QAnon The ’45 Destroys the Deep State’s Weapon, Dorian- the Perfect Storm.


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the brave Scotland Bree hey you guys hey I’m so glad that you
are joining with me buckle up we have so many great things
to talk about today that is the song that our wonderful Attorney General bar
played on the bagpipes that day Scotland the brave and so today I’ve got
I want to tell you I think I thought I’ve goodness I’ve got another clue to
tell you from a serial brain video and I think that’ll be helpful also we’re
going to talk about this his storm because it’s the perfect storm and yeah
I was so appreciative several people posted about my paralysis YouTube
channel in the comment section and that was really great so I had not known
about him he had been kept out of my feet or whatever and so now I’m really
glad to see and now I’m part of this channel and so I want to share that with
you if you aren’t aware of that so let’s get started plus I’m gonna show you
another sign in the heavens is so so so cool alright so here is I wanted to read
to you from Psalm 18 listen this is our kickoff God arms me with strength and he
makes my way perfect he makes me as sure-footed as a deer
enabling me to stand on mountain heights he trains my hands for battle that’s
guys he trains us for battle he strengthens my arm to draw a bronze bow
make on that thing’s gonna fly when you send out a tweet and he can you can make
it fly I’m experiencing that the Lord has taught me how to be a warrior and so
now it’s like don’t like it love it when they don’t like it you have given me
your shield of victory your right hand supports me your help has made me great
you have made a wide path from my feet to keep them from my feet from slipping
I chased my enemies and caught them I did not stop until they were conquered I
struck them down so they could not get up they fell beneath my feet
you have armed me with strength for battle you have subdued my enemies under
my feet you placed my foot on their next I had destroyed all who hated me in
other words hated the Lord’s cause hated righteousness they called for help but
no one came to their rescue they even cried to the Lord but he
refused to answer and talk about that I drowned them as
fine as dust in the wind I swept them into the gutter like dirt
can I read that one again please I ground them as fine as dust in the wind
dust in the wind yeah swept them into the gutter like
dirt you gave me victory over my accusers you appointed me ruler over
nation’s people I don’t even know now serve me as soon as they hear of me they
submit foreign nations cringe before me they all lose their courage and come
trembling from their strongholds this isn’t talking about our brothers and
sisters all the world who’ve been who’ve been damaged and hurt this is talking
about the New World Order those accusers the ones who said oh there they’re no
good we we you know Satan says we want a certain – they deserve to be destroyed
right and so these are the ones that we’re that we’re destroying the ones who
are the minions of the Dark One they all lose their courage and come trimming
from their strongholds from their bunkers from wherever just like okay
give up give up give up the Lord lives prays to my rock may the God of my
salvation be exalted he is the God who pays back those who harm me he subdues
the nations under me and rescues me from my enemies you hold me safe beyond the
reach of my enemies I want you to be able to hear that the Lord has hiding
you in his secret place today do not be afraid they cannot see you you saved me
from violent oppressors open opponents violent opponents we know how violent
they are how evil they are we’re not intending harm to anyone except the evil
ones but we don’t we’re not bloodthirsty like they are we’re not best for Nagin
yeah but we will destroy them but we will destroy them for this O Lord I will
praise you among the nation’s I will sing praises to your name you give great
victories to your king you showed unfailing left your anointed President
Trump to David and all his descendants forever isn’t that the truth isn’t that
the truth now I was reminded of a story today hopefully you’ve seen this but if
not this is the story of Elijah when Elijah I’m sorry
when his servant was all scared and worried he’s like forest again us and so
the Lord opened his eyes and he could see this battle in the heavens he could
see the chariots of fire the angels of the Lord who are fighting against the
the dark forces and actually if you if you’re called a 1/3 of the Dark Angels
fell only 1/3 so we got 2/3 versus 1/3 all right so don’t forget it don’t
forget that I want you to remember that especially today we’re gonna be talking
about Dorian and and how this is a storm the perfect storm and I and so thankful
looking back now you know I’m thinking the perfect storm because we’re in the
middle of the storm we’ve always talked about the storm you know is upon us and
all that and we you know we’ve always you know yes we’re in the middle of
storm we’ve been in the middle of storm system but Milania wore this dress
because she knew they were going to BES the next thing they were gonna pull out
they’re gonna pull out this this this horrible storm and yeah and we’re
fighting back with space force with a you know this huge war in the heavens
I’m going to show you and this is the guy right here this is um Mike Morales
Mike Morales right here and so I want you to see what they what they intended
for evil the Lord is going to use it to destroy them thank you thank you lord
thank you lord all right so let’s just say I’m going to show you how what do
