PetSmart Puppy Training: Dental Care

PetSmart Puppy Training: Dental Care

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Ohh look at those pretty teeth! Hmmm it could use a cleaning though buddy! We need to brush your teeth! Aaron and Guppy here, and today we are learning about Puppy Dental Care! With me, Shannon. Shannon! What? I think we have a problem. I think he lost a tooth. Is that normal? Oh yeah! Totally normal! Most pugs start to teeth anywhere between 3 and 4 months. And you know what? Since he is starting to lose those babies and get some adult teeth, Let’s talk about teeth brushing! Adult teeth? Isn’t he kinda small for adult teeth? No not at all! You have to accept… he’s growing up. So what’s first? Have you done anything with his teeth yet? No. With like a tooth brush? Yeah! What?! Yeah absolutely! You first wanna start with getting Guppy used to having his gums touched. Okay. Here you go! There’s that little guy. Yup, Slip it… Nope. Nope. Stop. Just stop. Right there. Okay. Alright… Now… Introduce… No not for you. Okay. Introduce him to the tooth brush. Hey Mr. Guppy! I’m Mr. Tooth Brush! Nice to meet you! Like that? Was that a good one? Was that good? No no no no no no. Good! And now kind of get in there. Very Good!! He already likes it! Okay so now you can’t use your toothpaste on him. Wanna smell it? Does that smell good to you? Yeah! I think he likes it! This… oh nope, stop. Oh. Do I do it here? Yup. Little bit… Right there. Okay now do the same thing. Okay! Let’s see your teeth… You like it? You like it? That’s your tongue silly! I need to brush your teeth! Not your tongue! When you’re looking for toothpaste, look for one that says enzymatic. Because it’s gonna foam up and do a lot of the work for you so you don’t have to scrub quite as hard. Wait does he have to spit it out like we do? Well, he can’t spit. So this is totally edible. Ohhhhhh. Let’s try it! Okay. Good so he seems to have mastered that one. Once they get really comfortable, you can… Oh… Oh yeah… Yeah we are getting in there. Tongue and teeth action! Good boy Guppy!! Does he get his own toothbrush? He does! This is a magic Guppy toothbrush! Your own toothbrush! Wanna try it? And toothpaste? Same thing, introduce. Introduce. Then go ahead give it a shot! Brush! Okay. Alright. There we go! Very good Guppy! There we go my little buddy! How often should I be brushing his teeth? You know that’s a good question. Probably about 3 or 4 times a week is good. And then in the interim you can supplement with some dental chews. Dental chews… Yeah dental chews! What are those? Tada! Are those treats? Guppy! You get this one. This isn’t good enough… WE NEED MORE TREATS Guppy hide!!

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  1. Hey Mr. Guppy im Mr.Toothbrush 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 your hilarious Aaron

  2. The puppy training videos are awesome! Guppy and Aaron are a great team, I love you both! My family and I just got a puppy and I watched all the videos and learned new things to do with are new puppy Shilo!! Thank you!!!!

  3. I just remembered when my puppy, Rocky, lost his first tooth.

    One Spring day, my sister and I took Rocky outside to our backyard and we played a while. We didn't notice that Rocky was hungry. He started to bite a red-and-green plant on the ground and I told my sister. She thought it was normal, but I watched him carefully. Just then, there was something pointy and white with red on the bottom just laying there. I freaked out because I thought that Rocky lost something more than a tooth. I looked at Rocky's mouth and it was also bleeding. I took Rocky inside and showed his mouth to my mom. Turns out that he just lost a tooth!

    I didn't go to the Vet with Rocky because my mom didn't know if we had to pay, and we were really low on money at the time. Rocky was a very healthy puppy, though.

  4. Give them 2 slices of apple to chew on to keep their teeth clean and mouth smelling fresh.

  5. One time my female Chihuahua was playing with her stuffed animal and she came to me and she kinda opened her mouth and I saw like a missing tooth and I told my mom and I think my puppy lost a tooth

  6. You said you don’t have to start brushing a puppy’s teeth till 6 months… but then you say the pug is 3-4 months

  7. Those rubber toothbrushes are useless! Both of my puppies hated it…
    So, I used my fingers, first to hand feed my dogs treats, meat etc… so they would stop biting.
    Then I would used a bit of peanut butter and let themllick it off my fingers. Then touch their teeth, and rub them… It took about a week.
    Then I put peanut butter on a baby toothbrush , then introduced dog toothpaste.. It Took one puppy about 2 weeks, the other a bit longer, but she likes it now, or doesn't mind it… They open their mouths for me so I can brush their teeth… I've done this with a few cats that I've had as well.. I've never been bitten because I hand fed all my furry friends from the start, so they know fingers are not for biting!

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