Retin-A Can Prematurely AGE Your Skin!

Retin-A Can Prematurely AGE Your Skin!

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Hey! Christy here from Go See Christy
Beauty Boutique, and today we are talking about how Retin-A works, and how it could
potentially prematurely age your skin. So, Retin-A was originally prescribed to
help people who had Acne. So, what it did was, it helped heal Acne lesions faster
and prevented new Acne from coming to the surface of the skin. So, what it does
is, when you apply it, it speeds up the skin-cell turnover rate. So, with Acne, it
helps lesions heal faster. What they also found out as a side effect of using
Retin-A, of not only addressing Acne lesions, was also treating fine lines and
wrinkles. So, Retin-A, also known as Retinol or Tretinoin, is applied, and
sometimes you can see over the counter. They have very little percentage in the
over-the-counter ones. The ones I’m speaking of are the ones that you find
at the Dermatologist, where they have to prescribe it to you. So, it’s a little bit
of a purer form of it. So, what it does, once again, is it speeds up your skin-cell turnover rate. So, not only does it heal Acne lesions, prevents Acne from
forming, but it also minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. And how it
does that is, because it regenerates, it forces the skin to shed faster, it also
forces the skin to regenerate faster, mimicking younger-looking skin. So,
therefore it minimizes, greatly, the appearance of fine lines and makes the
wrinkles not as deep. Now, the side effect to using it for long periods of time is
it can cause a lot of underlying inflammation, which can make the skin red,
inflamed, dry, itchy, scaly. And so, if you are using Retin-A or you’re thinking of
using Retin-A, the first thing is, I would always use it at night. Never during the
day. Because it is going to make your skin EXTREMELY
photosensitive. The other thing is, is, is that, the best time to use it, if you’re
thinking of using it, is during the Fall or Winter months. Using it, again, only at
night. And the other one is to not use it for an extended period of time.
Just use it in small amounts, because when I have a client come in, and that
client has been using Retin-A on and off for a long period of time, I can usually
tell because they all have the same look. They’ve got a ruddiness, redness, kind of
an inflamed look on their skin. And so, that’s what it can do. So, how does it
prematurely or potentially prematurely age the skin? Well, because you are
constantly thinning out the Stratum Corneum, which is the outer layer of the
skin, with prolonged use, you are more prone to irritation, your skin becomes
more sensitized to the environment and to products causing inflammation. Which
then your body sends the white blood cells, because when your body detects
inflammation anywhere in the body, they if, they think there’s a potential
infection. So, it’s going to send the white blood cells. When you are
constantly sending the white blood cells, eventually what can happen is, from the
inside it’s aging it because you are breaking down the Collagen and Elastin.
From the external side, it’s making your skin thinner, therefore making it more
prone to premature aging from the Sun, dryness of your skin. So, how you want to
treat that is, one, you want to wear a very high SPF. So, I recommend a SPF of
30 to 50. If you’re using something that’s 70, typically that’s “chemical” and
that can irritate the skin. When you’re, when your skin is sensitive or
sensitized, whether it’s because you’re naturally sensitive or due to Retin-A,
then you want to use a “mineral” sunscreen. And the mineral
sunscreen typically will include Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, those
are the ones that stay on top of the skin layer and you don’t absorb it into your
body. The other one is, if you can hydrate your skin as much as possible. Because
along with increasing your skin-cell turnover rate, causing the flaking and
thinning out your skin, your skin starts to lose its ability to hold on to
moisture. Therefore, you can experience T.E.W.L. “Trans-Epidermal Water Loss. Your
skin loses its ability to hold on to and retain the moisture because you’re
shedding skin so quickly. So, that’s another thing that can lead to MORE fine
lines and wrinkles. So, you want to make sure your skin is deeply hydrated at all
times. And you can use things that contain Hyaluronic Acid, hydrating serums,
toners that increase your skin’s ability to retain the moisture as well. If you’d
like to know more about hydrating your skin, whether your skin is naturally dry
or you are using Retin-A and you are noticing that your skin is not able to
hold on to that moisture as well, then check out our next video that is titled
The BEST Moisturizer for Your Skin Type”. So, thanks for watching and I’ll see you
in the next video!

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  1. Does she even have a degree or something. U guys on YouTube should know to not take a advice from random people unless their experts in their field with a lisense. To be honest she is probably just talking bull

  2. It's a very individual thing though. Some people can all of a sudden have a bad reaction and have to quit if they use it constantly and continuously for years, whereas some women can use it for 20 or 30 years or more and they have absolutely gorgeous, flawless looking skin. Like most things, there are many factors that can impact the results of using Retin-A.

  3. Hi I am using tretinoin 0.05% to clear my acne as my doctor has prescribed and I have been using it for a month and a half.. but still my acne is coming n going like crazy n Im not sure if it really is working.
    what is the safe side of continuing or dis- continueing this product.