you say we’ll play a little bit of his video nation now if you’re new here you
didn’t probably see this but last week we had this crazy anomaly out here next
to the Galapagos Islands and let me take this up one day this thing formed out of
nowhere this is the sea surface temperatures look it’s a solid purple
beam you know super hot temperatures here let’s see with the Timbers were 90
point four degrees and it even showed up on the anomalies the oceanic anomalies
take that back I mean this thing just stayed there for a couple days it never
moved but what I wanted to show you here let me get back on these sea surface
temperatures and when you take a look at this thing it’s the exact same size as
this thing it’s the exact same size as Hurricane Dorian and Dorian is like a
super small hurricane so this was a test to create this and then we’re going to
show you way more signs and signatures this guy is so good at this problem I
don’t know the name of the program he’s using but anyway it’s in his description
box he is showing how they created this thing and yeah they intended it
obviously to destroy Florida and praise the Lord it has been decreased
it has did not turn into the monster that they said on the news that it was
it never got that big it was it even in the middle of it I think the biggest it
got was like three things because our white hats our space force was fighting
it and we were fighting it in prayer it’s just so exciting to see us how we
join forces together and we stop the bad guys and how it’s just it’s just the
most beautiful thing it’s really there’s buckle up so make sure and and you do
like do it that he did if the folks did you tell me about Mike Morales I’m sure
there are a lot of people who would like to join with us in prayer and to see how
the Lord is doing this and do not be so scared of all the junk that they throw
out there and as much as you enjoy we enjoy being here together and it just
make sure to comment and tell Cheryl are my my videos on these comments just like
someone did a couple people two or three did all the muck Morales and make sure
that you are gonna like and share and share in a be make sure your bell is
ringed in all that stuff alright the other thing this is wild that he was
showing us he’s this guy’s so talented watch what he’s gonna do
it’s not a hurricane it’s a weapon it’s a weather weapon I’m fixing to show you
exactly what I’m talking about let me get it on the right scene and let
me take you back on it did you guys see that there’s gonna be a black thing that
comes across broke through Florida I’m gonna I’ll rewind it just a second he’s
gonna show it to you it’s uh yeah check it out it’s gonna come across here
it’s not a hurricane it’s a weapon it’s a weather weapon I’m fixing to show you
exactly what I’m talking about let me get it on the right scene and let
me take you back I didn’t know I wasn’t showing you what I was needing to show
you for I show you that I got all the tracks you are definitely not what they
say the eyewall is totally totally wrong but what I’m getting ready to show you
right now it’s just gonna blow your mind now I want to zoom in on the sucker see
if I could zoom in here because this is gonna freak you out oh I got to get it
back oh here you see a blue line it’s like it’s coming from an airplane I’m
guessing he talks about the orbital something or another so it’s like
basically it’s not it’s not a satellite that’s full but it’s it’s an airplane
that’s up there that is that is shooting a laser into this into this storm to try
this jinn it up you know how you how you sit through the top and you try to spin
it around that’s what it’s trying to do so I want you to see this this thing
right here this this blue laser this dark blue laser and you’ll see it it
coming across okay did you see it anyway I think I think
that you guys have seen if you didn’t you can rewind it
alright so it’s it’s a specifically trying to gin up this storm alright so
this is what I put if you’re not on our community page okay when you go to
videos and then you go to community page you can see cuz I had posted this it’s a
long video elfis videos are long but he’s showing you all the things that
they’re doing he’s showing you the temperature he’s showing you the
chemtrail oh my goodness he shows you the chemtrails that they are leading to
trying to I’ll be like directing the storm where to go okay so what’s
happening it’s these lasers how do you stop these lasers this this is what’s
amazing about space force they seriously we’re able to stop the lasers that were
going in I don’t know how if they shot down the planes if they if they if they
scrambled the the lasers I don’t know I’m not in the space force but I know
that they stopped it because I think my husband came in today and he was like a
three or a two and so you know purple this is so great to share and that’s why
I posted on this page I posted this thread and I also posted this because
they have admitted admitted that they controlled the weather this was on CBS
so this is a video that you can share on I think on Facebook especially for us in
the Houston area you know when we’re the ones who’ve been pummeled by these
hurricanes to say okay and I know something like oh then they’ll you learn
how to control them for good but if that’s not a far step for them to say
well maybe someone using this for evil okay and so yeah I want you to see also
this this thread right here that someone had posted and I shared it
on the on the community page this they had several things on here I want you
guys to see okay Bahamas is just right off the coast of Florida and this has
been used to bring children into Florida and as the the awful thing is the people
