Phil is not on fire 5

Phil is not on fire 5

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Phil: We should probably get our noses ready!
Dan: Nose work out! [Music] P: Whisker time! P: I think the fumes are effecting me already. D: [Weird voice] Could you explain the theory behind the whiskers?
P: I’d tell you but we’d have to kill you! [Weird cat noise] P: Talk in Spanish!
Dan: Taco. P: Hola.
D: Burrito. P: Olay!
D: Enchilada. P: Oohlu!
D: Quesadilla. P: You’re just saying Spanish food!
D: [Laughs] D: How do you think the wrecking ball felt?
P: Sad! [Dan beat boxing] D: Would you rather have a penis on your face or boobs on your shoulders? P: Definitely shoulder boobs! It’d be like American football padding but better! D: [laughs] Shoulder pads?! D: Eat the boob! [boosh]
P: So bouncy [More Dan beat boxing] P: Probably a bit painful though.
D: Wouldn’t you like lactate everywhere? [Weird sounds] D: ‘Cause that’s how boobs work D: What is the lowest sound you can make?
Both: [Uuuuummmm] P: How much fringe do you actually have? P: Okay, you win. D: Maybe you just have a really giant head P: Would you rather have really big eyes or a really tiny mouth? D: Err, I like to eat a lot of food so I’m not going to sacrifice my mouth. [Music] D: Make a slow motion video P: Let’s do it! D: Are you ready?
P: Yeah [Music] Phil: [Raspberry noises] [Children shouting “Yay!” Sound Effect] D: Phil. Important question:
P: Yes. D: Dinosaurs or dragons? P: Dinosaurs. Phil: [Sings Jurassic Park theme tune] D: [Acts like he is spraying flames from his mouth]
Blehhhh! Go my flames! P: Ahh true D: I have a Z axis, b*tch! P: You’re not even real, you’re not real. I can just rub you out with my imagination
D: [Weird noises] Caw! Caw! D: Touche. P: Seductively advertise cornflakes. [Sexy Music]
D: Hey wanna make out? D: Cornflakes
P: [Laughs] P: Say the first word that comes to your mind. D: Shhhh-Shack! Go.
P: Goat! P: When was the last time you had a pillow fight?
[Dramatic Music]
D: Woah! Ah you are in for it! Bam! D: If you were professional wrestler what would your name be?
P: Ricky Blitz. I dont know where that came from. D: Kabam, bam bam bam! D: Dan… inator.
P: Daninator. P: Dan, be a squid squirting ink while Phil is a butterfly with no wing. P: I’m crashing!! I’m crashing!!
D: [Weird noises] P: Where can I hide the body?
D: Eat it. P: Or dress as it. P: Skin coat. P: Euuggghh. P: Do your best impressions of a laughing goose.
D: [Laughs as a goose] P: Stop.
D: Die child. Peck peck peck peck peck. D: I’ve been cut in half P: Phil freak Dan out without touching his body. P: Danny, it’s time for your neck exam. [Phil breathes on Dan’s neck] D: [Freak out laughs] D: Would you rather have fingernails
instead of nipples or nipples instead of fingernails? P: Fingernails for nipples ’cause then you could use them as a weapon [Makes weird noise] D: That’s the most disturbing thing that’s ever happened to me. P: [Scrape-like noises] D: STOOOP! [Dramatic Music] D: [Screams] P: Pow! P: Pow! P: Pow! P: Make up a best friend handshake P: Start with this
D: Oww. P: Sorry [Laughs] D: Hey there friend!
P: Hello sir! Both: [Makes epic noises in time with hand actions] D: Friendship! P: Yeah! D: Oww my hand, oh my God!
P: That hurt so much! D: If Sarah Michelle Gellar had the neck of a giraffe, would you still date her? P: Yes.
D: You say that. [Snaps fingers] Look at the image. P: Oh my God! That’s horrible, did you make that? P: Sarah, I’m sorry. P: She’s still pretty though. Phil: Attack on Titan.
[Dan sings the Attack on Titan tune] D: MIKASA! D: Attempt to talk backwards. D: Spatula.
P: Actual-ssst. [Rewinds Phil’s attempt]
[Children Booing Sound Effect] P: Monkfish.
D: Ashniff-nom [Rewinds Dans attempt]
[Children Booing Sound Effect] D: Lick your shoulders, I bet it will not be disturbing. [Sexy Music] D: Phil, put on Dan’s leather t-shirt.
P: Oh no. P: How do you even put this on?
D: With great difficulty. D: [Laughs]
P: I feel like I’m giving birth backwards. D: Say hello to the new Phil! D&P: [Laughs] P: It’s so squeaky and chafing.
D: I bought it as a joke, okay. P: Ohh I look like a serial killer. D: This says Phil, do the sexy end screen dance. P: Well I’m in the right place. P: Okay you ready.
D: And you’re in my costume! Okay go. [Sexy Music]
P: It’s the awkward sexy end screen dance P: If you want to check out Dan’s videos, you can click his face right here. D: Hi. P: And if you want to subscribe to me
then click in this area. D: I’m not gonna point over there. P: Don’t be shy. P: Click away.
D: No no, not towards the camera. P: Okay, okay I’m learning P: Sexy D: [Laughs] P: I can’t do it anymore.
D: Okay, I’m bailing, I’m bailing. [Slow Mo Rasberry Noises] P: [Weird cat noise] D: [Neighs like a horse]

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  1. i was rewatching these pinofs and i was laughing so hard that i fell down my stairs and got up and kept watching😂💀
    i have a problem💕

  2. Do you ever notice that these videos get steadily longer each time? It’s like they don’t want it to end.

  3. A flirty person: did you fall from heaven

    Me: no but I did hurt my knee crawling out of hell

    (I didn't come up with this but i really like it)

  4. "This is when through the magic of the internet, I met Phil.
    We are real best friends. Companions through life. Like – actual soulmates."

  5. When you relize after five 7years of watching them that the whiskers arent even cat ones……. they are from the endangered ottercumberbatch from the first pinof

  6. Question- Where can I hide the body
    Dan- Eat it
    Phil- Dress as it
    Me- um Hannibal? Or cherry I can't tell

  7. Phil: attack on Titan
    Phil: *brings out the plushie*
    Me: …. oMg iS tHaT eDwArD eLriCk tHe FuLLmEtaL aLcHeMiSt????
    Me: *dies of shock and awe*

  8. Waaaaaaaaaaait. Why is Phil on the left?!?!? On the thumbnail?!?!? Every other Pinof Phil is on the right. gasp

  9. SO. While re watching pinof, I realised I had accidently clicked on the DISLIKE button previously. I feel horrible.

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