Put Vinegar Into a Toilet, and Watch What Happens

Put Vinegar Into a Toilet, and Watch What Happens

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tab,toilet,pag ogasan so you should which alternatives can help to achieve the best results. Here’s a simple really effective way to make your house and cleaner. Actually, it’s not only useful for your home watch ’til the end to learn the most unusual to use vinegar that you probably never heard before! What yougfgfg need: Hard water can build up on your toilet and leave stains that are tough to clean. Don’t rush out and buy expensive cleaning product! You can quickly remove all the stains and rust without harsh chemicals. All you’ll need is vinegar. What vinegar does: White Vinegar is one of those products that should be in every home.gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg It’s useful in the kitchen, and it also has properties that make it excellent for cleaning tasks. Next time you clean your toilet or bathtub, use vinegar, as it can dissolve limescale, kill all bacteria, mold, and germs, clean metal parts from rust, remove unpleasant odors. Way number one: Use with soda. You can use vinegar with baking soda to get an enhanced effect. To clean visible dirt and disinfect the toilet with vinegar, you should take a glass of 9% vinegar baking soda or iodine solution heat a glass of vinegar to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) and then mix it with the soda or iodine. For seven ounces of vinegar, you’ll need 1 tablespoon of soda. If you use iodine, the proportion is 1:1. Pour the resulting mixture into the toilet tank for several hours. It’s better to do this in the evening so that the solution remains in the object you’re cleaning for the whole night. For the best results you can repeat the process several times. Way number two: Use without soda Don’t worry if you don’t have baking soda at home. The vinegar-only method works even better! First, empty the water tank and close the tap. Then, wipe the internal surface of the tank with a dry cloth and apply a cloth moistened with vinegar to the stained area. After 2 to 6 hours you can clean the dirt with a scraper. Now keep in mind that it shouldn’t be metal. White vinegar not only can replace the expensive cleaning products, but also can be used as part of your beauty routine. Here are five brilliant ways to use vinegar instead of cosmetic products. 1. To make your hair silky For smooth and silky hair, mix 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts water. Spray it all over your hair, let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse. 2. To prevent acne To make your skin look fresh, mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with a glass of water. Shake it well and then wipe the problematic areas quickly with this solution. After 2 to 3 minutes wash your face with clear water. Using vinegar you can get rid of acne all over your body. Now keep in mind that the solution shouldn’t be strong. 3. To neutralize cigarette smoke odors To neutralize smoke odors, pour vinegar into a bowl and put it in the place where you want to eliminate the bad smell. 4. To make nail polish stay on longer Before applying the first layer of polish, dip your nails into half a cup of white vinegar for 10 minutes. You’ll notice that your nail polish will stay on longer. 5. To remove sweat stains Sprinkle a generous amount of white vinegar onto the affected areas of the garment, and leave it for at least ten minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water. Your favorite shirt will look as good as new! If you don’t have white vinegar at home, it’s time to run out to a store and buy some! And don’t forget to do us three favors; hit the like button, share this video and click subscribe to stay on the Bright Side of life.

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  1. Thank you 4 the helpful comments,God bless you,ad God cares 4 y,ad love y 2,amen,MsT,Aubrey,M. with much love always,💥👐🙏👐👀💖👈


    What you need 0:38

    What vinegar does 0:53

    Way 1. Use with soda 1:20

    Way 2. Use without soda 2:02

    How to make your hair silky 2:38

    Ho to prevent acne 2:55

    How to neutralize cigarette smoke odors 3:17

    How to make nail polish stay on longer 3:29

    How to remove sweat stains 3:45

  3. Guys, do you know any other remedies for smooth and shiny hair? Please, share them with us!

    Speaking of hair, these tips make your hair grow faster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfT2llyUePk&

  4. Lots of very immature and or just plain hateful people reply to YouTube videos☹
    Would be great if only positive and or informative replies were posted!!!!

    So those of us you actually clinked on a video and liked it…could also ENJOY reading the replies and feel comfortable share it!!!!!!!

    I only have one bias in this world, and it's DELIBERATE Ignorance!!!!!!

