Perfect Smile Veneers $14 99! Why are Dentists Laughing? Brighter Image Lab Review and Endorsement

Perfect Smile Veneers $14 99! Why are Dentists Laughing? Brighter Image Lab Review and Endorsement

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we got this in the mail the other day
pretty excited to try it out why don’t you scoot a little closer there arena so it
looks like they’ve got a new design for this instant comfort fit it feels it’s
just you know like it’s got a little lip yeah million dollars buddy don’t you think
they’ll love one wonderful the look and feel of the natural teeth this week I have something pretty
serious I want to tell you about I not only want to tell you about a product
but I kind of want to endorse it you guys get the feeling that this was the
kind of vlog that I needed to do every once while you get something that
bothers you and you have a voice and you have a video camera then you can
actually put it on YouTube so that’s what we decided to do I want to tell you
about instant perfect smile perfect fit veneers that are online for $14.99
you’ll be proud to smile about perfect Smile fits right over your existing teeth
so you can always put your best face forward the secret is the super comfort
one of the things I want to tell you is is that I’ve seen dentists come out and
they’re being very sarcastic about this product they’re just making fun of this
product you can’t beat that nope and you can’t beat how quickly.. after.. you you too can.. In minutes.. and this is what.. …and what I want to tell you
is is that I actually want to endorse it I I want to tell people that I think a
lot of this product and let me tell you why I know what it’s like to serve people who have
no money and I know what it’s like to hear from people who have no choices I
think the doctors are making a mistake it’s a real ivory tower position this is
why you pay somebody to do this I think they’re misrepresenting the product I
think that they’re doing what they can to make it extremely bad and extremely
aggressive and actually making fun of the fact that it could help some people
and that’s what bothers me You too can have have a perfect smile I think you can get these on
Amazon yeah these are great this is a great way to take care of your own
dentistry at home There’s no dentists that are losing any money to
this product for $14.99 you’re not going to cancel your appointment at the
orthodontist and you’re not going to cancel your appointment for dental
veneers or implant surgery what you’re going to do is you’re going to go ahead
and not cancel your job interview you’re going to not cancel meet the teacher
you’re going to not cancel a reunion they’re gonna not cancel pictures you’re
going to say I found a solution this isn’t quite up your alley and
you’re a little concerned about how this might work out for you you might be able
to head over head on over to and maybe go to a reputable dentist
knows how to design a smile that might be a great solution for you so if you’re
a single mom with a bad smile and 200 bucks in the bank and you’ve got lunch
money to make sure you have this week and gas and you’ve got to get back and forth
then then $14.99 is your option I mean the only thing worse than nothing is no
choices but we have to realize is the people who are buying this product
they’re getting online and going I finally have a choice …pretty
reputable company out there in Hardin Illinois called billy-bob teeth so..
been in business for a little while I’m very thankful that the people who made
billy-bob teeth actually came out with a way to make some choice of available if
you look at them in a certain place they’re not bad nobody’s going to show
that much of their smile and show all the gum there’s just exaggerating the
situation I think it’s just real convenient to take this position when
you’ve absolutely perfect smiles if your teeth didn’t look like this and they
actually looked like this or you come from a family they couldn’t have
afforded orthodontist treatments people may not have any other choice
there are a massive amount of people out there that don’t have that privileged
position and I know because we see them every day
anything that can help people is something that should only be taken and
improved not something that should be laughed about I’ve been doing this
Invisalign and gosh I gotta be honest with ya minute for 20 days or so and I’m
thinking my total treatment is 48 days what am i doing I mean this could be
instantly done.. Shoot I was in braces for three years… and these dentists know more than anybody that there are tons of poly
dent and denture cream on the market that can make these things stay in place for
more than 12 hours and you can get creative on making these work if your
smile is horrible and we know that the majority of the place that these are
marketed to you are not to the people who are somewhere in Manhattan I don’t
think they’ve probably ran any commercials in Manhattan guys I think it’s gross
misrepresentation I don’t really blame the dentist I just think they got it
wrong just some people have to have some choice some people have to go to an
interview some people just don’t have the means 99 percent of people who come
online to improve their smile something’s wrong something’s happened
and only four percent of those people actually have the wherewithal to become
a client for a doctor or even for us they they look and they just never pull the
trigger the one thing I like about this new company instant smile is they give
everybody a choice and if those doctors were to spend as much time trying to
take a bad client and go here’s what we did for you until you can afford it they
would have said here’s a stronger polydent.. they would have said here’s
not just one for $14.99 but here’s ten for $14.99 and they would have had them
every time they have to go to something and I think that would have
been a fair representation of somebody who just needs to put some checks
together until they can get ahead pay rent pay the grocery bill make sure the
kids have lunch money make sure laundry gets done those are
people who buy that product and I’m glad it exists the other thing I’d like to
see the doctors do is to take another position and they should be able to take
the same product and improve it all the doctors know 60% of the people who put
these on aren’t going to smile their biggest smile these are people who
haven’t smiled in public other than covering their teeth and if you’re
doing this then anything that’s an improvement on that is worth it
again I don’t have anything against these dentists, I just think they made a mistake
and I think if they had to do over again they would say you know what we need to
do 25 people outside our immediate community free teeth cleaning and if
they were to say take the same energy that it took to hire someone to do a
video to hold the camera to do the rendering to do all the stuff they
probably could have went out and said and went door to door and said hey we
just want a free teeth cleaning and the reason being is because then you can have
some credibility about why they’re laughing in a product that’s being sold
to poor people the main thing is is sometimes things
get contagious and one person does that another person does it another person
does it and right now we’re looking at four or five dentists that are trying to
make fun of the perfect Smile veneers I have to tell you I’m not one of those
people what I’d like to do is tell these dentist that their position is a little
bit ivory tower and that it’s one thing when I say something I can tell you the
the sun’s made of cheese and you can decide whether you want to listen or
look up or put down pick up your phone and google it but
when a doctor a dentist tells you that something is bad you put down your phone
and you’re listening to why it’s bad 80% of the people who buy online are
probably going to be disappointed it’s 20% of those people they’re going to
make a better life for themselves they’re going to make a meeting of
pictures or presentations a special event and they’re going to use this to
get through a couple meetings until they can get a job until they can get a
savings until they can get insurance until they can get back in the game and
I think a lot of the people who’ve done it I like it because it’s a choice and I
like it because if you use it properly it will get you through a two-hour interview
or a two hours with friends and I think they serve their purpose and I think it
creates a choice and the only thing good about a choice is one that you have one
into you’re the one that gets to make it right now with these instant smile
veneers available for $14.99 there are some people who are listening to this
conversation that can’t afford me and they can’t afford the doctors but they
have a choice and they get to make it thank you guys.

