Remove Pimples OVERNIGHT | 100% Success | Anaysa

Remove Pimples OVERNIGHT | 100% Success | Anaysa

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hi frendz m priya n welcome to my channel prettypriyatv. do not forget to subscribe to my channel if uh like the video n do follow me on instagram for any query. we all love rainy season but it comes with a lot of chances of skin infection because it increases oil n sebum on our skin which clogs the pore of our skin with impurities n this gives a perfect environment for the bacterial growth on our skin. n due to this we suffer from blackheads ,acne n pimples. n to get rid of this problem today m going to share with uh a secret treatment : its very effectives n is very cost effective too. give it a try for must. for this uh need: firstly grind the aspirin tablets now transfer it to a glass bowl with other ingredients now pour it in a glass bowl n mix it well n ur acne n pimples removing pack is ready now i vil tell uh how to use it: remember to wash ur face before doing this treatment. now apply this wherever uh r having pimples or acne if ur skin is oily uh can apply it to ur whole face then. turmeric has curcumin which is anti inflammatory , antiseptic, anti bacterial which helps in healing the acne or pimple . it draws out excess sebum from deep inside the skin pores n it kills the bacterial growth , it also blocks the molecule which goes to the cell n cause inflammation. aspirin has an active compound called salicylic acid this removes the dead skin cells from our skin n it unclogs our clogged pores n the controls n maintain the excess amount of sebum n oil from there . after applying it leave it for 20 minutes after 20 minutes wash ur face with cold water . now wipe ur face with towel n do not share ur towel with anyone if uh r suffering from acne or pimples. for best results do this daily n within three days uh vil see that ur pimples r fading away. this will not only heal ur acne pimples but also helps in removing their scars too. so this is my today treatment n if uh liked the video then hit on the like button n do not forget to hit on that subscribe button. so vil meet uh in my next video till then tc bbie

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  1. Hiii I'm shabana mujhe aspirin teblets madical pr nhi mil rhi kaha se lena hoga aur sare medical me disprin available h aspirin ki jaga disprin us kr sakte h kya

  2. Please khujh esa nuska btaea ke jis se pimple ek he night me hat Jaye par khujh ase treke hote jise use karne se be pimple nahi jate

  3. Aspirin Gastro-resistant Tablets IP 75 mg

    orange color tablet use karsakte hai kya face pe plzzzzzzzz tell me

  4. Di meri skin sensitive hai to kya mai ye remedy use kar sakti hu plz plz plz reply di mai pimpal se bahot presan hu plz plz di

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