Rens & Bastiaan fly high on nitrous oxide (N20) | Drugslab

Rens & Bastiaan fly high on nitrous oxide (N20) | Drugslab

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Hello, I’m Rens.
-And I’m Bastiaan. Check it out.
-And welcome in our Drugslab. Every week in our Drugslab we test
a different drug to see what effect it has. Last week Paul asked us
to test laughing gas. So we said: why not?
Let me get it out. Look, these are the cartridges
with the gas. Nitrous oxide.
-Enough to inflate one balloon. It often gets used during surgery
or as an anaesthetic at the dentist. But then it’s 50% oxygen
and 50% laughing gas. We’re going for the full 100%. Who’s going to do it?
-We’ll see. Yes, exciting.
-Can’t wait. Okay, here we go. Rock, paper, scissors. It’s my turn. Are you looking forward to it?
-I think it’s… Yes, kind of. It’s not a real heavy drug.
It’s intense for one brief moment… 20-30 seconds?
-Then it’s like you’re in another world. But then quickly
you’re back on earth again. You shouldn’t do it too often. I wonder how you’ll experience sounds. With laughing gas sounds get amplified,
so I wonder what you’ll hear. What do we need?
-The whipped cream dispenser. Right. This is also a propellant for
dispensers, which is why it’s legal. It gets used in the food industry. Always inhale the gas
by means of a balloon. If you do it straight from the cartridge
or dispenser… your airways will freeze,
which is bad news. Or your lips, which is also not nice.
-So don’t do that, just use a balloon. I’ve put on my belt, so we can monitor
my heart rate and body temperature. And I’m preparing the dispenser.
You put the cartridge in here… and screw it on, and keep going
until the gas enters the dispenser. You’ll hear when it does. You place the balloon. Did you know that in the 19th century
laughing gas was a fairground attraction? That’s funny.
-Bizarre, right? So someone used laughing gas
and other people would watch. Like I’m going to watch you.
-Yes. Okay, hold it here and I’ll press.
Three, two, one… There we go. That’s pretty big.
-That’s a lot of gas. To reduce the lack of oxygen
you can breathe in and out four times… so then all the gas
is inside of you already. Then you can take two seconds
to breathe… and then continue, so then you have
the full effect without lack of oxygen. So that’s what I’ll do.
-Have fun. It’s working. Yes? Oh, this stuff is heavy.
Oh man. Are you back again?
-Yes, I am. It lasts a very short time.
It’s over now. It took 35 seconds
for the balloon to kick in. And from then till it was over
took about 50 seconds. How did it feel
when it started to kick in? You feel you’re losing consciousness.
You feel you’re drifting off. That’s why I started to sag like this. And everything becomes very vague. You feel you’re going in
and then it starts to come… and then it’s there,
and you really feel it kick in. Anything you can compare it to?
-It’s a bit like fainting, I guess. It’s not like you start seeing things
or get weird thoughts. At least I didn’t. I’m back again. Gee. How did you experience the music?
-It doesn’t get more beautiful or uglier. But it disappears or something. There’s this kind of… buzzing. As if it slows down?
-Yes, it just goes… Yes. It’s not as if it’s very beautiful
or ugly. It’s just… It really changes.
-Okay. I also have a headache now.
-That’s what it does. I don’t feel really chill. A bit… I don’t feel very fit. I could go on,
but would you like to test it? I really don’t feel chill.
Do you mind to do it once as well? To see how you experience it.
-Alright. You’re a hero.
Then I can recover. We’ve swapped the belt.
Let’s see if it’s on. Yes, excellent.
Then I’ll prepare the balloon for you. I’m going to pinch him
the moment he’s tripping… and then see if you feel it.
-I can’t wait. Let me see if you feel something now.
-Yes. Alright, close it. Perfect. Damn. Are you okay?
-Yes. Where did I pinch you?
-First here and then here. Yes, correct. I did feel it,
but it didn’t hurt like before. It’s an anaesthetic and gets used during
pregnancies to soften the contractions. It was used a lot by dentists
and for surgeries. But nowadays
there are other drugs for that. It’s an anaesthetic,
so you do feel it, but it hurts less. Since you kind of lose consciousness,
everything runs together. Hearing, seeing, feeling. That’s why I’m curious to see how
you’ll do with the old familiar hand. Here it is.
-Okay… Three, two, one. Yes, go. Now relax for a moment. And hold it. Go ahead. Take hold of the hand.
Go on, do it. Very good. I can’t take it anymore. It’s so… That buzz in my head is so bad,
I just didn’t get it anymore. Monkeys clapping their hands,
that was on my mind. Were you still able to see clearly?
-Yes, my sight was okay. But I had no idea what I was doing.
My eyes saw it, but my head was clueless. I wouldn’t do this often. It lasts very
briefly, and it gives you a headache. It makes you feel tired.
-And it’s not good for you either. No, it’s not good for you either.
It was fun to try… but this was enough.
-Yes. This was this week’s Drugslab.
If you’re curious about a drug… let us know below
or check the channel… because we may already have tested
the drug you’re interested in. Also check our other video, with the
do’s and don’ts of using laughing gas. And then you can all try it. Bye. It’s the day after and I’d expected
to have a bit of a headache… because after the balloons yesterday
I had a headache all day. But I’m fine, not even my airways bother
me, so I’m going to start my day as usual.