of the Bahamas by and large that who who lived there have known they’ve known
that this was going on and did nothing if and likely many of them have been
part of it this is a you know when you go to these islands they’re so small
there’s like you know like a like a small city you know they’re not this
giant place and yeah these people know they know that this has been going on
and they did nothing and the Lord has told he had warned he said come out from
amongst her so lest you receive part of her punishment if someone was not part
of it they needed to not they need to come out say you know if we if we live
in a place we’ve got to be fighting against it and the Lord will deliver us
and get us out of harm’s way and if he doesn’t then there’s a I’m telling you
there’s a doubt I’m just I’m owning no there okay sorry I’m gonna say I will
tell you this years ago oh my goodness years ago we went on a cruise and on
that cruise we stopped at the Bahamas we stopped at several different islands we
stopped it at a free port I think it is called and so we went to this island and
my sister and I both still remember it because I would just say we went to a
show that I was like in shock I was in shock and still am in shock but my
parents allowed us to be at this show but anyway it was clear that it was very
propagate very that they are not at all concerned about morals there and I was
just I’m like I’ve got to get back that was from Tennessee like I gotta get back
home I got evicted so they say even as a kid I’m like huh this is not a place for
me and so I mean I thought we were gonna go to the homes we were gonna snorkel ya
know my that was this was not my favorite place to be and that was years
ago maybe two ish something like that then we also stopped at another island
and it did I think it was maybe no-name island and I’m like looking back I’m
like oh my goodness is was this was it TRAF fic ki ng place yes the ship
stopped you I thought it’s the time like this is so weird for this ship to stop
at a place that isn’t it’s just an out island why are we stopping here and now
I’m thinking oh no were they doing something evil and oh I just just the
thought of it gives me nightmares but yeah so this was I thought this was
great so what are the odds now if you recall what was the hullabaloo okay so
we’re first thought first hullabaloo was the dress the perfect storm but the
dimension that was just for us cue people right and then we saw that in all
this pillu about the nuke the Hurricanes right then that came out and so it’s
causing people to research this and to think about you know that’s the whole
point of the Trump tweets is to get people to think differently and and to
overcome the fake news that’s always directing us like little zombies little
robots right actually I think one day they have the of a guy who’s like in the
store but he’s like tried to tell himself up and then people walk right
behind it I’ll start to first set on the community page but it was funny because
you know you can post that kind of stuff people laugh but then they start to
realize it is fake it’s like you know anyway so that was cool because however
it mean he s he say nuke or Howard this all to be honest I don’t even know how
it all started and they were like talk but they’re all talking about it he’s
such a troll because he gets him talking about what they really shouldn’t be
talking about nuking hurricanes really because that the truth is space force
did something to stop this hurricane and they’ve they’ve been quote nuking it
with with lasers to zap to speed it up and so I believe in the future we will
have there will be there won’t be any more storms they won’t be because
everyone will know that this was this was all man-made this is all and
intentionally done and that we will if there was a natural disaster that’s
happened is causing a storm that we will have we will all know that we have the
ability to bring this down and if it’s in if it’s not then
there was someone doing something evil some nefarious deeds that make sense so
this is our future that we will not have any more of this horrible stuff but I
will just say yes it’s it’s remember how you said dead center something like I
said how like What did he say the print hang on I’m gonna find out exactly what
his tweet was I guess it wasn’t a tweet it was just something he said that it
would hit dead center and so they maybe thought that he was someone oh it’s
gonna be in Florida dead center and Edna and mine were also saying something it
hitting in right on a nuclear plant that that was the intended target he has
evidence of that and so it wasn’t dead center of that what they’ve intended to
harm not only Florida but all of the world is being put dead center on where
the bad guys are whoever was it I’m controlling it and my and in my
suspicion is they were right there in the middle of the Bahamas they’re right
there in the middle of the Bahamas and they were doing all their nefarious
deeds and and had headquarters of their trafficking and yeah dead center on the
ones who are guilty and as I was reading from Psalms no one’s coming to help when
you’re the middle and I’ve been in this situation when we were well you know
when you’re flooding nobody can do diddly they can’t do nothing you’re
sitting there and you’re just having to ride out the storm until you know until
the storm passes and we had it here thirteen days unlucky 13 whatever they
did this intentionally and that’s when I woke up to understand what was storms
and it was just sitting sitting here sitting and my friends were getting
pummeled and water coming in their homes and it was just it was really so
