Racist Bugs Bunny Cartoon (PUBLIC DOMAIN VIDEO)

Racist Bugs Bunny Cartoon (PUBLIC DOMAIN VIDEO)

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(singing) I’s gonna ca-atch me a ra-ha-a-bit. (singing) Gonna ca-atch me a ra-ha-a-bit. Well shut my mouth Rabbit tracks (chomping sound) (hiccup) Gazoontight Alright Mr Rabbit I’s got ya cornered Put up dem hands or else I’ll blitzkrieg ya now now you march You keep going rabbit Oh no, you don’t! (BANG) (chomping) Ughhh.. What’s up Doc? I just done shot me a rabbit, and.. (incoherent nonsense) Where’s my gun? Where’s my gun? Where is it? There ya are, Doc Where is he? Which way’d he go? Which way’d he go? There he goes! Where? There, go get him! (giggling) Now i got ya! You little ol’ fuzzy tail bunny. Uh oh I’s sure I got ya this time Little ol’ lowly rascal Aghhh.. What’s cookin’, Doc? (ROAR) (SCREAM) Too bad. Too bad. Oh well! (AAARRRGGHHHH!!!!!) (Heavy breathing) Say your prayers! …Rabbit! Now, now, now, wait a minute, Doc! Relax. Now, now hold it a minute. (rattling sound) What’s y’all got there, man? It couldn’t be.. a pair.. of dem uhh.. (Banter) Dice don’t fail me now! Whaaam! Ugh.. Sorry Doc (singing) I’m gonna ca-atch me a ra-ha-a-bit. Well call me Adam

100 thoughts on “Racist Bugs Bunny Cartoon (PUBLIC DOMAIN VIDEO)”

  1. Was the portrayal of Yosemite Sam rascist also? They make fun of everybody. If you think that's fascist then you are just an idiot looking for a hand out.

  2. Warning: I'm not racist for saying this.
    This African-American is apparently a reference to Black-Face. It is a type of makeup and even show that was use for non African Americans dress up as African Americans.

  3. Always trying to hold the black people back but they can’t no matter what you do them you’ll never break their Spirit

  4. Equal Opportunity Shenanigans – Bugs Bunny made everyone look like a fool regardless of race, ethnicity, or social status.

  5. the voice is slightly off, and the illustrating… if they had called this Bugs bunny or used the logo they'd have gotten sued. What is it actually called?

  6. The artists weren’t picking on this guy anymore than they picked on Elmer Fudd. Snowflakes see racism everywhere.

  7. Ugh the reason why it’s racist is because black people are seen in the Jim Crow days on cartoons as having big lips and they are always lighten than our face. They make us super dark and if you listened to the voice , that’s the stereotypical southern “uneducated “ dialect. It’s not about what bugs is doing it’s about how they are portraying the black boy.

  8. Instead of worry about racism, we really need to worry about our utility bills, mortgage, and where our next meal is coming from.

  9. I saw bugs making fun of a female cartoon character…………….disgusting sexism. We should all apologize for watching these.

  10. I agree that the depiction is far more ignorant and racist than not. What really would have sucked would have been to be black when this cartoon was released, for more reasons than the comfort with which this cartoon was illustrated and syndicated. Let's hope that present and future illustrators are better than that. However, I think that it is too easy for people to discriminate based off of skin color. It happens globally, and has happened since the beginning of time. Heck, look how long it took "natural selection" to final produces humans that could finally stop having its best scientific minds believe that the would couldn't possibly be round. Each of just needs to focus on being the best that we can be in the present and future. There is no future in being stuck in the past, or stuck complaining about. Best present and future wishes to everyone who read this post.

  11. So is Elmer Fud a racist depiction of white people? This isn't racist!!! Grow a pair and stop being overly sensitive you snowflake!!

  12. boo hoo let me cry about cartoons that were aired when I didn't even exist because it's my duty as an sjw go cry in your safe space

  13. First of all black people lips aren't that color, secound the character is created making balck people look dumb. And last making this wholes skit racist we don't talk like that.

  14. "Black people are also made out to be stupid, gun toting, lazy". Have you ever been to Oakland? This is accurate.


  16. Wow bugs bunny basically the main face of Warner bros racist this change my thoughts of Warner being innocent to racists

  17. *Laughing in 50's* I almost chocked on my cigar which I smoke in-doors at my hospital office while tapping my secretary's bum.

  18. Freeze at 6:07 lmao. Oh Warner Bros you SJW's who calls out nazi's, you've contributed more racism and hate than almost anyone you call out.

  19. And where's the racist part now?? Let me guess: It would not be racist, if the protagonist would be white. Am I right? To stay in the Bugs Bunny universe: Where are your complaints about the silly portrayal of Elmer Fudd? You can make every joke you want, as long as the receiver is white. But BEWARE, if his color differs or if a COMIC FIGURE is painted black. This is so ridiculous and pathetic. Pull yourself together! And never ever stop making jokes about each other and use every stereotype you want. Keep humor alive and stop taking everything so freaking serious! Racism will never be defeated by fighting humor, but only be treating everyone the right way in REAL LIFE! Is this really that complicated you annoying SJWs??

  20. This is fake. That is supposed to be Elmer dudd if you look closs it's his face but some liberal decided they thought they would put this on you tube to try to make themselves look like a victim. I know this because I have the entire bugs bunny collection to it's whole entirety. Sorry push your ideas a nother way you libiral me to movement garbage.

  21. This episode was the funniest shit when I was younger. I’m still fuckin dying even tho I know how racist it was

  22. How come people in cartoons fall off of cliffs once they look down? I’ve never understood that. :/

  23. Goddamn, seeing more white people offended in the comments at this being called racists then black people offended by this. Yall dont get to decide what counts as racist or offensive to blacks.

  24. Worry abt the 52% murder rate, 65% violent crimes rate & 70% female head of household rate rather than an 80 yr old cartoon. Yeah, I'm sure an old Bugs Bunny cartoon is the cause of all black crime bc "Bug Bunny is rayyssist!" Gtfoh pos.

  25. For all the white dumbass people who are saying it's funny but not racist!!! Ok big pink lips on a black face isn't racist. these stereotypes of blacks is racist think about it blacks all have big lips that's a stereotype very offensive it's actually funny to you huh??your stupid you must be a racist. small minded bastard also 😂💀😉👋✊✊🏻✊🏿✊🏼✊🏾 let's stop with the hate . I know you was taught different when you was younger. teach your kids different!! Teach them to embrace different ethnics or nationalities open your eyes man and see from the other side also think about other people feelings.

  26. I remember this cartoon was on a Bugs Bunnys Greatest Cartoons VHS tape I received as a child from Santa Claus on Christmas Day back in the early 80s and I loved the HELL out of this cartoon specifically, so my question is does that make Santa Claus racist or my childhood?

  27. my father was racially biased against black people i don't know why because he refused to talk about it BUT I LIVE IN A RACIAL MIXED NEIGHBORHOOD
    in not cut from same cloth as my father and everybody takes a dump on the throne the same no matter who you are some of my friends are black because its you attitude that makes you the person you are i don't claim to have all the answers but H A T E SPEECH should not be protected by the first amendment we all need to live to together regardless of weather we agree with each or not love is like honey on your peanut butter sandwich and HATE is like putting ice cream in the microwave and your like yum!! yum!! fried ice cream

  28. So is Elmer Fudd cartoons racists against whites. Maybe Bugs Bunny cartoons are antihuman. Is this guy any dumber than Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam? Also how does he stay airborne until he looks down?

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