Put a Clove in your mouth & see what it does (Please click Sub-Title on screen if you need)

Put a Clove in your mouth & see what it does (Please click Sub-Title on screen if you need)

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Dear viewers,
Hallo and welcome to Arif Education TV, and my name is Arif Khadem from Sydney Australia.
It’s currently winter in almost everywhere in the world. Somewhere it’s minus 40 and
somewhere just 0 or 1 to 5 degrees ….ooooooooo . very very very cold and freezing,. And that’s
what many people in the world are doing right now. Have a look at these people.
Thanks God. We’re not coughing at the moment. Because it’s summer in Australia. But we
were also coughing a few months ago like those people seen in the video just now. In this,
people are coughing badly, nearly everywhere at home, in public transport, in the office,
conference, meeting, even in the toilet. It’s so annoying, isn’t it? Cough is just virtually
killing everyone of them. Many people believe there’s no remedy for
cough or stopping it. On the other hand, many people say there’re some strong cough syrups
to get rid of it, but they keep you sleep day and night. So,
they are not worth it either. More than two third of Australians suffered from bad cough
last winter. Yes viewers, I have a temporary remedy for it and
it works in most human bodies. And that’s Clove, well known to almost everyone although
some of us don’t know it by its name. They’re awesome. Oao, smell so so beautifully, really
spicy too. I’ve learned almost all my life that cloves
are used only in curries to add flavours and/or to make the dish quite spicy. But they can
do a lot of other good things to our bodies to keep us healthy. Exactly, they do all the good things to us.
Of all the benefits shown, today I’m going to share my personal experience using cloves
and how I got benefited during last winter. Yes friends, I was badly coughing day and
night. I couldn’t sleep well, constantly talk to people at work, couldn’t teach my
students comfortably and so on. Although in most cases, cough goes away automatically,
you get to suffer for a long period of time. When cough really irritates you a lot; specially when
you are going to meet people or talk to them, I suggest you simply take one piece of clove
and put it in your mouth and leave it exactly here at the top part of your inner mouth. Just
here, above the upper gum. It might get slipped away, but you have to find the way to keep
it. Just here. OK. And close your mouth. Omm… yum. Then forget about it. Or pretend that
you don’t have anything in your mouth at all. Trust me you will not cough as long as
it’s there in your mouth. If you can tolerate the hotness of spicy action, you can probably
bite the clove into two pieces while in mouth and keep them there for even
more effective solution. You’ll definitely feel much better. So, please try it and enjoy. If you like this video clip, please do not forget
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to seeing you all soon with some different and interesting clips. Have a great day.

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  1. Yes, Arif I'm in London now and coughing a bit. Already found some cloves and put one into mouth. I'm feeling much better now. Thanks for the great tip.

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