difficult because you don’t have power your it depower is even dangerous
because just the whole thing it’s just so evil straight for the pits of hell to
think that this is not a natural thing is just a man-made intentional thing so
evil so evil um but by the way the president also
said something I want you to see oh just about this thing right here
I don’t buy any of this either I don’t buy it I put this on my iPhone Twitter
or something but 34 supposedly 34 the latest thing was 34 of them 30 anything
with 34 I don’t believe it I’m very suspicious of any of that
alright so I want you to see what the Word of God says this is one of the last
bowls now if you remember most of you already know if because you’ve been here
I have written a book to try to explain the book of Revelation
with all of the new revelation that we have and this is it right here it is
called queueing on and go back to it q and on and a thousand years of peace
this is it 99 cents so it makes revelation makes sense especially in
light of everything that we have learned everything that we are experiencing and
what we’ve been learning from Q okay so the explanation of this and I go into it
in the book but let me see if I can move me all right
so they’ve you had several of these bowls being and the bowls are
specifically poured out on the bad guys not on us not on us it’s on these
evildoers on these PE D O’s these bad ones who have been hurting children and
and in damaging the world okay then the seventh angel poured out his bowl this
is one of the last bolts okay this is one of the last Bowl we’re getting we’re
getting close guys and a mighty shout came from the throne in the temple in
sec saying it is finished then the Thunder crashed and rolled and lightning
flashed it makes you think there’s a giant storm just a monstrous killer
storm okay that it makes everybody frame later and a great earthquake struck the
worst since people were placed on the earth the great city of Babylon split
into three sections and the cities of many nations fell into heaps of rubble
so God remembered all of Babylon since you know we’re saying Lord don’t
remember my sins were washed in the blood of Jesus he says no I’m
remembering they’re theirs and they will pay for what they have done and we all
will testify they have chance after chance after chance after chance after
chance after chance right and he made her drink the cup that was
filled with one of his fierce wrath and every island disappeared and all the
mountains were leveled wouldn’t it be something if the Bahamas was leveled and
and covered up okay they’re more Bahamas either way if the ones who’ve done evil
will be gone that is what we’re headed for that is what we’re headed for no
more of this evil that’s been going on and there was a and every island
disappeared all the mountains were leveled there was a terrible hailstorm
in the hail stone weighed as much as 75 pounds fell from the sky on the people
below and they cursed God because of the terrible plague of the hell storm I know
they’re right now many of these people have been involved in this wickedness in
this GRA ffs are on this island cursing God yes and it’s their own fault the
same mercy that the Lord Jesus Christ has extended to us that requires
repentance but the same mercy has been offered to us has been offered to them
to everyone and he had to warn them for to at more than two years right since
we’ve woke up it’s how long they’ve been warned come out of this come out of this
and yeah my humble opinion anyway so yeah check out my book I think it really
it would help you just make sense of Revelation and not be put into a
position where you’re scared of of what they say you’re like no I don’t believe
you guys anymore just like I don’t sit and watch the news anymore like a little
puppy dog now I’m not playing any of that anymore you know and then there was
a war in heaven this is in Revelation chapter 12 Michael and his angels fought
against the Dragon and his angels and the dragon lost the battle immunisations
were forced out of heaven so this is so similar to this picture I was just
showing you this great battle that’s going on and of course right now we’re
being able to fight with lasers but we have a spirit the spiritual forces that
we cannot see that are fighting with us against this evil giving as we pray it
gives people the courage and though and the ability to do things that they could
never have done before and it also brings down the power of the enemy
everything that they try to do is sort it
I love it oh my goodness it just makes me so happy
alright so that was Revelation chapter 12 alright next thing I wanted to show
you guys is the 33 is the same as one-third when you see 33 think
one-third fallen angels and when you so this is basically wings like angels okay
wings and that they’re two-faced you they say one thing but they really mean
another right so this is 30 that’s what the 33 is so that also helps us to
understand this a little bit that also helps us understand what this 66 is 66
is humanity that 66 is is those who are who are the good guys whether humans or
angels it’s the other two-thirds that are on the the white hats the 666 and
they are trying to destroy all of humanity which is the number of a minion
it’s like six six sixes they’re like this is our who are trying to destroy I
think that’s really with with the whole point about the 666 because you get 33
and six six six waiver alright so and that’s a the three is saying the perfect
you know the triad we’re gonna triangulate we’re gonna put three
against it and we’re gonna we’re gonna compress and trying to like them and
