Play as Mikau (Zora Mask) in Breath of the Wild – Zelda Mods

Play as Mikau (Zora Mask) in Breath of the Wild – Zelda Mods

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and welcome back to episode 5 of Zelda mods weekly
I miss Macaroni & Cheese this cleanse is killing me slowly inside. But i lost like 13lbs this month, so YAY! The only show about modding the Legend of Zelda breath of the wild
so therefore it is also the most consistent show for modding the Legend
of Zelda breath of the wild whatever shut up I also had to format my hard drive for
driver issues making si Munna run great so I picked up an MDOT too that I didn’t
know that I had a slot for and now we have a fresh install and everything runs
beautifully there’s now a resurgence of new mods popping up all over the one
website that I look at for mods and some people are reaching out to me with some
of their passion projects and I think it’s just fantastic this show is doing
really great stuff for the breath of the wild modding community before we dive
into our first mod for the show there’s a new SEMA mod that removes the game
cel-shading and shows you what the game actually looks like so here for probably
not the first time in the internet’s history lincoln breath of the wild 60fps
without cell shading I don’t know what I think about it it has sort of a
cartoonish quality like we’ve seen and clips of the Link’s Awakening remake I
have to say the one place it really looks excellent is on metal surfaces but
for links face I know the shadows aren’t perfect but this is still a work in
progress so a beta and the enemies don’t look too different but if you mess with
the clarity presets you get a much darker luck going on it doesn’t look
half bad now let’s get into some breadth of the wild mods with breath and wild
being officially two years old a lot of people hope we’d be getting a follow up
to breath of the wild in the same way that we did Majora’s Mask using the same
engine in assets in a different world etc and while we didn’t get that or
skulkin and smash we did get Majora’s Mask as an in-game item and it’s a
little broken but what about the other masks that turn young link into a Deku
of glory on auras aura will you have to settle for one of the three this is Zora
link buy Funi this mod actually took first place in the breadth of the wild
gaming crossover skinning contest I didn’t know that was a thing this mod
turns the Zora armor which I’m not crazy about in the first place in twos or link
from majora’s mask the mask reincarnate of my coo
according to an eight-year old post on the game fa Q’s forum it’s either Mike
ooh Mike you me cow McHale we I’m just gonna go with Macau II since that sounds
very sorry not only does this mod change the outfit but we also get Macau E’s
weapons those all boomerang is now the Zora fin blade the Lazar shield is now
the Zora fin guard and the silver scale trident this is giant ass guitar the
items in their description have been changed in the menu it looks awesome
not only does this mod have weapons and armor but it has sounds we get music
from ocarina and time majora’s mask and a little winwaker of various villages
and my favorite part the menu screen has the old sounds to it it doesn’t really
fit all too perfect with the ancient future style of breath of the wild but I
don’t care I still love it running around Zoras domain with the music from
ocarina time Zoras domain is literally just perfect sadly this doesn’t add the
other things that came with the mask such as the ability to swim or be
underwater for that matter or the cool damaging shield or the weakness to fire
but modding can only go so far work out it make it better give us
underwater swimming you can do it give us boats the next model I want to look
at is one that every player of open-world games
loves to have from fallout 4 to minecraft and that’s a field of view mod
this is a field of view camera mod by silent verge this mod changes the field
of view from breath of the wild so you can see much more of your screen it also
changes the bow zoom function is zoom on the camera towards link instead of a
first-person view this really makes a difference on pose that have a longer
range and would normally zoom in a lot more and you’re completely blind to
everything else going on well it does make it slightly harder to hit far-off
enemies it does however give you beautiful sweeping panoramic shots and
that’s that’s one of the best parts of breath the while just just taking it all
in the next model I want to talk about was
only reached out to me on discord and it’s called the breath of the wild time
whether sinker by melon speedruns melon speedruns isn’t
he the guy who’s working on the ocarina of the time multiplayer this mod is
actually a program and you enter your latitude and longitude and will make the
in-game time match the real world time of the coordinates you entered if the
area of Hyrule that you’re in also default Lee supports all the weather
it’ll also match the weather I ran into a little difficulty with the weather
part and it’s a fickle thing ah the Zora mod the mountain linear music has the
ice temple music from Majora’s Mask that’s awesome although like a lot of
mods with music that the volume is a little out of place so right now in game
it’s midnight and snowing on top of the linear ooh and as soon as I sync the
time boom it’s now 3:00 p.m. and cloudy this does run into a little issue with
shadows wanting to progress but the time holding it back doesn’t allow it as soon
as you close out the program it goes back to normal and while yes this mod
means you’re likely to be playing for hours on end either in day or night it’s
a more immersive experience like the day/night cycle immersion that you get
from Pokemon games in 1999 this mod does do some weird stuff with time-based
events like visiting my Thunder buddy first thing in the morning the event is
triggered but then it still executes as normal which is good I guess is this is
this the twin mold theme I think it’s the twin mold theme the Giants and worms
from Majora’s Mask but but my Thunder buddy isn’t a bad guy was it a bad guy