  4. im a male and used 0.05 retinA and make my skin worse (maby because i have thin skin dont know) in eyes area!! i use now vitaminc+hialuronic acid and is better!! for my old acne scars i use mandelic acid peel and is amazing

  5. Australian gold spf 50 mineral lotion sunscreen is fantastic! Also use, hylauronic acid serum, cerave hydrating cleanser, marixyl synthe 6, coenzyme q10 serum, Niacinamide and olay regenerist and retin a skin looks and feels amazing!

  6. I use retin for 18 years now, my skin isn't red or have any inflammation I don't have any problem at all with retin a, this is the best cream anti-aging, no cosmetics can beat Retin a, I have a advice for you start retin a as young as you can, me i started at 18 my skin is just amazing.

  7. When using Retin-A you start out with .025 and only apply 2 times a week for the first few months then move it up to 3 times a week once the skin has acclimated to finally 4 times a week a few months later. Personally I think 4 times a week should be max. After you have built a very high tolerance of the .025 you can then move up to .05 and start the process over with gradually building up your skin's acclimation to the concentration. Do not apply too much at one time or that can cause skin irritation/peeling/dryness. A pea sized amount is plenty for the entire face. Also, do not ever use during the day, even with a sunscreen applied. Sunscreen effectiveness fades after a few hours and no one will always remember to reapply every few hours. Retin-A is an amazing anti-aging product and one of the very few that actually works. Using the product properly takes a lot of discipline. If used properly and not abused, it will 100% help your skin. If used improperly over a long period of time, you can permanently damage your skin. This lady in the video is scaring people from using the product when the issue is not the product itself, but instead people not using the product with the way it is meant to be used.

    EDIT: Retin-A is best used alone, if you layer it with other skincare products, the risk of irritation can greatly increase! Only a Mild toner before applying and a fragrance free moisturizer should be used with this product.

  8. I have been using it since the 1980's and now my 20 something-year-old granddaughters are asking me for skin tips. Who would have ever thought that.

  9. If ur skin doesn't adjust to retin a ur skin will look aged because it dehydrates ur skin. When u find a way to go easy with retin a ur skin will be flawless. Period.
    I experienced the retin a worse side effects but once I educated myself the proper way that suits my skin, with the use of retin a my skin is flawless radiant and rosy, ur skin need not to peel like snake for retin a to work. Retin a is a good thing overall

  10. She sounds like a mom teaching a child something. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like when someone explains something to you like a baby.

  11. I hv been using retin A for over 5 yrs…so far so good. Obagi works really well but of course not every night usage. I alternate for a week, stop n always use SPF.

  12. Not true. I’ve been using Retin-A for 20 years every night for that length of time. I’m 45 years old and I grew facial hair cuz people think I’m twenty-ish. No redness at all. Just really beautiful supple skin that people on the streets notice and stare at that it gets annoying.

  13. I have been using Retin A for thirty years. The Dermatologist that worked with me said when my skin is red and inflamed, to back off a couple of days. I found that plain old Vaseline soothed my skin. My skin is beautiful and people are always commenting about it. Also…I am 70 years old. My Dermologist said to keep feeding my skin as I can tolerate it. As long as I use a mineral sunscreen, I am good to go. I will never be without my Retin A! And , I use 0.1 % and have for years. Also, he told me that use the Retin A at night and don't put anything else with it because " it will interfere with the system." In the morning, I keep it uber simple because my skin is extremely sensitive.I had a large moonshaped depressed scar from a childhood accident, and it has completly filled in! And, as I said, my skin is not red and blotchy because I ONLY use Retin A at night AND no other products over it! And I use common sense and BACK off. The only areas that may get irritated are my neck and eyelids. I have found that Aloe Vera gel will stop the irritation.And then I keep feeding my skin.Also, I have not lost volume in my lips that women get when they go through menopause and they lose elastin and collagen in their face!

  14. What the hell are you talking about lady? you must be a moron or somthing, Retin A builds collagen and the only way Retin A would ''prematurely age your skin'' is if you did not moisturizer or use sunscreen.

  15. I'm 40, started using retinol a couple years ago and this year began retin-a. not sure if I'm just lucky or not but I never really had any bad irritation. My skin does feel a bit tighter feeling and maybe brighter but other than that I haven't noticed any negative things.

  16. Thanks for the video. I’m not ready to use Retin – A prescription. I just use retinol. Do you recommend using retinol around the eye area at night? I think it’s made my fine lines worse however, I’m hoping it’s only temporary. Any expertise on this subject would be great. Thanks

  17. Retinol-line is NOT the same as retin-A. SPF 30 is NOT a high SPF – you need 50 if you use retin-A. Taking breaks do people no good: then they have to start getting used to retin-A from the beginning again, which could mean potentially having to go through purging again. If they get red skin for a prologen time, they need a lower strength of retin-A or better sun protection, or less irritating other products they use, or they might just not tolerante retin-A.