squeeze them out and destroy humanity whether it’s with one thing or another
storms or financial ruin or all the evil that they’ve done alright so I thought
that was helpful when I learned that it opened up an understanding of what the
666 is is humanity but that they are just trying to destroy humanity okay now
I thought that was helpful and this don’t forget here is that link and
here’s the video of that that guy so you can check out my Morales now the next
thing I want to talk about is our president we already know is 45 so what
this is there’s something I’ve just I’ve been you know how you I’m sure it’s
happened to all of us he’ll be you know just researching or watching a video
or listen to something and all of a sudden you’ll stop in your tracks and
you’re like wait wait I’ve gotta know more about that and so I have become as
you all know because of cagey with citizens investigation she was the first
one to tell me about the about the lost tribes of Israel then going over into
Ireland and then into Scotland that was the where the monarchy was that was
where the the Kings of David had been had been in Scotland and that we are
there for his the ones who moved over into America we are many of us the Lost
Tribes of Israel okay so once I pasted that together then I began to watch you
know I’ve been watching about the Tudor kings and about them the Stuart Kings
and getting that understanding and just voraciously you know taking all this in
and then learning about the Scots and the Battle of forty-five the Battle of
45 and as we very well know our wonderful president has a hat I where
did I put it has that hat 45 you know that he wears all the time yeah there it
is the forty five hat he is the president November 45 the symbolism of
that is huge and we already saw bill bar attorneys general bar playing this the
bagpipes he’s clearly Scottish and we not that many but laid-back fives except
for the Scots and just so you know they had outlawed for that pies because they
were so powerful that especially that song Scotland the brave that is a
basically a solemn we’re gonna destroy the evildoers right so then he talks
about in this and I don’t know if this is a good book or not but it but I’m
learning about Bonnie Prince Charlie who was a the Stuart King who was the next
one in the Stuart line he did not obviously he was not successful and
these the British were so so ruthless the ones at the top are so ruthless and
for what but the untold story of the Jacobite rising the Jacobites are the
children the grandchildren of Jacob of Israel that’s what Jacobite is it’s
funny how you can look at a word and not realise this is the children of Jacob
who had moved into the British Isles in Scotland and Ireland and in 1945 they’re
like we have got to get rid of King George because they were living over
there and under this brutal regime and they had no you know no rights and and
they were like we’ve got to fight we’ve got to fight and so they wanted to put
Bonnie Prince Charlie back on the throne and for him to then be the true the true
king of the entire thing goes like with King James and all that it clearly did
not happen and it’s a it’s a sad story about how it would happen this kind of
goes into it I’ll put a link below that you might want to read about but
basically they call it the 45 so what we’re doing right now guys is we are
completing the 45 this such symbolism such symbolism with the 45 they call it
the 45 and then we are fighting the 45 now but this time we don’t have Bonnie
Prince Charlie we have our wonderful president who is Scottish who is now I’m
going to show you also that you know I told you on the video a while back and
you can look in the on the play that’s called the The Lost Tribes of Israel and
you’ll see his lineage that he is he’s the true heir to the Scottish monarchy
okay he truly is it’s just like wow and so I’ve shown you the over here is one
of the pages of his lineage and you’ll see you know it’s going all the he’s got
actually two different lines but he’s that he is this is this is the other one
but anyway this is his lone and you’ll see this person Anna Monroe
okay so just keep that in the back of your mind so I’m going to show you how
that plays in but anyway before I would go on the other thing about 45 is
golde 45 you know a 45 is is always always symbolically meant I’ve got this
45 and I’m gonna take you down if you’re hurting my people then I’ve got this 45
right here in my pocket right and I saw this and I thought this is so pretty
especially especially in tiffany blue I love that tiffany blue I don’t know
that’s a 45 or not but I just thought that was so great and who was it it was
I think one beautiful lucemon Lisa May Crowley was saying something I think I
saw this on her page but yeah so pretty yes anyway so all right now so
connecting some of these dots who watches serial brain to whatever Jamie
and so do I always get everything no does he always right I don’t think he’s
always been right neither none of us is but on a video the other day he put this
wanted dead or alive this is a Steve McQueen you see if I show you you
remember Steve McQueen cool mister cool Steve McQueen this is the show me this
is the beginning of the show and he’s like I’m going in here I’m one a dead or
alive you’re gonna pay for what you’ve done and I don’t care whether you’re
dead or alive I’m bringing you into justice right so it said he cereal brain
was saying well there’s a clue in this clip and so this clip the part of the
clip he showed this right here Donald mcdougal directed by Donald
mcdougal I bet there isn’t it wasn’t a Donald mcdougal I don’t know so much of