100 thoughts on “Perfect Smile Veneers $14 99! Why are Dentists Laughing? Brighter Image Lab Review and Endorsement”

  1. I'm a Disabled Veteran and right now I'd take ANYTHING compared to what I have now. My teeth are so shot I can't even smile…. something I used to love to do.

  2. Where do I get these?? I'll try anything!! I'll tell you this…. these would improve my smile….I know it. People making fun of these don't know what it's like to have horrible teeth!!

  3. THANK YOU KINDLY for making this video. You obviously CARE about people and you're willing to give a product in competition with you a thumbs up. That's RARE these days!! GOD BLESS!!

  4. Dental needs to be more affordable! payment plans available. insurance to cover people with hereditary bad teeth. insurance to cover dentures, implants. bad teeth are a health issue, so why doesn't insurance cover?

  5. El dentista O sea la persona que está hablando Ya que los costos dental son demasiado caro y sinceramente están hechos para personas ricas

  6. This video is great, this gentleman understand people who can’t afford a dentist which are millions of them. And his right the product doesn’t help every one but it will help loads of people lifting their confidence. Of course this is a threat for dentist marketshare so therefore they will do anything to destroy this mans great product! Look at Apple it improved as they lunch the product that’s the reason they produce many different versions the sole phones are update due to feedback. This man is an amazing entrepreneur that deserves the credit!

  7. WOW! YOU are an amazing person. NOT thinking only of yourself, but for everyone in every walk of life or any situation. You are absolutely right on every aspect. Channeling one's energy into more productive means. TOP-NOTCH in the INTEGRITY department. I will do business with you any day!

  8. This dentists is giving people who might not be able to pay more to repair their teeth. This is a chance of person getting a job a chance to feel bettef if having teeth is important to them. these greedy dentists like the ones making fun of this genious dentists here come making fun of an amazing product

  9. Amazing product. May God continue to bless you guys for making this product. I pray blessings over your bussiness. God will give you more ideas and even More favor in the marketplace and It will flurish and have success.