  18. Hi… What is a long period of time? 6 months? One year? So basically I should use it for three months to six months during the winter?

  19. Loved you video. It made perfect sense to me. I have been using prescription strength rerun a (tretinoin) for a year and a half. I am 56 years old and already had skin that leaned to the dry side. The first year I was seeing great results (slow and steady). However, lately my skin started looking more saggy and wrinkly. I have had flaky skin the whole time more especially around my mouth which, by the way, is the part of my face that seems to look the most saggy and wrinkly. I just started wondering if the retin a is causing too much irritation and dryness so I stopped using it a few days ago and am now in the process of balancing my skin back to normal. I increased my retin a use very slowly but still had flaking all the time.

  20. Thanks for making this video. Unlike the “know-it-all” commenters, I unfortunately experienced thinning, extremely dry skin, and fine-lines using retin-a (daily 0.025%) as prescribed by my dermatologist for acne. Im in my mid-twenties and gained fine lines after using retin-a. After I stopped using it, I stopped getting wrinkles. Premature aging is not in my genes and the wrinkles developed within 2 wks of using it. Unfortunately the damage is now permanent.

  21. my dermatologist told me that retin-a can be used continuously….in my case since I am just turned 30….she advised me to use it twice a week to address some hormonal acne…and wow it really eliminate my acne and preserve the youthness of my skin…. most of people say that I can pass as a college student….

  22. Is it true that Retin-A can cause reduced subcutaneous fat production in the face? I saw a lot of people claiming this online and there have been studies done on rats that seem to substantiate the claim.

  23. So glad I came across this information. I started using RetinA at the end of my thirties, first twice a week – a very small amount – then went to using it once a week but still experienced itchiness, redness and flakiness. I decided that constant inflammation can't be a good thing for my skin and stopped using it to this day. I do use Cacay Oil for the last four years and I am very happy with that. I only use sunscreen when I am outside for longer than one hour. My skin looks healthy and I don't have too many fine lines even though I am 63.

  24. hi christy i am new! can you tell me the difference in retin and retinoid? i ordered something from "the ordinary" with retinoid. eek! hasnt arrived yet

  25. i got really confused watching a wayne goss video stating that retin a doesnt shed dry skin but was using it. could you do a video abut that? he confused me as well as many who commented!!

  26. I understand that you have prior experience working with dermatologist BUT you are not a dermatologist. Providing this info ain't gonna help out. These dermatologists studied the skin not only in the chemical level but also in a cellular level. I bet you don't know what's the gold standard Book of Dermatologists.

  27. This was very helpful. I'm 22 years old and have been trying to find a good anti-aging routine. (I'm pretty early haha.) I was looking into getting into retinol, but running across this video encouraged me not to. Thank you for the tip!

  28. Hello! Just found your channel and subscribed. My question is, I've been dealing with adult acne my whole life and then started getting melasma, so I have two battles now. My melasma stared 6 years ago and has been slowly spreading all over my face. I am very diligent about zinc sunscreen and stay out of the sun most of the time. I use short contact therapy (5 min. on skin & then wash off) of tazorac gel, then on alternate nights use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. My acne is so much better, just the occasional minor clogged pore, but my melasma just keeps spreading. I don't feel tight or dry or irritated or red, but could I be over-inflaming my skin (and not know it) and thus causing melasma to get worse? I'm at a loss of what to do. Oh and I am olive & tan complected with European and Spanish ancestry and I'm very oily, more so when I use acne products.

  29. Ar u professional or skin care expert cuz there at thing in ur talk that do not seem logical as u said retinol and retinoin at the same which is not true retinoin much stronger and works for anti aging but retimol not

  30. To the person who asked about using glycolic acid vs Retin A. Glycolic Acid is not as invasive as Retin A. Glycolic Acid will not cause as much inflammation as much as Retin A can unless you have sensitive skin. You also asked if there were other alternatives, yes, you can also use products that have Malic Acid. However, the results are not as drastic. It also depends on what you are using the product for (i.e. acne, fine lines and wrinkles). I am so sorry . With all the comments it is hard to keep up. When I went to answer your question, and I hit the button, your comment disappeared. When I searched for you, I could NOT find you. I am so sorry. I hope you see this answer.

  31. My mom has been using retin A for like 30 plus years! She is in her 60s and looks no older then 45! People never believe how old she is! Don’t believe everything u read!!

  32. So if I develop wrinkles I’ve never seen before from using this product and if I take a break will my skin go back to normal and cause the new wrinkles to disappear?