this is just it’s not truth we thought it was true and it’s just part of the
show it’s part of the information that they use to to speak to their cabal
members right just like I was saying before I don’t believe this thing is 34
people were lives were lost they’re probably trying to get away and
the president Trump’s got him I’m thinking um or you know who knows you
know I just don’t believe 34 and the thing the same thing with Donald mcdougall
what is that cereal ring I think I know what it is for those of you who were
wondering so if you look you can put these links
here about the Duke MacDougall clinging if you watched this movie series on
Netflix you’ll see it’s called Highlander Outlander it’s quite graphic
I’m warning you now but it does help you understand what they were fighting they
still were evil beyond words beyond words and it helps
you see it anyway this clan MacDougall here talks another thing about the clan
MacDougall they were some of the this giant clan and looky here Anna and Rose
MacDougall Monroe Monroe hmm so and then you’ll see that her sister was Wilhemina
MacDougall and and the her other sister is Virginia Beth Monroe I don’t know
exactly how this all played in how she got into this line but she is in she’s
in part of this royal line and this is from President Trump this is Trump’s
line so I think what he’s meaning here is that mcdougal way back to it that
that’s that that is that someone from the Scottish line named Donald is going
to he’s going to direct the wanted dead or alive that he’s going to be the
director of we’re going to take down the criminals they I’ll get it
the whole point of this movie is we’re going to take down the criminals no
matter what whether they’re dead or alive we’re going to stop them and so
he’s saying that the Donald mcdougal is the one who’s gonna do that and
President Trump is basically Donald front I think from the mcdougal clean so
if y’all have any more information about that you can post it below but I think
that’s what it is he’s from he’s from no doubt a Scottish cleaning and it would
it would lead me to believe right here that somehow he is related to the
MacDougall’s through Anna Monroe in this line okay and I’ll put a link below also
to the one gross I went through his his lineage that’s when I was first learning
about now the Gaelic language not only were they told they could not playback
pies not only were they told that they couldn’t wear that I think it’s called
the Tartans they that would that had their their their colors they’re trying
to destroy the culture the Brits were trying to destroy the culture
they also told them that could not speak Gaelic and so I was researching on daily
but basically from that that book that I had read about the Assyrian tablets that
they were found and showing how the Israelites it shows how they moved over
into Scotland and was showing how Gaelic has Hebrew roots and so even their
language shows that they are Hebrew ok so I wanted you to see that I think that
was if you were interested in knowing that the that clue I think that’s I
think I’ve got it on that other the serial brain now now the other thing
you’ve got to hear this is so cool you’re going to love this you’re going
to flip this is about our our father Abraham and how the Lord even showed us
sign about him hold on real quick alright had a good glass of water and
now I’m gonna go to talk but anyway Abraham was when he was born there was a
tremendous sign in the heavens and I think I told you that from Abraham – I’m
sorry from Adam to Abraham is 2,000 years and then from Abraham to Jesus is
2,000 years and from Jesus to us is 2,000 years roughly
so when Abraham was born check out what it says in Joshua chapter 8 someone
thought I said Joshua it’s not Joshua it’s Joshua which is an ancient Hebrew
text that is referred to in the Bible that don’t read the book of Jasher and
but they had removed it from the Bible and I had read that many times and I’m
like okay and I didn’t really put it together that they had removed it from
the Canon so there’s actually more than 66 books
in the Bible don’t get me started on that and it was in the night verse one
that Abram was born that all the sons of Terah and all the wise gonna Nimrod and
his conjurer’s came and ate and drank in the house of Terah and they rejoiced
with him all that and when all the wise men and conjurors went out from the
house of Terah they lifted up their eyes weren’t having that night to look at the
Stars that’s what people’s it all the time we
don’t do it as much because we got chemtrails and we’ve got we’re looking
at our fallen or whatever but they always would look at the Stars because
especially because these are their wise men their conjures and so they saw and
behold one very large star came from the east
ran in the heavens and he swallowed up the four stars from the four sides of
the heavens and all the wise know the king and his conjurer’s were astonished
at the sight and the sages understood this matter and they knew its import
that I go this boy who was born on this night this is a big deal we can’t allow
him to live because he’s going to destroy the evil that we’ve been doing
we can’t allow him to live seriously they knew they’d know it was it was big
the this Abraham they need to get real Abram his name at that point was Abram
his name later was changed to Abraham and they said to each other
this only betokens the child has been born to Terah but that has been born to
Terah this night who will grow up and be fruitful and multiply and possess all
the earth he and his children forever he and his seed will slay great kings and
inherit their lands and the wise men and conjurors went home that night and in
