Protecting Teeth From Hibiscus Tea

Protecting Teeth From Hibiscus Tea

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  1. Thanks! Easy enough to do, rinse after drinking. I drink water all day long so this is no problem. My tea for the day is 2 cups water with one teabag of Trader Joe's Organic green tea brewed with one teabag of Traditional Medicinal's Organic Hibiscus tea. 

  2. Can you please do a video on root canals linked with cancer? Been researching this & keep finding several sources linked with diseases associated with root canals….

  3. Just sipping away at my morning cup of tea…through a straw! Fun to imagine (because tea and straws don't usually go together, hehe).

  4. Considering how thick the enamel part of teeth are…does it matter some gets eroded….. vegan diets, less tooth decay, gum disease, inflamation, so on….again does it matter. Some cultures use their teeth as tools, severely wearing down enamel and still have phenomenal teeth.  Dentist grind down enamel when needed… people who get veneers, have there teeth enamel ground down,  I think gum loss is more an issue then enamel erosion. 

  5. I coincidentally always drank water after drinking hibiscus tea. One day I drank hibiscus tea without drinking water afterwards and my tooth was very sore for a few days. I suspected that it was the tea. Will always drink water after hibi tea now.

  6. In your previous video on hibiscus tea, you gave a recipe calling for the juice of a lemon–which I though odd for several reasons. It turns the tea cloudy, it's highly acidic, and I always end up using half again as much sweeter. As a result, I've changed it up. I add a few crushed, frozen cherries to red raspberry, or a few frozen blue berries to the blueberry hibiscus tea. I was wondering what you'd think of that nutritionally. I guess either way, swishing with water and regular floride remain the rule.

  7. I drink hibiscus tea, not hot but cold with a straw. Please make a video with the benefits of hibiscus as this is very misleading.

  8. Hibiscus tea is also a natural pH indicator, add 1/4 tsp of baking soda to a pitcher of cold brewed hibiscus tea and watch it change colour from pinkish red to clear grey – indicating a pH of 7 or neutral. 

  9. Thought its going to be some nonsense video, because hibiscus tea is awesome and natural, however it actually makes sense. They should have tested RAW hibiscus tea as different chemicals used in retail tea for flavors etc add acidity to it.

    I have piece of tooth chipped off that i saved and i will test how it will dissolve in concentrated RAW hibiscus tea.

  10. The thought of the invasion of a straw into the age old ritual of drinking a cup of tea is unthinkable.

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  12. Vegans and vegetarians have erroding teeth because they do not get enough vitamin K2 in their diet, which is higher in organ meats.

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  15. I made an experiment with piece of my tooth that chopped off i put in bottle with very concentrated hibiscus tea for a month and nothing happened no damage to enamel not even any discoloration or anything.

    What really damages tooth enamel is eating / drinking hot substances it makes micro cracks in enamel because of sudden temperature change, you wont see this cracks unless you put very bright light source outside your mouth (like 1000+ lumen) then you can almost see trough your teeth in the mirror and this cracks and other tooth defects become visible.

  16. 25 years of continual use? Mmm, I think I'm safe. Well, thank you again sir for the stats! Please continue to educate us lesser mortals with such engaging and fact-based nutro-science.

  17. Drinking hot tea with a plastic straw (are there any straws made from other materials?) doesn't sound very attractive to me. So, I have to drink my tea coldly?

  18. WHAT ABOUT GREEN TEA FOR MOUTHWASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONTRADICTION OR WHAT?????????????????

  19. Then don't drink hibiscus tea on a daily basis, I don't think it will cause any significant damage if you drink it every once in a while. Plus, you can add a pinch of baking soda to the water you'll use to swish afterwards to neutralize the acids.

  20. You would think a dentist wouldn't want to warn you of this, it's more profitable if you damage your teeth and they fix them for the big bucks they make.

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  22. My hypothesis is higher enamel erosion in plant eaters is due to higher general health conscientiousness and therefore more brushing, perhaps excessive. Check the wear patterns.

  23. Soaking an extracted, dead molar in any substance whatsoever (in this case, certain teas) is hardly going to be indicative of anything that could/would happen to a healthy, live tooth that is constantly exposed to a bath of protective, enzyme-rich saliva. Contrary to popular belief, teeth do NOT decay from everyday outside influences, they decay due to poor nutrition/digestion. Yes, Coke and sugar will harm your teeth, but not because they are touching your teeth as they go into your mouth, but because they are exerting a negative influence on your entire digestive system and causing havoc there, which then affects every organ, every part of your body, including your skin, bones and teeth. A person with bad teeth has plenty of other health issues too.

  24. i drink a gallon of it every other day, im addicted to it…this tea was our kool-Aide growing up my mom would make it all the time an it was good.

  25. Have I right understand that is better after drinking hibiscus teas you rinse out mouth with water? Sorry my english is not the best. Thank for your help

  26. Most of the people takes hibiscus tea sweetened with white sugar. I blame the process sugar to cause the dental damage😎👍❤️

  27. I drank hibiscus tea regularly and experienced tooth enamel damage, so I switched to taking hibiscus in capsule form instead of drinking the tea. It has lowered my blood pressure significantly

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