  5. Baking soda and water counter act yourself, so you are cleaning with water
    And baking soda can do all the same things without vinegar

  6. Vinegar Tea: Use about one tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar + two tablespoons of Honey, stir together till mixed, then either hot or cold water, stir it up. Makes a tasty drink if you have nothing else in the house to drink. It was depression era beverage when they didn't have any money. You can adjust the amount of vinegar, water/honey to your taste. White vinegar used on stainless steel makes it shine and disinfect the surface. We always that in the Government kitchen where I worked many years ago. My mother used Apple cider Vinegar on her Auburn hair in the last rinse. She used Lemon juice for the last rinse on my blond hair back in the 1940's. I was told by the sleep doctor to use white vinegar and dish soap on my C- Pap 4X's per week to disinfect it. These uses are real…no joking around.

  7. where the heck do you buy NINE PERCENT vinegar? do we use that one on our faces as well as combining with baking soda for cleaning items? and how do I remove metal parts from rust? I am dying to know that one! and what happened to "how to clean your toilet with vinegar"? you never did that.

  8. my torch would go intermittently, so I rubbed white vinegar over all the contacts to clean them, have not had anymore trouble with the torch

  9. Poured some vinegar between my wife’s legs,Stuffed it with some Romain lettuce and some grated cheese, organic taco salad.

  10. You can also mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water and put it in a spray bottle to use as a wrinkle remover when ironing fabric.

  11. I'm enjoying everyone's comments about this video, but all jokes aside, I wish I could have a print out of this so I could try these on an as needed basis.

  12. Omigosh!! So complicated! Just use a 1.88 pumice stone from Walmart! just rub any bowl stains with the stone and done.

  13. The headline said only about vinegar. You start watching the video and all the sudden you got to do mixtures of vinegar and baking soda and other things. Misleading

  14. White vinegar also will clean spots on carpets get a spray bottle pour a little vinegar in bottle half inch fill rest bottle with water shake bottle spray stain gone

  15. And now you have a clean water tank that isn't even important! Now enjoy the smell of vinegar that will stay for a month!

  16. would you like to know what else happens when putting vinegar in your tank, surprise surprise, the vinegar will distort the rubber parts in the tank and you'll need to replace sooner than normal. however, the fact that vinegar does save you money on cleaners and cleans pretty well, it's probably not a bad trade off, but seriously, don't be doing this with vinegar all the time.

  17. If some one were to dump vinegar & baking soda in to their toilet with out e act measurements they will end up with a toilet volcano! Also Iodine is a known cancer causing product! This stuff also can not be used on anything rubber! It makes it shrivel up!

  18. don't ever put vinegar into your toilet-the acid will eat away at your metal components and plumbing-and create a leak or worse

  19. Why do you show the gross "Before" picture, but not an picture of the "After" side? Why do you not show how it's done? Don't gross me out if you're not going to show it working.

  20. You talk too fast…got to rewind or freeze (HA!) dozens of times ….it's like making a long-distance phone call in days of "MaBell"

  21. Vinegar is also great for killing grass around your mailbox, my large rock, and other yard annoyances.

  22. Vinegar is an acid. Baking soda is a base. Added together you get a lot of fizz but otherwise cancel each other out.

  23. What's with the voice that sounds like a movie trailer? This would have been watchable until the end if you had spoken like a normal human being.

  24. Did anybody 'proofread' the script? At video 1:13 "Clean Metal Parts FROM Rust" Huh? – Why would you want to remove clean metal off of rust?
    Should read "Clean metal parts OF rust" or even better "Clean rust off of metal parts"…

  25. 1:20 "You can use vinegar with baking soda for an enhanced effect.
    2:00 "The vinegar-only method works even better."

    How does adding baking soda to vinegar enhance it, if the vinegar-only method works even better?

  26. Wait?! I can use vinegar to get rid of my acne? Now I feel like such a fool for going to see a dermatologist…

  27. Where do you get 9% acidity vinegar? Lol. I have only ever seen 5%. I've been using vinegar for many years and have never seen 9%.

  28. Did this.. But my dog drinks from the toilet and now he’s got the liquid squirts all over the house! Think I can use vinegar to clean that up too?

  29. and vinegar is good for sun burns so when u get a sun burn u spray on some vinegar and it help heal the burn

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