Reporter calls out Trump to his face for lying at G7 summit

Reporter calls out Trump to his face for lying at G7 summit

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Why do you think it’s appropriate to invite
Russia to the G7 given that they meddled in the 2016 election? And are you worried that if Russia does come
to the G7 it might hurt you politically because it’s only going to be a couple months before
the 2020 election? I don’t care politically, I really don’t. A lot of people don’t understand this. I ran one election and I won– happened to
be for President. I don’t care politically. I’m going to run another election, I think
I’m winning based on polls that we see. Whether I win or not, I have to do the right
thing. So I don’t do things for political reasons. Really it was President Obama– I’m not blaming
him but a lot of bad things happened with President Putin and President Obama. One of the things that happened was, as you
know, what happened with a very big area, a very big and important area in the Middle
East where the red line was drawn and then President Obama decided that he was not going
to do anything about it. You can’t draw red lines in the sand, you
just can’t do it. And the other was in the Ukraine having to
do with a certain section of the Ukraine, you know very well where it was sort of taken
away from President Obama; not taken away from President Trump but taken away from President
Obama. President Obama was not happy that this happened
because it was embarrassing to him, right? It was very embarrassing to him and he wanted
Russia out of what was called the G8. And that was his determination, he was outsmarted
by Putin. He was outsmarted, President Putin out smarted
President Obama, wait wait– I’m only thinking about the world and I’m only thinking about
this country in terms of the G7, whether it’s G7, G8. I think it would be better to have Russia
inside the tent than outside the tent. Do we live either way, yes we live either
way. Is it politically popular for me to say that? Possibly not. I think a lot of people would agree with me,
frankly but possibly not. I don nothing for politics and I know a lot
of you are going to smile at that, I do nothing for politics. I do what’s right and people like what I do
and but I just do what’s right. And I say how does that work? And why did you make that misleading statement
about Russia outsmarted President Obama– He did–
When other countries said that the reason why Russia was kicked out very clearly because
the annexed Crimea. What keep repeating what some people would
see as a clear lie? Well it was annexed during President Obama–
I know you like President Obama, but it was annexed during President Obama’s term. If it was annexed during my term I’d say,
sorry folks I made a mistake or sorry folks. President Obama was helping Ukraine—Crimea
was annexed during his term. President Obama was pure and simply outsmarted. They took Crimea during his term, that was
not a good thing. It could have been stopped, it could have
been stopped with the right whatever, it could have been stopped but President Obama was
unable to stop it and it’s too bad. This is Trump apparently making the “moral”
argument for Russia joining the G7, that this isn’t a political decision, it’s simply
the right thing to do. And, to be clear, what we’re talking about
here is readmitting the country that illegally invaded and then annexed Crimea before launching
a full-scale cyberattack on our own elections. So, clearly, rewarding Russia is the… right
thing to do. But what his response to the NPR reporter
in the clip shows is that Trump truly believes that Obama is to blame for Russia’s annexation
of Crimea. And sees no irony whatsoever in the fact that
Obama took action AGAINST Russia, imposing sanctions, expelling 35 diplomats from the
US and closing two Russian diplomatic compounds in Maryland, agreeing to kick Russia out of
the then-G8, and even himself warning Putin against meddling… all while Trump’s national