100 thoughts on “Rens & Bastiaan fly high on nitrous oxide (N20) | Drugslab”

  1. How is it that Holland (or whichever country this show is made in) is so cool with legal/open drug use as a country? In almost every other developed nation/country there is no way to prevent all of the horrible downsides that occur in a given society due to drug usage (legal or not). it's not the "responsible, I'm not harming anyone" drug users, but mostly the idiot drug users and addicts that eventually cause the law to get involved for other people's safety in a given community. How is it that Holland (and basically Holland alone) has somehow figured out a way to simply legalize almost all drug sale and usage, yet somehow not have to deal with the inevitable problems that always arise from drug use in almost every other country (legal or not). People killing people by driving while drunk/high, addicts willing to rob/steal/kill for more of the drug, gangs/clicks of people fighting over the profits from the sale of drugs, etc. etc. Does Holland just accept that there will always be drug usage, and therefore figures just legalize it so there are less inmates? What is the crime rate like in Holland, and how is this system working for the country? I'm really curious because being from the US, we're just used to everything being illegal lol.

  2. to most economic and purest way to do n2o baloon is

    1st you exhale all the air from your lungs till you choke and squeez your chest inward, then you bring forward the balloon to your mouth and suck on that puppy inhaling as much as you can filling 95% of your lungs with only n2o

    2nd you dont do any of that breathing out breathing in garbage bullshit idiocity, because then you mix the co2 with the n2o i the balloon, and why would you do any breathing in out if 95% of your lungs are already filled to full capacity with n2o ?
    every breath you do after the 1st inhale, you just dilute n2o /:

    now hold it in for 30 seconds ! bitches ! (with a stopwatch)

    for beginners you can start by holding for 10 seconds and inhaling half of your lungs capacity, test the waters, if you want it hard inhale fully and hold for 20 seconds.

    some chicken shits will mask that they are actually exhaling after 5 seconds or even 2 seconds, because they are pussies, so dont waste on those guys n2o, very easy to see when some 1 is wasting good n2o by observing their chest cave in or putting a smartphoneglass under nostrils and check for vapor, some people are so stupid they dont even know how to hold breath, so gotta teach them.

    if you want some 1 not to cheat, you have to close their mouth with your hand and pinch their nose for the guys playing themselves tough but are actually cowardly bitches.

    take a break 5-10 minutes between inhales, otherwise you'll need more every time and will feel less but the damage will accumulate faster like with anything oral. (do not abuse like many do n2o)

    if you'll start slow and low, you might miss out on the visuals, because the 1st time is the richest if done to full capacity.

    n2o enhances your emotional receiver of the surrounding people, it distorts hearing of sound in a way, you dont always understand the words people say, but you understand the emotion behind their words and voice tone and spot in a second who's been negative or positive.

    very interesting affect 😀

    1 prominent danger, because the high is so fun, you might forget to exhale after 30 seconds or more because the urge to breath becomes so small you feel like you can hold it forever and its not of a concern anymore, but then you pass out, so start breathing on time and find your balance .


    This is what No2 would sound like if it was music.. the song is literally called No2 by an American band phish

    And it’s absolutely accurate because I’ve done it plenty.. starts at about 1:00 minute mark

  4. I tried N20 on mollly and it was by far the most messed up ive been for 30 seconds. NEVER DO IT ALONE you can pass out with the balloon in your mouth

  5. The noise you hear is called the womps. Not all people hear the same vibrationed sound. I called it the frequency of your heartbeat 😂

  6. I tried these for the first time yesterday and Jesus Christ they’re weird but, so fun lmao. Managed to do 30 in one night which is probably a polite amount compared to some of you sesh gremlins haha.

  7. Would you try 3-Me0-PCP? It is a novel analogue of PCP. I was dozed heavily with it once and would be interested to see how you handle the effects..

  8. It just feels really good! And music (sound) gets kinda pleasantly weird sounding. I love the stuff. You don’t have to rebreathe it, by the way. I’ve done enough experiments to know. Take your B12, lay down, headphones, take off. No headaches for me. Only slight nausea if I do like 25 in a single session (over several minutes).

  9. Just breathe out, take it in, keep it until it works and breathe out. The whole hyperventilating into a balloon things adds nothing but oxygen deprivation lmao

  10. "chronic use can be harmful because it blocks the effect of vitamin b12".
    what is chronic use in this case? since few weeks i'm using it daily

  11. Fucking children trying to teach drugs .. Lol gtfo with your bullshit . You are not about that life milk boy

  12. Why would breathing back into the balloon prevent you from having oxygen deprivation? You know that you breathe out CO2, right?

  13. Eerste keer toen ik dat deed wist ik biet hoe het werkte en deed ik gewoon alles in 1 keer in ademen en viel ik flauw hahahaha. Ik was middin in een jongerenclub was bomvol en toen stond ik weer op en dacht ik wtf.

  14. If you smoke half a joint before inhaling the effect get way more intense and last longer (2-3 minutes). I got an ego death from it.

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