don’t you ever watch autopsy’s? – I just go in and grab it, yes. Can I tell you how good
it felt to just rip that out of the cupcake. – This is so fun. – Whoa, yours is yellow. – That’s the business right there. What? Is it marshmallow? – Yeah it’s really good. – Oh, I’m excited. Mmm, I like it. A good old cyst. – It was even satisfying
to watch Jen do it. – I want to pretend that
this is on your head. – Yeah, yeah. – I just want the full experience. – Ah you got my head. – Stop it, I can’t, I’m
like ripping your skin. I’m sorry, your beautiful head is getting. – Ah, I should stop wearing
pants at night to bed. I only wear (yelling). – I liked it. – Yeah, I love how interactive it was. – This was definitely the
most fun cupcake I’ve eaten. – Certainly the most
creative use of a cupcake and perhaps the best zit
inspired food I’ve ever seen. – I now wish that I had
changed my profession growing up and become
someone who takes puss out of people. – I would suggest that
if you do have to do a terrible thing like this, eat it. – [Male] Blessed by Baking and
onto something magnificent. – You really are, you’re saving the world, you’re doing God’s work. – Hello Clarice. Free the nipples. (laughing)

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  1. Puss is actually white blood cells that have died fighting bacteria and then the dead white blood cells rise and turn into pimples,zits and i think blackheads.

  2. I agree with Zach on this… Those videos are terrible and eating a cupcake that looks like a cyst right after watching them… How

  3. I’ve always been interested in this sort of thing, but it’s more because I like studying things like this cause it’s gross but interesting, and the causes are natural but interesting. I just like studying things like bugs, pimples, volcanoes, blood, etcetera. I’m gross, sue me.

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