Ranieri rues Fulham’s ‘inexperience’ in last-gasp loss to Tottenham

Ranieri rues Fulham’s ‘inexperience’ in last-gasp loss to Tottenham

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It was a good match, second half we controlled
the match very well in defensive way. We gave a gift with the first goal and the
second goal is unbelievable to explain because we had free kicks and I said to players why
do we have to put the ball in the box, why? We lack experience. There was a ball close
to the corner, take the ball to corner, spend ten seconds but the keeper puts a long ball,
we intercept the ball and we want to kick on goal. Calm, stay calm, keep possession, finish the
match and at the end, after three minutes of extra time, 48 seconds,
they score the goal. We are alive, we continue to fight, the team
showed fantastic performance. I can only say well done but stay very smart until the end. But you know a lot of them it’s the first
time they play in Premier League.

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