  10. He about made me cry cause he obviously knows there are people out here who really can't afford teeth jobs, this would be perfect for me right now till after my wife's treatments are done!

  11. This man is such a good person, kuddos! We need more people like this in the world we live in to.

  12. Thank you for doing this video! I'm sure it meant alot to alot of people! I've always had no problems with my teeth until I was hit by a drunk driver and my jaw was dislocated on both sides and now I need work done on my molars and have NO IDEA how I'm going to come up with the money! You are a very understanding and compassionate person and REALLY get what's happening in America, alot of Americans can't afford dental work! Also, these dentists could offer smile makeovers a few times a year! They could help so many people if they all paid it forward!
    This is the equivalent of me as a salon owner, making fun of people for buying store boxed color or a wig, because it isn't in their budget to come in and see me, usually with my clients when they are going through rough times I give them a big discount bc I know they will pay it forward and I do alot of charity free service donations through the year, even have foster kids come in once to twice a month on a Sunday and cut all their hair! I applaud all who pay it forward in one way or another! So thank you again for this video and taking the time to not make people feel embarrassed and ashamed! 💖

  13. At 5:06 those look alot better than Dr Os real teeth! I'm disappointed that he did this, I stumbled across his videos recently and I thought he was a more compassionate person than this! I kind of hope he saw this and maybe just maybe it will make him a little more humble and compassionate towards people who can't afford dental work and that this is their only option.

  14. Thankyou for your sensitivity and empathy for people who have bad teeth and are too embarrassed to smile. I am one of those people. I am on a journey to check out everything that I can find that will give me back my smile. Oh the stigma and embarrassment that we feel. I will document this in the hope that it can help others. I believe that with enough research and will, there has got to be a way for people to get back their smile at a price that is affordable to them. A pretty smile =confidence .

  15. Shame on all of you!! for making fun of a product poor people with no insurance can use for taking a photo or just smile for a couple of hours. They do work because I use it, and so here is a girl that shows how to do it:

  16. They do work for people who just want to take a damn pic without bad teeth. THis girl do it better than you (stupid doctors).

  17. I just went to the dentist today and left in tears. Most dentist don't understand because they can fix their own problems. Or have a colleague to do so. Most lack compassion because they take their smile for granted. I was treated so badly I will not go back! 🤐

  18. I am one that can't afford dentures, my teeth went down hill after I had gastric bypass. Now I dont want to even leave my house cuz i dont want to see someone I know, cuz i live in a small country town where you know everyone and they will want to talk to you. So it really hurt to see how those people were making fun of it. Those are people that have perfect teeth. I am going to try these soon. Thank you for this video 💚💜💙 love fm Texas

  19. Just because you're a "professional " does not make you a good human being or good at your profession. Many lawyers do pro-bono work to represent lower income people. Even fewer dentists do much needed work on persons who want to improve their health but, are low income…..I would know because I've been to many. I sustained a spinal injury and was forced on Medicaid now that I'm low income. A year ago, my teeth went to hell for several reasons and no it wasn't drugs or opioids. I've NEVER used drugs or narcotic pain meds. Every dentist I went to shamed me except 2 and one butchered me. Now I'm living with facial trauma, mental trauma and missing teeth . I've been made to feel like my existence means nothing due to the almighty dollar!!!!! I live in chronic pain. For 7 years now and even more because of a " butcher dentist ". This video is important because, it is about choice and I personally thank you for showing compassion to people like me who were working one day and lost everything in a blink of an eye……the compassion that ALL people matter, not just those with resources or the wealthy. Nothing can bring you more happiness than having good health, a good self-esteem and compassion for others; even horrible health care providers ! I don't want pity or anyone to feel sorry for me because this video touched my heart and restored some faith in humanity for me! Thank you and you're spot on. Shame on those so called dentists!
    Be blessed and keep people smiling!

  20. Tou are so right my man. These dentist should be ashamed of themselves and if it was an honest mistake that they just didn't think all the way through they should make a video like you said on how to improve this product that way they don't seem like a bunch of entitled assholes

  21. I had to deal with tetracycline damage to my teeth they are healthy and strong but are discolored. this has been an embarrassment 4 me my whole life . I couldn't afford to do anything about it just had to deal with it.

  22. I can in here to make fun of the teeth because I myself thought it looked like crap, but then when he started actually getting real, and I thought about it myself, it hit me. He's right, and I'm one of those people who can't afford the 10 thousand dollar visit to fix my teeth. I've been needing to go to the dentist for years now, but I just can't afford it. So you have changed my perspective on this brand of snap on teeth. I was going to be a dick, but you changed my mind.