the morning all these wise men and conjurors rose up early and assembled in
an appointed house they’re like okay go to bed in the morning let’s get up early
let’s get this figured out and they spoke to eat and say to each other
behold the sight that we saw last night is hidden from the cave and it has not
been made known to him and should this thing get known to the king in the
latter days he will say why have you concealed this matter from me and then
we shall all suffer death therefore now let us go and tell the king the sight
which we saw and the interpretation thereof and we shall then remain clear
they’re like okay we’ve seen this we that’s our job to tell the King that
this guy is gonna fight against the evil and so we’ve got to tell him and there
will be in the clear so we heard and they did so and they always the king and
they bowed down to him to the ground and they said may the King live may the king
live we heard that a son was born to Terah the son of Nahor the Prince that
of your host and we yesternight came to his house that we ate and drank and
rejoice with him all that night and when your servants went from the house of
Terah to go to our respective homes to abide there for the night we lifted up
our eyes to heaven and we saw a great star coming from the east and the same
star ran with great speed and swallowed up four great stars from the four sides
of the heavens and my servants were astonished at the sight which we saw and
were greatly terrified and we made our judgment upon the sight and knew by our
wisdom the proper interpretations thereof that this thing by Paes to the
child is born who will grow up and multiply multiply
greatly and become powerful and kill all the kings of the earth and inherit all
their lands he and his seed forever so I would love
to read the whole thing to you go check it out you can read it yourself but
basically yeah he he has we are his children we are whether were his
physical progeny or not we are we are children by adoption or by physical
either way that we are destroying the works of evil on this earth that is our
whole purpose on this earth is to stop today guys so they knew that way back
then so we did enough happening the father brought another child in and had
this other child killed instead said oh yeah I had that child killed wasn’t his
job wasn’t Abram clearly right so I obviously fulfill his his um his destiny
and us through him right he still lives on through us so then years later his
father had these false gods in his house Abram went in said this solve all these
things they sir this is fake news and he went in there and he destroyed them and
he put one of them on the ground he said in the father said did you do this is no
the one that’s left that one did it he’s got an axe in his hand diapers funny it
was a comedian so his father said no he did not
he’s just a stone that he’s like then why do you worship them if you know that
this is just a stone he says because if I don’t then they’ll kill me well they
it got wind of it that what Abram had done so guess what they did they put
Abram in a furnace a fire like the three Hebrew children he they put him in a
furnace and he did not burn he did not burn there’s nothing they could do that
couldn’t kill him like he was bulletproof he was burned proof he was
all that so then he laughed he says okay then he says Murray says get me up in
the land of your father’s in that something so the book
leads all that out that’s why I love the focal gesture you get all the good stuff
in the middle instead of just like oh we gotta leave town now you know why now
you know what I’m going to show you is I’m going to show you the sign in the
heavens this is negative nineteen fifty two member how I told you was 2,000
years before Christ this is it and this is February to the sixteenth so you’re
gonna see this the movement in the heavens okay you’re ready it’s gonna one
star is gonna gobble up for ready one two three four Wow it took several days
what was that sixteen days for this movement to happen but this happened in
the heavens this happened in the heavens right at the time of his birth and
predominantly like Saturn I remember how was showing you yesterday the one and I
guess I could go ahead and show it to you maybe pull it up real quick I’m
gonna show you the one the other gobbling okay member it Christmas time
then we’re going to see another gobbling well Jupiter is after it’s done all
these different motions it’s going to gobble up Saturn right and that is on
Christmas that is on Christmas it’s finished gobbling as a Christmas Day and
so this is basically telling us this is a so similar to the one of the gobbling
of during Abraham’s time that this is the beginning of a new day when the
enemy is going to be destroyed so I just I wanted to share that with you guys
because music back to where I was because I don’t know where in the world
else you would learn all these things and put it together and be able to see
actually the signs in the heavens that the word has has given us so be
encouraged they knew it and it was true about Abraham that he was hit he and his
progeny would destroy the works of the enemy and here we are here we are four
thousand years later and we are seeing this other sign in the heavens of the
end of the Beast the end of this horrible satanic rule in the earth I
just can’t believe we’ve lived to see the day I can’t
do it it’s just pinch me right all right before I go I want to show you guys this
I love my joke em I’m so thankful for Joe em and love him and Lisa made
Crowley I love this this is so great it’s amazing what having it all can
achieve all this information you can bring down a nearly millennia-old