security adviser Mike Flynn discussed LIFTING sanctions on Russia, while Trump moved to
RETURN the compounds to the Russians, while Trump advocated for Russia’s READMISSION
to the G7, while Trump sided with Putin OVER our own intelligence agencies regarding Russian
meddling. The hypocrisy is just incredible, that Trump
thinks the fact that Putin committing illegal acts during Obama’s tenure puts Obama fully
at fault, while completely ignoring the fact that Trump removed any and all punishment
for what happened. Did anyone BLAME FDR for World War 2? Of course not. But had FDR’s successor gone in and sided
with Hitler over our own intel community and pardoned the Nazis guilty of war crimes…
see where I’m going with this? Trump might think that this backwards, elementary
school logic makes sense, but literally no one thought Putin was looking to “outsmart”
Obama by annexing Crimea. They do, however, think that Putin outsmarted
Trump by convincing him to do their bidding on a daily basis. And look, Trump projecting his own shortcomings
onto others is nothing new. After Trump leveled a racist attack on four
nonwhite congresswomen, he then tweeted that the Squad are the real racists. After the intelligence community found that
Russia helped Republicans win, Trump claimed that they were trying to help the DEMOCRATS
win. After he led the attack against Obamacare,
Trump claimed that DEMOCRATS are trying to take away coverage for pre-existing conditions. If you want to know something that Trump is
guilty of, just look out for him blaming someone else, because 10 times out of 10, it’s just
a really, really obvious defense mechanism. And here’s a pro-tip: just because it works
on Eric doesn’t mean it’s gonna work on the rest of us. By the way, Trump might claim that he does
nothing for politics, but his entire tenure as president has been solely fueled by politics. He’s been holding campaign rallies since
December of 2016, before he even took office. Post inauguration, he started holding rallies
in February, 2017, not even a month into his term. He hasn’t stopped campaigning for a day. He pandered to farmers with 2 payments totaling
$28 billion to compensate for his trade war with China, despite supposedly being against
socialism. He’s pandered to evangelicals about the
Bible, despite being frighteningly clueless about it— You mentioned the Bible, how it’s your favorite
book and you said, I think, last night in Iowa people are surprised that you say that. I’m wondering what one or two of your favorite
Bible verses are and why? Well, I wouldn’t want to get into it because
to me that’s very personal. You know when I talk about the Bible it’s
very personal. So I don’t want to get into verses, I don’t
want to no– There’s no one verse that means a lot to you
that you can recite? The Bible means a lot to me but I don’t want
to get into specifics. Even to cite a verse that you like? No, I don’t want to get into it. Are you an old testament guy or a new testament? Probably equal, I think it’s incredible, the
whole Bible is incredible. I joke, they always hold up The Art of The
Deal and I say, my second favorite book of all time. But I just think the Bible is something very
special. The list goes on and on. Trump might claim that he doesn’t do what’s
politically convenient, but we’ve never had a more politically motivated president
in modern history. The guy couldn’t even manage not to praise
neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, so let’s not pretend that Trump’s done one single thing
that would turn even one person in his base against him as if he’s exhibited some moral
authority or courage. The fact is that there’s no moral argument
for Russia to be readmitted into the G7, and Trump can point at Obama until his fingers
fall off, but that isn’t going to change the fact that it’s him, and not his predecessor,
who kowtows to the Kremlin’s every wish. Because the only one who’s being outsmarted
by Putin is the sole G7 member doing Russia’s bidding on an international stage.