  23. Wow ..I really appreciate what this guy is saying …. when you can’t smile,you realize how much it negatively affects you when you can’t.

  24. I don't know why this same group of assholes appeared in my feed but here we go. I really wish this video would have found at least half way human looking actors to play the dentists. The first one with the fake tan and raccoon white eye circles needs a blood transfusion because his zombie looking face has no life in it. Not to mention the fact that he is so freaking ugly no one can stand to look at him long enough to see how the teeth look.

  25. Now on to the second asshole, you know the one with the black hair and mouth that looks like, well, as asshole. He is trying to make us think that he has fake teeth in him mouth but I know him and those buck teeth are his real teeth. He is just trying to scam people into coming into his fake office and giving him 1000's of dollars then he will tell you to come back for a fitting and allegedly he will by then pocket 40-50 thousand dollars then when you come back his office is shut down and he's on to his next victims. I head he sends the money left over to Mexico after he lays all of his alleged victims.

  26. Last on the list but certainly not the least in hideousness is the one with the water on the brain head. Notice how swollen his entire head and face are. In fact they look so so swollen that his jaw can't hinge correctly and that's why he keeps spitting and drooling when he tries to place teeth in his jaw.Snake's have the same kind of jaw. Notice the beady eyes, very small and reptilian like. But the mouth is what would make young children and old men have night terrors. This species allegedly not 100% human, hence the reptilian jaw. On to the extreme largeness of the face in comparison to the eyes and hole in his face that one would assume is called a mouth, it's not. This is allegedly where the venom exudes from. Never stand within eye shot of a hole like that because it can be deadly or blinding if the venom gets in the eyes. Allegedly he has swallowed some very very strange thing( I'll let you use your imagination ) while desperately trying to get the teeth to fit. PURE UGLINES

  27. Parabéns pelo trabalho lindooo sd concordo com você nem todo mundo pode ir ao dentista quando maioria não tem sequer alimentos pra colocar na mesa

  28. Great video. You Dentist out there need to take heed of what this man is saying. Thanks for a great video, Kudos!

  29. This video made me cry…i am one of those people who doesn't have ins.and cannot afford dental veneers. I work with the public and usually speak while looking down or away. I too am appalled at the mockery…they should be offering some pro-bono work instead ! Huge kudos for being so Frank and making this video! There still is some humanity out there…

  30. i think you are amazing what u do for people cant afford expensive treatment. they are jealous of your talent. i will send them videos of my face befor and after. keep up the good work, i really need your help with my smile.

  31. These so called dentists are commercial bully's, who need money to pay there porches and so on, so don't listen to them, they never give you a full guarantee but a full bill to pay….. Dentists .. You have good ones but a lot of money makers.

  32. They’re making fun of it because their pockets are lined with money and they can afford a 20 thousand dollar smile. I think it’s a wonderful thing you’ve created for low income people.

  33. wow listen to them dentists they what they provide is robbery without violence. Absolute discrace the amount of money they rip of people,


  35. Thank you so, so, so much for posting this video…'s very kind and realistic of you….many do struggle and are struggling… you mentioned….make it through 2 hours of any interaction and providing a choice…, thank you!

  36. The same doctors probably vote anti union at the state level not realizing that non union people cant afford their services.

  37. You sir are really cool! Much respect. By showing you care about the less fortunate. You have the similar philosophy as Dr Ron Paul. He puts the patients first

  38. can i just say, i have watched many videos on youtube for many years & this is the first time i have ever commented on any, i have since child hood had pretty bad teeth (get it from my fathers side of the family) i had bought a whitening kit for my wedding so i had a bit of a better smile for our photographs, it split 1 of my eye teeth in half 2 days before my wedding, so no big smiles, i have always been prone to getting abcess and tooth aches going to the dentist is not an option for me as when i get to the door & even on the phone i take panic attacks, my whole body shakes uncontrollably, i have missing teeth receiding gums & just yesterday 1 of my front teeth decided to split in half when i bit into a sandwich, (my husband & kids don't know about it as i keep covering my mouth) i did buy the perfect smile veneers for my brothers wedding & they were hopeless so no big smiles for his day either. I have just completed 2 yrs at college for photography (got my level 3 so happy) but what you have said in your video i agree with 100% there are alot of people like me who don't smile because of embarecment & if dentist spent the same amount of time trying to improve a product as they do pulling the product down we would have more options like you say, so i thank you for this video & wish for more people like you.