empire just by threatening to release it yeah I love that I love that it isn’t
that great that you gotta understand you know I know all of us are like go ahead
just do the rest of it look but you get more power out of it just with the fear
of it if I’m gonna release it I’m gonna release it just by there the fear of it
by the threat to release it and he’s he’s using that as leverage you’ve got
to use the leverage oh that’s so powerful that is so great I really I
really appreciate him saying that that helped me and I hope it helps you now
I’ll show you this this is disgusting okay and you know it’s funny you just
okay I’m gonna show you before this one first so you hear a word you hear a name
I’m trying to clue in on some of these names what are these names mean so Tyson
it Tyson’s Corner did you know Tyson’s Corner Virginia is the sibling Gabe did
you know that and so I’m like okay why is it t ys o n time you hit a corner
Tyson’s Corner what is that and this whole thing about chicken what is that
what is that and I actually went to McLean McClain whatever was and yeah
this Tyson’s corners in McLean but that was when I went and spoke do you know
what my very first thing I never had a YouTube channel I was a moderator on the
reddit board and I’m like okay Lord what do you want me to do next and that’s
when I went up and spoke yeah I’ve got to watch it I spoke I spoke at the this
event that was up in Washington DC and Freedom Plaza and just like okay where
did that come from and I knew from that moment he wanted me to start this
YouTube channel to put together what we do here is looking at the cute post
looking at the current events in the light of God’s work right but we drove
into McLean and saw mansion after mansion
after mansion after mansion after mansion and we knew that was all this
evil and we were just like disgusted so that’s Tyson’s and we know the
chicken and we know that they’re doing something to the chicken with all these
hormones if these chickens are gigantic and then you know one of the reasons
that we are so sick is because we’ve been ingesting all these hormones and
it’s it’s messed with our our hormones is began the weight gain all this other
stuff our our psyche it just messes with us so try and stay away from all this
injected hormones if you possibly can so then look at this this is in the urban
dictionary it says and Tyson means a well-endowed male there you go they
think this is who they are we’re so cocky well and down male guy
who is essentially of God and it has intercourse with Megan Fox each day and
being alone I’m not gonna read more that sorry that’s other way I don’t want to
read any of them really okay I’m just gonna leave it here and I can just look
it up yourself okay that’s to continue I’m gonna continue on
to the next thing alright so yeah that’s what they think of themselves that they
are these gods on earth that can do all this evil stuff sorry alright I should
have warned you before I’m sure one myself where I reading that but anyway
all right never mind um yeah so just look at some of these names and it will
probably shock you and help you put peace these things together yeah I like
that eyeball looking at you all these years what since we were kids we’ve had
that CBS I’m all looking at us but guess what we’re looking at you now we see you
we see you CBS we see you ABC’s we see you all of you we see all of you we may
nicely perfectly we may still see a little bit in the mirror dimly but we’re
soon gonna see 20 20 20 20 I love it I love it every one will yes I always want
to lift up and pray and give thanks to the word for this piece so these great
people who are fighting this good fight who are putting themselves in harm’s way
and just all over the world scuse me pup fighting all over the world with give
thanks thank you so much Lord thank you so much Lord for these great
brave people who stopped the durian thank you that even now they are
fighting thank you Lord that we are living in a day when we will see all
this evil will be stopped and that we will everyone’s going to know who the
real evil ones are Oh Lord thank you thank you so so much thank you that
we’re you’ve opened their eyes to to see so many things we just pray you
continued to reveal to us we pray that you would make us mighty warriors and
make our fingers skillful as we type tweets and and whatever you have us to
do Lord get make us make us strong and help us
to crush them by your power so that they will not ever get up and they will never
be able to do any more harm to anyone ever again we pray your strength on us
and we pray that you will thwart their way we thank you Lord for your your love
for us that is unstoppable and we just we give you praise for letting us see
this day we pray that everyone will hear your voice and will wake up and they
will hear the truth and especially use this Dorion thing so they will wake up
and stop believing the lies anymore they every monthly stopping every all become
accountable to you reach them into their souls and help them to wake up and your
great name we pray Jesus amen Oh what weren’t they going to tell you the
Dorian thing I’m posting this on this the community page it was talking about
the Dorian’s were the Greeks who had come in and the Dorian’s how they were
destroyed was that they had not expected the slaves they had taken over slaves
for hundreds of years and they did not expect an uprising and so the the low
lives but no bodies the ions destroyed the Dorian’s guys I’m gonna go I love
you guys and I hope you have a great day and I will talk to you soon

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