Radius and Dental Lace Natural Silk Floss Review

Radius and Dental Lace Natural Silk Floss Review

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Hello, My name is Sally and I am from Natural Spa Supplies And in this video we are going to be reviewing two very popular Silk Dental Flosses So these are the two types Radius Silk floss witch is a plain flavour, and Dental lace silk floss which has a mild minty flavour so this is what you get inside the Radius box, you get the recyclable plastic dispenser and if you pop the lid up, you are ready to go! and this is what you get inside the dental lace so you get your glass file- already threaded and ready to go! And you get your 30 metres refill, and that is in a PLA packet so that will compost with the radius floss, when its spun they add candelilla wax which is a tree leaf wax, to make it spin better, also to make it go between the teeth and the dental lace floss uses candelilla wax for the same reason so one of the fundamental differences between these floss, is the packaging Radius at the moment, have this lovely card outer, and they have a plastic dispenser inside… but it is recyclable whereas Dental Lace, they contain the floss in a glass file And you can keep refilling it because you can buy refills! You get this pair of silk flosses on the spool. There’s no inner to the spool, its just all floss. And that’s in another PLA packet so another thing about the Dental Lace is you’ll find they’re three different colours there’s the rose, the blue and the grey The content inside is identical. It’s the Silk Floss with the Candelilla wax, with that mild minty flavour This is the one i have been using and you can see in the glass file, how much you’ve been using so you can remember to make sure that you’ve got the refills to go in your cupboard, or have a look on our website, and get your refill there so you can really run out either ! When you make your choice, don’t be influenced by price because both the flosses are approximately the same value Both flosses ar very strong Both flosses ar totally natural and both flosses are totally biodegradable Back to the floss itself, the Radius Floss is machine spun, and it has a very smooth texture The Dental Lace Floss seems as if it is hand spun, it has a hand spun feel, because it is quite irregular in its texture, and actually a little bit thicker than the radius floss have a zoom in and see for yourself so i hope that you are finding this review useful and it will help you when you on our website, natural spa supplies to choose the best floss for you if you are a family you might actually find it handy to have a different range of colours because then at least you will know who is who’s do definitely look on the website because we have loads of products for natural oral care so for example we have these wooden traditional toothbrushes, we have some light powered high tech toothbrushes we’ve even got these tree root type toothbrushes which do all sorts of things, which is worth learning about so definitely go on the website www.naturalspasupplies.co.uk following customer feedback and obviously my own opinions on plastics Radius has said that they are going to do a redesign, so it will be exciting to see what they come up with Dental Lace is highly innervated too! look what they have just came out with in the last few days! a vegan bamboo charcoal floss, and bamboo charcoal refills i will get some of this for my customers and it will be up in my shop soon! so thank you very much for watching, please like follow and share

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  1. ALL plastic eventually ends up in the environment. Recycling only delays this because you can only recycle plastic once or twice. Glass or metal all the way.

  2. Thank you, that was very interesting and informative. You've been very helpful in my decision about dental floss and I'm looking forward to learning more from you.

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