100 thoughts on “Reporter calls out Trump to his face for lying at G7 summit”

  1. The Bible is very personal my favorite book ????? Liar Liar hair on fire !!!!!! This dude had me laughing I call it the Trump comedy club .

  2. cannot understand that nobody beat that man out of office. he isnt normal…something is extreamly wrong with him

  3. Maybe if he wasn’t so worried about Putin! He might actually got something accomplished although I high doubt it.
    He realized he was the dumbest person in the room!

  4. Why is everything Obama’s fault? Everything. He might as well have Putin’s knob in his mouth. No………likes….you.

  5. That orange man really doesn't know what's happening in Ukraine, isn't it?
    I'd recommend he watch "Dispatches from Ukraine" by Vice News, or you know, LISTEN TO HIS OWN INTELLIGENCE SERVICES

  6. he is so under putins thumb… anyone can read this muppet like a book.. clearly putin has a pee pee tape or equivalent on him…

  7. “A big area in the Middle East with a red line” Syria? “A certain section in Ukraine” Crimea? Does he not remember these things!?!?

    Regarding Crimea, “It could have been stopped by whatever” Yeah sounds like he could have prevented it 🤣 What a tool.

  8. We are all done with hearing the brainless dumb moron ramble on about politics, he’s totally clueless, out of his death and bumbles his way through .. saying nothing he’s no fucking idea about anything but selling condos and grabbing pussy… NEXT !

  9. why does he keep referring to Obama? out of ALL the other presidents the only one comes out his mouth is obama.. damn! get off the mans dick.. hes not the president.. YOU ARE! SO DAMMIT DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN SLANG DIRT AND LIES..

  10. You're sinking in the polls, nitwit, you won because of Russian interference, and you better give a damn about your political incompetence because it'll sink you. Hope hope!

  11. Why do reporters let him carry on? When he gets into these rants, it's him making his points to his people… they need to ask the questions and then cut him short. If all the reporters came together ONLY on their terms, Trump would play. But reporters act like they need the sound-bite scraps Trump throws them. Trump has turned the presidency into an official position that more and more of us are DISRESPECTING rather than respecting.

  12. Its TRUE! and the election interferance is miniscule compared to what u.s. does all the time in other countries elections!!! Grasping at straws as usual!

  13. They should have a follow up to the G7 Summit a week later and call it the C Major Summit. Maybe that will resolve everything.

  14. Remember when in The Netherlands the new ambassador, Pete Hoekstra, got bombarded by Dutch journalists over statements he made in the past. The journalists didn't accept his denial and pushed him on it. THAT is how journalism should work! Confront the one who spreads the lies and denounce him on the spot with facts, in front of his face! In the end there will be only one winner and that is true facts that anyone can see.

    American journalists, grow some fucking balls.

  15. The Russia collusion thing – total fake news and a conspiracy theory! Get real! Trump will win in 2020. Take it to the bank and enjoy the next 5 years.

  16. It is just exasperating to talk to an old man with a 5-year old brain!🤯 Whew!!! Obama…Obama…Obama…STOP ALREADY, YOU ARE NOW THE PRESIDENT!!! Deal with it or suck it up, nincompoop!!!🙄

  17. Can't believe I'm writing this, however, I have to agree with DT about allowing Russia to return to the G-8. So Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, big deal. It wasn't the business of the US or the EU. It was between Russia and Ukraine. Mind your own business and stay out of the affairs of others. Under the old USSR, Ukraine and every other satellite was in the Union. Even the US Middle East associate, Israel, have annexed most of Palestine, leaving the Palestinians on a 'reservation' called the West Bank. None of the G-7 says anything about that situation. The US doesn't have the right to accuse or condemn any nation. The US invades Iraq and Afghanistan, kills thousands of its citizens just to steal what they have. The US tries to destabilize Syria, turn Libya into a failed state, try to provoke Iran, and affect a regime change in Venezuela against the elected President. All because each of these nations have resources they want and have rejected the dollar. Comparatively, Russia's actions would be a minor violation. Like DT said, 'It's better to have them inside the tent, than outside'.

  18. Who gets up there and rips a former president to shreds while siding w Putin?!?!? He also referred to himself in the third person! Wth?

  19. TeeNeeWeenee Trump gotta be worried that Putin is losing his patience and is just going to release the Cadet Spanky with Love tapes.

  20. Press: “Why would u legitimize a country who committed a number of atrocities?”
    Trump: “It was President Obama’s fault they did that stuff so they are completely innocent for doing those things…”
    All of us: 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  21. Lol a moron that wears a suit to upload a video for LibRats ..haha

    Y'all are pathetic

    Trumps Name will be in the WH for the next 20 years …maybe y'all will leave soon ….

  22. The slippery dope should have had his ass kicked years ago. And I hate the fact that he's got his anal sphincter where his mouth should be. Just saying.

  23. The basis of the "reporter's" question is incorrect. It's already been proven that Russia had nothing to do in the previous election. Hillary Clinton and Barry Soetoro did sell our uranium reserves (Uranium One company) to Russia. This is a crime called treason. This will eventually be proven, though neither one of them will see jail time.