  39. I saw another YouTube video of a woman who couldn't afford dentures, but was innovative enough to make a silicone cast of her palette, bought some of these veneers and glued them onto the front of the palette. She used them only for going out in public without getting embarrassed (not for chewing or all-day use) All for about 20 dollars U.S. No wonder dentists feel threatened. The next step is for the veneer kits to include a similar silicone cast kit like hers for an extra 15.00 and put half those denturists out of business completely. I think that would really put a smile on my face after watching that disturbing prologue.

  40. I am so blessed to have been able to afford caps….but I know people who weren't so fortunate. What you are saying here says soooo much about who you are as a person, and I just want to say thank you for being compassionate, empathetic and just simply kind. God bless you and YOUR FAMILY and company!

  41. I'm so glad that you did this video. I have used this product and currently use Secure Smile and for someone on my budget these products are better than what they have. I've been researching BILveneers and other snap in smile products and came across your video with the lady in North Carolina who was a domestic violence victim who said they look better than her missing knocked out teeth. It's people like us who can't afford implants or even dentures but who want and need to keep smiling if for no other reason than the joy of making it out with our lives and pushing forward into our next level of blessing. I've worn these cheaper products for a couple years and yes it's bulky, yes it can be uncomfortable, yes I have to take them out even in public when I'm trying to eat, but guess what… I'm not in an abusive relationship anymore. I sing and act and have been cast in my first gospel stage play. My life has moved forward in spite of missing teeth because of a product like this. Yes I have to replace them every so often but I've learned to work them to get the best fit possible, talk correctly with them, I smile all the time, and adjust my life not letting missing teeth stop me from living my best life. You could have big shaded this product like those dentists did but because you didn't I'm going to save my money and eventually upgrade to BILveneers even though I know through my research there are cheaper ones like TruSmile and Instasmile. But it's the integrity shown here that's made my decision for me. I've used Imako, Secure, Instant, and they ALL have served their purpose which was to help me feel better in spite of my situation. Thank you so much, my search for my new smile is over.
    I'm including a link to my YouTube video review of Imako and you'll see what I mean.

  42. aaw!Of course they would sarcastic'ly represent the product for obvious reasons. dentists would lose clients to a cheap prosthetics. it's their income loss.hahaha

  43. Me encantaría tener ese producto…..pero no se como hacer….además no se cual es su valor…. De todas maneras es una muy buena solución para mucha gente que teme ir al dentista x muchas razones….. Saludos desde chile

  44. Wow, shame on these assholes. I just got mine and they are awesome. None of these assholes took any real time to mold them to a perfect fit. It takes a lot more than one try to get them right. It took me 5 tries just to get them semi correct. I swear to God I hate liars and those who give false negative reviews on anything. What ever happen to truth and honesty? In my 50 years of life I have never had perfect teeth or a perfect smile. Today I do. And no, I do not look like mister Ed and I no longer look like a hockey player either. Fuck the haters. Those with less money have to do what they have to do. Great heartfelt video. I almost cried from what this doctor was saying. I wish more people were like him, I wish I was more like him. I think anyone who listens to his words will be moved and hopefully have a change of heart.

  45. I truly admire your sensible and compassionate take on this issue. Thank you for speaking up for so many who suffer.

  46. Shame on those Dentists, it just shows that they were once one of those highschool bullies making fun of other students, so much money, but no class.

  47. Because of this video, i’m your new Subscriber.. I wish and pray for your long life business also i hope can buy your product soon. Btw, do thy ship to Malaysia? I really interested in your product and watch’s most of your videos ✌🏻 🤗

  48. I think you need to send this video to ALL dentists throughout the US. These dentists need to see the other side of dental issues. They have made it soooo expensive to get ANY kind of treatment- that myself included and I HAVE dental insurance – I have had bridges and crowns and other cosmetic tooth repairs break on me, however after spending over $7000 for those bridges, crowns and repairs (and that $7000 was just MY portion of the bill) I have been unable to afford to have any additional work or repairs done. I’ve been in horrible pain -where I was unable to sleep due to the throbbing of exposed and abscessed nerves and teeth – all because I could not afford to have dental work done. The ONLY thing that is offered at a discounted or reduced price – are extractions, which leave you with huge gaps in your teeth and if there are enough gaps, basically have left you unable to even eat. There definitely NEEDS to be a change made in regards to dental care. Good dental care ABSOLUTELY should NOT be just a privelidge for the people with money

  49. When they were kids they probably laughed a the poor kid who wore the thrift store clothes now that they are adults they laugh at people who can't afford a $10,000 dollars veneers.