song while we’re on the subject of changing the game’s music another mod
reached out to me is by a modder called big tuber called the Skyward Sword music
mod this mod does some things quite different from other music mods first
the amount of tracks changed is absolutely enormous while I don’t
believe everything is straight from Skyward Sword
there’s over 160 tracks edited in the game but more impressively to me are the
levels the volume levels if his song being replaced is too loud it loses the
feel of the wild you lose your immersion and the proper sound mixing that goes
into nintendo games that were used to that beautiful level of polishing riding a horse gives you the same
roaring music of riding around in the sky and Skyward Sword
Llewelyn village has the Isle of songs chika towers are the gate of time and
it’s all really truly beautifully perfectly placed beautiful a free
version of his mod is available on game banana as well as a premium for his
patreon so of course with all the modders there’s going to be a link in
the description down below to the mod list now I’ve talked about mods that
make it so never rains or that it always rains and all that comes down to the
idea that it’s going to affect climbing making it easier or harder but now you
don’t have to be able to manipulate the weather to affect the climbing in-game
that’s right the one difficult thing the one largest gripe of every single person
has about this game the rain which I truly appreciate because it creates
somewhat of a limitation this is no slipping while climbing in the rain by
wise horror this does just that the mod makes it so that you can climb in the
rain hooray problem solved the one thing that
gave you the slightest bit of limitation on where you could actually explore in
the world is now taken out are you happy are you happy while climbing if you do
the jump up sprint it’s still gonna make you slip although you only slide down a
negligible amount and it won’t drain nearly as much stamina so basically you
just climb at regular speed that’s it oh wow there’s there’s more beautiful music
from the Skyward Sword mod oh and when you climb to the top of
dueling Peaks there’s like a little triumphant tune that plays that’s that’s classy now let me ask you
do you know about the kite shield it isn’t very strong but it’s the fastest
shield for a shield surfing in the game and it’s quite difficult to come across
but don’t you think the best shield in the game should be the best for shield
surfing if this was a Final Fantasy game it would be called the ultimate shield
and it would do all the best shield stuff well sir frost thought the same
thing and with this mod the upgraded Hylian Shield that’s a reality this mod
does several things first infinite durability which in my opinion is
crucial also an immunity to shield surfing so shield surfing will not
damage your shield actually with shield surfing not damaging your shield does it
really need to be an invincible shield you also get reduced surfing friction
this makes it so that it has an ability to grind across most surfaces with
little to no slowdown it’s now the lowest out of all of the shields even
better than the kite shield there’s an extra option that’s called the mirror
effect which you’ve seen in the ancient shield allowing you to automatically
reflect guardian beams which if you don’t know the ancient shield could do
that it can now this does break the game since you have no reason to use any
other shield for the entire game ever but golly it’s fun to shield surf down
all these services that weren’t designed to he actually here is this side by side
of how far and fast you can go with and without this mod the only thing I’m not crazy about is
the lack of being able to go faster like at some points it feels like that you’re
you’re at your max speed and you’re going down the same angle that increased
your speed so you should be going faster not only that but if there was a way the
Tomica link go faster and to change link to Tony Hawk and my shield to his
skateboard and the Nintendo logo to the Activision logo that would be now I just
want to play Tony Hawk to a little quality of life improvement is making
cooking pots instead of campfires mod by wise horror hey he got to in this
episode this mod does literally just that you make cooking pots instead of
campfires while I wish it was possible for a third item in addition to flint
and wood to make a campfire into a cooking pot that just can’t be done this
does a few things for one you could cook anywhere just like Red Dead Redemption
to the most immersive game of the year in 2018 made by Rockstar about the Wild
West but also you could sleep and if it doesn’t rain when you wake up the fire
stays lit love it pop quiz what’s the least loved
companion in the zelda games is it Navi the squawking hat no no no no it’s the
first companion at the very beginning its fee or fie I don’t know how to say
its name I’m gonna go with fee and this mod is gonna make it so so many people
are happy this is fee over whiz roads not only does fee have a similar late
floaty concept to Wiz robes but the idea of her shooting out fire or or electric
or whatnot doesn’t seem that far off this mod
replaces all the Wiz robes in Hyrule with your favorite punching bag fee pay
fee I sense a 98.5 percent chance you’re not gonna like this attack master ha
Lane just jumped like a freshman boy in high school a top of a doorframe
well that’s can be wrapping up this month of Zelda mods weekly as always
there’s gonna be a link to all the mods down in the description down below if
you love them be sure to give a ten-pointer rating on game banana or
their respective pages I’m now including a poll at the end of the video to see
what your favorite mods are and in the future episodes are going to be
influenced by in just a case we don’t hit the
ten-minute mark for that sweet add revenue which I think we are but in case
we don’t here’s a video of me looking at a blur P in 4k Hazara adorable till next
time Austin Shawn out

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