Prank! Breathing on girls (ORIGINAL)

Prank! Breathing on girls (ORIGINAL)

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Hi guys. What’s up? Steven here from Lensbreak Studios and welcome back to another worldwide unique prank video. Today we are walking along the trains to paint some hearts to girls. Let’s see what the reaction will be. (sad)

100 thoughts on “Prank! Breathing on girls (ORIGINAL)”

  1. idea is good…make it more romantic by first waving hands saying hi to get their attention first then draw hearth like you only did this with one girl and her response was exciting

  2. Lensbreak Studios Aeeeee ! inscreva-se no meu canal que me inscrevo no seu! vamos crescer juntos. Obrigado

  3. イケメンが全く知らない女性にアピールするとどんな行動、表情がでるのか、実におもしろい動画。

  4. صلوا على رسول الله يا مسلمين
    اللهم صل على محمد و على ال محمد كما صليت على ابراهيم و على ال ابراهيم اللهم بارك على محمد و على ال محمد كما باركت على ابراهيم و على ال ابراهيم في العالمين انك حميد مجيد

  5. WouuwW Amazing..its a good idea, is a different prank. And then make girls be happy. Nice video brotha, keep up u spirit. Regards ; Jakarta Ind.😁🖐

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