  24. Trump sees Obama in all of his dreams and nightmares which made him the laughable stock of this news conference

  25. What the f*** is wrong with it damn thing about Obama. Just got to be the most stupid as motherfuker alive he just embarrasses all the damn time period. We will never be able to repair my reputation as the United States of America a evil stupid orange Pennywise f**** clown as the leader

  26. He is right he does nothing for politics…or his country…or the environment…or immigrants…or women…or men…or farmers…or military…or ANYONE ELSE BUT HIMSELF.

  27. Have you ever noticed, that every time POTUS slams somebody, he's mirroring exactly the same thing about himself?
    As far as lying, when you've lied all your life, I don't think you really know it's lying, but factual. (In his mind)

  28. He didn't become President on his first attempt. Maybe he's forgotten about it. Maybe he's lying about it. Maybe this didn't happen in the version of reality that only exists in his head. Most likely all of those things are the case. It's Trump after all.

  29. The biblical questions is laughable its personal cause he violated some of the 10 commandments. It's not personal to ask what is your favorite verse since he started out in public it's his book to read. I don't even think the Pope would would be offended by this question and he would tell you why. I sick of him next he'll blame God for one of his mistakes oops he can't make a mistake cause he's the chosen one the second coming of God. This man needs a straight jacket.

  30. he blames others like a little boy. Blame my sister. And his storytelling, my goodness what fabrications does he have in his mind, just like listening to his own sick voice, the poor thing.

  31. You know, the funny thing is….IF Trump was a smarter, more respectful, God fearing, polite, non-bigoted, non-sexist, non-xenophobic blowhard, he could EASILY be re-elected. There would be ABSOLUTELY NO reason he wouldn't be able to get a national approval rating of at least 66% (2/3).

  32. U now I wouldn't vote for ethier one of them there all Laura and out for money noone in the white house give a shit able the family who fight for there children and families to stay together like the USA is going into a war yet a again there no way u can walk out of this

  33. Just disgusting. A US president on foreign soil berating a previous president. And why is it foreign reporters are always calling out trumps blatant lies immediately to his face while American reporters just wait till after he’s done to fact check him?

  34. Trump is correct on this issue. It’s not hypocritical. It was under Obama administration that Clinton was able to profit from handing over 20% of USA Uranium to Russians. It was Biden under Obama Administration that Biden’s son profited in Ukraine and China. But no one wants to talk about that. Trump is a straight shooter. He’s a terrible politician. But in my opinion most politicians are despicable.

  35. I have NEVER heard so much crap from a world leader. It doesn't matter if you like him or not.
    Plus this is a world leader? OMG his mannerisms are childish. His intelligence is that of a teenager?

  36. "2016 interview with George Stephanopoulos Trump – "take my word for it Putin is not going into the Ukraine" – GS " He's already there".Fucks sake America!

  37. US and G7 are much better off with Russia joining the G7. There is no upside to excluding Putin.

    BTW Cohen is right wing new cold war propagandist with ZERO respect for the truth.

  38. Bible is his second most favourite book? Ok .. then what is the first most favourite book??
    Mmmm .oh okay..I know .
    It's cheque book…right???😀😀

  39. Trump has made it clear he's an enemy of the state, a traitor and a wuss in politics, but most importantly a mentally incapable man.

  40. Obama was weak president. Everyone knows it, but does not want to admit openly as he/she is afraid to be called Trump supporter. Putin used the right moment to occupy Crimea after he figured out Obama's indecisiveness. I am not a Trump fan, but he is absolutely right in this case.

  41. Young tired of a**** it's been four years almost since President Obama been out of office why the fuk you keep bringing this man's name up he's an idiot

  42. I think I know why he really dislike President Obama because he's a black man in the president see and everybody liked him and you did agree did a great job so we can take that

  43. I’m sorry, but these reporters/Journalists who, yes went to College, and got their Journalism Degree DON’T PUT THIS MAN/TRUMP & OTHERS WHO CLEARLY IS LYING TO THE AMERICANS PEOPLES IN CHECK IN REAL TIME! Future Journalists takes notes PLEASE don’t follow the current Journalists who reports on this man CONSTANT LIES🤬🤬

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