  50. Thank you Bil, for being a decent human being, and taking a stand against the 'holier than thou' ; they are good at degrading the product and the customer base for which they are geared for. A shame on them. Thank you, Bil.

  51. Amen to that.
    I HATE my smile.
    I bought one of these but it was a knock off.
    it was not good at all. the gumd were really Red. but I was able to mold them and smile a small smile for a few hours.
    Threw them away after . I don't know when l might be able to get the bils but I'm sure going to try to save up for them. in the meantime now I know the name of the company that makes the 14.99 dollar ones, I'll probably look them up and order them. See if they are a little bit better.
    Thanks for an honest review of them

  52. I'm so glad you spoke up!!!!!!!! Seriously who just has $ to go see a dentist alot don't! And to hear you say something really made my day. Thanks for speaking up!!! Thank you for being that realistic voice for people. Some people just have to out some checks together!!! Spot on!!! Thanks @brighterimagelabs yes they made a mistake!!!🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

  53. If dentists didn't charge the cost of an arm and leg to get real veneers, more people would get them! How dare them do this UN funny corny video!

  54. I’m so amaze that you came thru as entrepreneur you didn’t have to. Speaks a lot and the simple fact that you allow your product in payments, it has won lots of loyal clients , you just earn my business and I’ll be buying from you, Thank Bright Image Lab…

  55. I love this. I can’t afford veneers or permanent dental work. I didn’t have an option & I have looked for a quick fix. But I didn’t look for a solution I just hid my smile. My spouse actually just purchased my veneers from brighter image lab. I’m so thankful after having chipped/missing teeth over 16 years . I’m very lucky right now but you are completely right & I respect this video. Good man👍🏽

  56. I’m like, look people. These are not the top of the line. I get it. But don’t make fun of people living in poverty, needing a bridge. I have cancer and may not live, and have had seizures for over a decade. Do you know what seizure meds do to teeth? No one will touch my mouth because there’s no point at all, and I’m not spending thousands of dollars to improve my smile if I’m gonna be dead in six months and leaving my family with the debt. Who cares how my teeth look when I’m wormfood?

  57. I have this product and it works great. And they purposely do not know how to use it. These dentist are stupid and insensitive not everyone can afford the dentist. That's why I didn't go I dont have $10 to $20 thousand in my bank account. There assholes. This product has changed my life and very comfortable.

  58. Instead of making fun of it, maybe dentists should make work a little more affordable. Or add more options to pay. I understand Dentist school costs money and they have to get paid but I swear it's been hard as hell finding someone to even see me WITH insurance. Fucking rediculous. I'm at a point where I would literally do anything to get work done. I'll sweep mop whatever literally spend every available moment doing work for a dentist or who ever to get some money up to get work done. I'm at a point where I literally want to commit suicide because of the pain and low self esteem i feel. I dont hang out or go out in public anymore and if I do I literally dont talk or open my mouth. Tried a GoFundMe. Shared it EVERYWHERE not a single donation and I get it. Most people are broke too. I'm at my wits end trying to figure something out.

  59. You are a wonderful beautiful hearted man, thank God for people like you. My teeth got really bad from being on medications and I am on disability and I take care of my elderly mother, so I will probably never have enough money to get great teeth but, I will have to try those, God Bless you for being so understanding

  60. I tried job interviews without my teeth. The interviewers just stare at me the whole time. I can see in their eyes they think I'm a loser because I don't have $10,000 for implants! How am I supposed to do that when I'm recovering from a major stroke that almost killed me! The doctors didn't think I'd live, so my teeth wasnt high on their list. The blood thinners destroyed my teeth. Well I did recover and I want to go back to work, but I can't get past interviewers who just stare at my teeth and think I'm on meth! No joke as I have had them ask if I'm using meth because of the missing teeth. So I'm PRAYING the instant teeth I ordered instead of buying a Christmas tree works to get me past the job interview and hired. Then I can pay to get my teeth done and put my life back together. I don't have a daddy to pay my bills. I lost that when I blew the whistle on him sexually abusing me as a kid. My family sided with him because he has money, so I'm alone. So I'm praying the product works long enough to get hired.

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