Pre-Period Butt Pimples Explained!

Pre-Period Butt Pimples Explained!

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Next, we have a question from one of our Facebook viewers. Our viewer writes, “Why do I get a huge pimple on my butt “a few days before my period begins? “It goes away by the end of the period. “Are there any remedies for this? “I do have PCOD, too. “Does this have anything to do with it?” Okay.
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Okay, so, PCOD, she’s saying polycycstic ovarian disease, and basically, these women, they have elevated levels of androgens, which can cause them to have acne problems. Additionally you have those hormonal changes, that go along with your period, so an increase in progesterone. That’s definitely not helping and throughout your body, you have those oil glands and those hormones will act on those oil glands and just like you can get acne on your face, so you can get a big pimple here, or wherever, or your chest, your back, you can get it on your butt. Sometimes we call it butt-ne, instead of acne. I mean you can get it, you can get butt-ne, you can have back-ne, you can have– Yeah, yeah, yeah. So exactly what Doctor Nita was saying, those hormones act on those oil glands wherever they are, and if you know your body well and you know that you’re going to get this breakout consistently the week before, the week of your period, you can actually really tailor the treatment, you can start a topical wash, like an over the counter benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid, topical antibiotics and then I have some patients who know their hormone cycles and their bodies really well and they just go on medication the week before their period, every month because that controls the breakouts. So, yeah, so you can– Spironolactone? Yeah, Spironolactone is a pill that’s an androgen blocker, it’s a diuretic, but it’s used to help with hormonal acne and PCOD actually, but even just topical treatments, if you know that’s when you’re gonna breakout, you can just target those problem areas like Doctor Nita said. In women, the hormonal lines are often jawline, lower face, but you can get it anywhere you have oil glands, absolutely. And if you want birth control, you can try a birth control pill with estrogen and progesterone, sometimes that will help specifically if you ask your Doctor, about acne and the hormonal aspects of what goes on with your skin during your period, they can recommend certain birth control pills, so let them know that’s an issue for you.

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  1. I have PCOS, and I have found that a very small dose of Keflex once a day, topical clindamycin in the morning, and topical adapaline works really well for me. I also use a Nexplanon implant.

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