People Try Pimple Extractors

People Try Pimple Extractors

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– This is like spring cleaning
for my face right now. (bouncy music) – I love popping zits. Anytime I see one in a mirror
I have to do it immediately. – I’ll pop a pimple if
it’s like super ready, but I also don’t like
stress too hard about it. – I’ll just like go in
and go hard with my nails. Sometimes I wash my hands before I do it and sometimes I don’t. – I’m an esthetician, people
come to me with skin issues whether it be acne, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, dry skin, oily skin. So tell me a little bit about your skin. – I get dry and tight right around here. I also get kind of bad
breakouts around here and my chin, and I always have breakouts. – And for your skin you
are a little thicker, slightly larger pores more
on like the medium side. So you are naturally
gonna over produce more, you’re gonna get oily. You do have very small pores. If your overly oily you
might be dehydrated. When the skin is dehydrated it is going to over produce oil to make
up for that dehydration, it’s gonna try to fix itself. So I’m gonna have you put some gloves on. – I feel like I’m going into surgery. – I never recommend
removing your blackheads without tissue or gloves on. We do harbor bacteria under our nails. I’ll have you wipe your
skin with the toner, make sure you get all
the dirt and oil off. Her skin was clean right, but see all the residue on the wipe. – Yeah I thought I wasn’t dirty, wrong. – And they you’re gonna sanitize the tools with the rubbing alcohol. Are you ready? – I’m ready. – This is the typical one here, you have the round end and
then you have lancet point. I don’t recommend using
the lancet on yourself, this can be very dangerous. – Here we go. – With this one you’re
gonna put a little pressure and then gently push. Don’t pull down, you want to press against each individual pore. If you have to do it at home, you may want to take a shower first, have the steam going
to loosen up the skin, open up the pores. – I got one, I got a really good one. You can probably see, I think
I got like three of them. – So I use the extractor
a lot in this area beacause your fingers
can’t really get in there, and if you press to hard with your fingers you’re gonna get those broken
capillaries right here. – Oh, there coming. – Oh shit yeah. – Ew! That is foul! – Don’t become too obsessed. – I know. – Cause you’ll sit here
for hours doing it. You can try different angles. I wouldn’t do more than three, after that it’s either
just not gonna come out or you’re not doing it right. There’s one right up next to it. So you want the top of the blemish to be underneath the loop. Did it come out? – Yeah. – Do you want to try this one? – Oh my God, yeah let’s move
on to the big daddy tools. – So something like this tool I would use on larger blackheads. You can see a little
bit of it sticking out, you just have to grab it
right at the top and pull. – Wait I got, okay here’s something. I didn’t really mean to get
it but I did get something. There it is. – Oh yeah baby. – Take the toner again,
wipe over the area. If you wanna do a mask afterwards to kind of help to tighten and
absorb anything that’s left. – I’m such a dirty baby. How are you suppose to clean the skin and I’m still covered in garbage. (upbeat music) – It can be super frustrating
seeing the pores on your face, and feeling like they’re so obvious and out there but if something’s
not ready to come out it’s just not gonna come out. – I definatley think I
want to start using tools especially on those hard to reach ones. Just knowing that you
have to care for your skin before and after you do an extraction is probably why I keep on getting acne because when I’m popping
stuff my hands are dirty. – But if there’s anything I learned today it’s to be gentle and not mess up my skin like I have countless times before. – That’s why we do recommend coming in and seeing an esthetician because if it doesn’t
come out we’re gonna stop, but at home you’re just so into it that you keep going and going and you don’t really know if you’re gonna cause damage or not. – What about letting
someone else pop your zits? – If it’s me that’s fine, – What if it’s your
boyfriend or girlfriend? I wouldn’t suggest it. (upbeat music)

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  1. if u don't wanna buy these just go down to ur pharmacy or drug store and ask for benzac acid, it's made for acne and works SOOOO well, it takes like 3 days to get the worst pimples off

  2. My sister hs pimples and has one of these omggg it works so good that you can literally drag it across your face and it will pop a bunch of pimples but tbh I dont think you should pop them but its want to…IDK

  3. Also eating an unhealthy diet that's full of fat will make your skin over produce oil which can attract bad bacteria. I will also make you fat.

    Source: I'm a dermatologist.

  4. I've been taking a supplement by Health Kandy and it's cleared my skin after over 10 years of acne. Everyone with pimples and oily skin should try it

  5. “but if something’s not ready to come out, they’re just not gonna come out”

    this is me as a closeted gay

  6. I’ve had these tools for a while now and it’s the most satisfying thing! But, I will sit in front of the mirror and not realise how much time I’ve spent, trying to get anything out of as many pores as I can see! I wake up and realise how scratched and sore my face is! So, if you’re going to buy these, just try not to over-do it because it’s not a good look! 😅❤️

  7. 1:57: even though she’s just using that tool on her nose, i can’t help but cringe at the fact that her hair is in her face idk why

  8. You're still going to get broken capillaries around your nose regardless of whether you're using your fingernails or these metal tools. It's the pressure that causes them to break. The best thing for my blackheads/closed comedones has been granular retinol and some hyaluronicacid at night. A super gentle form of retinol is all I can tolerate but I would recommend slowly trying any retinol.

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