Play As Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Mod | Austin John Plays

Play As Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Mod | Austin John Plays

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today well yesterday there was a post going
around on Twitter for for Zelda running around Legend of Zelda breath of the
wild and then IGN decided a post to post about it and I want to learn more about
it and I did and I’m gonna be sharing that with you guys today I did some
homework and I found the YouTube channel that did all those Clips that’s truly
seven he actually is one of the people who helped with the mod he talked to me
a little bit about it and decided to share with me some information as far as
what’s going on with the project and I’m gonna be sharing it with you guys today
I’m also gonna be showing you guys some brand new footage of these different
outfits in action and Legend of Zelda breath of the wild first and foremost
this is a mod to breath of the world on the Wii U depending on the computer you
have Wii U modding may or may not be more stable than it is on PC however all
of the footage here is going to be from a modded Wii U please do not ask me how
to mod it with you if they just reskin link in a zelda it were to look right so
a team of modders working on the project changed the body proportions to make it
look more feminine which you can really see in the details here the Zelda model
they used is based off of the ones that you see in the cutscenes and the amiibo
this outfit is replacing the champions tunic and that’s quite fitting if you
were to play a Zelda and only the champions tunic you would probably spend
about half of your time cooking and drinking tonics so there would need to
be different outfits and they thought of that there are several people working on
this and I’ll be sure to credit them all in the description down below
the three main environments that they need to protect against our hot cold and
being completely on fire generally project starts with some
concept art here’s a concept of the flame breaker outfit which is based off
of her main champions tunic and the Hylian hood but given a fresh fiery feel
and here’s the flame breaker dress in action they also decided to take her dress from
the most emotional cut scene in the game that is the old outfit in the shrine of
Resurrection so so it’s only fitting she returned to where the champion fell and
take out some of those bow cabins they also customize the snow quill
outfit the boots have a nice white fur on the inside like they’re made by ugh
she gets a nice white for a coat so fitting for a classy lady like her and
of course a pretty little white fur hat it’s not only heroic but quite stylish my personal favorite is the Gerudo
outfit she gets herself an awesome purple outfit with high heels a robe off
to the side and a big pouf in her hair maybe it’s cuz I’m from New Jersey that
I’m a big fan of the pouf I don’t know this outfit seems to be inspired by her
onto her Bosa and of course it gets gold everywhere on it just the detail on it
is fantastic the fierce deity outfit was also reskin
for the young princess she gives a form-fitting purple chess piece with the
original markings on it and the purple is carried over to the gauntlets and the
boots and a much more feminine cut of alpha but it still looks quite fierce
and of course the eye makeup has been changed a bit and the glowing white eyes
she also gets a white hood and her hair turns jet-black like a goth girl what I
really love about this is if you were in a picture Zelda getting her hands on the
fierce deity’s mass still wanna had power in it I feel like it would make
her look like this not just the same as lank but for the mask to fuse with the
soul of the wearer and they knocked it out of the park
outfits aside they also decided to take voice clips of Zelda in other video
games and use that for her grunt sounds her eating sounds and everything else and I don’t feel like I’m alone but I
prefer her grunts over the the British voice that she has for the English
voiceovers yeah and one of the least immersive things would be of Zelda had
links grunts or of a silent cuz we all know she is not quiet in the memories I
thought I made it clear that I’m not in need of an escort I the person in
question and fine regardless of the King’s orders and it goes without saying
that there’s going to be some slight clipping issues with her outfit mainly
her hair and her having weapons and shields and bows equipped link had
clipping issues when he was wearing certain outfits but that aside
she’s not just a helpless princess locked in her ruined study and guarded
by Guardians nope she holds her own in combat just fine with a little help from
her friends they also have plans for other outfits coming in the near future
like here’s a concept art of the stealth armor model which looks pretty awesome
it’s kind of somewhere between what the actual she could look like and sheek
herself but still having a nice Zelda feel to it no it’s not very chic it’s
just it’s just Zelda in that outfit but then it’s like it feels like a little
bit more of a feminine cut I like it I like it a lot so guys I hope you enjoyed
this little showcasing of play as Zelda mod for breath of the wild and a big
thank you to troll squad 57 for the footage as well as letting me in on some
of the information many of the outfits are still a work in progress but I’ll be
leaving a link to where the officially release mods are as well as the crew who
put this all together in the description down below guys if you’ve enjoyed this
video be sure to do me if you ever drop a like on the video also be sure to
subscribe turn on notifications until next time Austin John out

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  3. I guess that's why they call it his go to breath of the wild Legend of Zelda breath of the wild because Zelda is running around

  4. It’s actually doing the title “The legend of Zelda” with Zelda

    Edit: Wait then would link be Zelda because if it’s Zelda not link then Zelda would save link
    man what a twist

  5. Not a fan of the stealth outfit. Just give her the regular one. It was feminine enough without everything needing to be a dress constantly.

  6. We need to be able to play as Zelda in the next game, where we can switch characters. It IS The Legend of Zelda after all.

  7. I am sure the next Breath of the Wild game will have options for you to play with multiple characters can't wait this game is epic and never gets old.

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  9. The Legend of Link : Breath Of The Wild

    (zelda zelda wake up you've been asleep for 100 years)

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