  33. I think the title of this is misleading. It’s not Retin A that causes aging, per se, it’s the lack of using sunscreen because of the extra sensitivity associated with Retin A use. (Please correct me if I’m wrong). Also I’m a little fuzzy on the usage instructions: use it at night during the fall & winter. Does that mean don’t use it in the sunnier spring & summer at all? I never heard that before. 🤔🤔

  34. Retin a ruined my skin. I have been using for over a year, built my way up from 0.025 to 0.5. I did all my research, started applying once a week and built up to three times a week. I never applied it around my eyes, around nostrils nor around mouth. Just dabbed pea size amount around face on forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. I did shed a few times, and the dryness did become horrendous. So I even started adding moisturizer over it in the last month. I really persevered! But honestly, since I started using retin a I now have fine lines across my forehead, and even fine lines coming in around my eye area. I look in the mirror and want to cry. Before retin a I was using rosehip oil which transformed my skin, my skin was so healthy and glowing. I seriously wish I never tried retin a. What's your take on glycolic acid peels as an exfoliant treatment? I've gone back to rosehip oil hoping it can some how repair my skin, but would like a blast on my skin every now and then.

  35. please help, just found video, I am on the fence about retins, I am currently using the ordinary 5 in squalene about 3 x week but makes red dots on my face so discontinuing, gonna try obagi next. is it safe? is it even necessary? is cacay oil safer and better? I am 55 with great skin. I just started the ordinary few months ago. Not interested in the prescription kind with all the upkeep and possible danger plus I stay outdoors.

  36. You say it can age your skin prematurely but then i look at Mellisa55 who has been using for over 30 years and in her sixties and wow no offence but she looks a good bit younger than you do plus every dermatologist that I’ve listened to here on utube all agree sunscreen and vitamin A. I would use it if i could get a prescription at least it’s been proven to work unlike retinol over the counter that’s not even regulated and can cost a fortune even though it might not be even active..

  37. Do u think is ok for me to continue Aveeno scrub, neutrogena cleaner an witch hazel water becuz instead of making the acne go away it's getting worse an my pore an getting bigger I live in Guyana an the sun here is very hot.

  38. Excellent video. No one else is sharing this information, yet all of the youtube beauty and skin care gurus are touting retin-A. What if any are the safe alternatives to retin-a? Thank you for this. Please keep these videos coming. We love them. Please also do as many as you can for skin issues more prone for faces over 60 years. THANKS!!

  39. Hello..Ive worked i skincare for 23 ears and am an esthetician so I am in no way a dr ..I am just speaking through my own experiences. First off I love glycolic acid. I think its a wonderful ingredient. 2nd..not only am I nervous about using retin a I cannot afford it either. Ive heard different opinions on retin a..some good some not so good. I dont know exactly all the info and such on retin a but i have done extensive research on it. I do know that some ingredients that will break down the collagen in your skin are certain natural fragrances and can also cause your skin to be more sensitive to the sun. So I have veered away from those products. I agree with you all the others on here that different things work for different people. So just go with what that is and be done with it.

  40. She is so right! Many people have testified that after using retin-a for decades then stop using it, there skin quickly deteriorates, the results are not permanent. Even on YOUTUBE there are dozens of derms that DO NOT recommend retin-a for long term use. Many recommend regular peels for safer and longer lasting results.

  41. I ordered some Retin-A online and it did not make my skin peel. Does that mean it’s not working or it’s bad Retin-A or something?

  42. I've been using tretinoin 0.05 only at night for almost 3 years. Should I stop using it? If yes, what can I use to instead? Thank you!

  43. @Go See Christy this is a great video! I am so tired of so many dermatologist recommending Retin-A the pharmaceutical companies positively try to sell Retin-A and tons of other pharmaceuticals on the market new and old!!! Let's be more open-minded people! even when it comes to a dermatologist you should still research on your own and not believe everything every doctor says. 😊

  44. I'm studying under Dr. Lance Setterfield and learning about the different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid. According to studies, Low weight HA, although plumps the skin, causes an inflammatory response at a cellular level, thus potentially causing premature aging. Do you concur?

  45. I think your wording kind of initially gives the impression that you are saying Retin A itself causes premature aging. My understanding is that you mean that the use of Retin A makes your sking more vulnerable to UV damage if you do not wear sunscreen. But Retin A itself will never prematurely age your skin. It does initially thin the upper layer of skin, but over time it actually thickens the underliying layers.

  46. In my case… I have been using reten a everyday for almost 2months. I did not get any inflammation, flakes etcetera. Is it still working?

  47. Christy do you have a direct store and I could buy a plan from you?
    I have terrible forehead and 11 lines. Skin tone pretty even. Winter very dry skin but now pretty good. I bought joba. Serum. Retin-a, tomato seed, tamanu oil, hyaluronic acid, buckthorn oil as you have recommended and I have really liked it.
    I don’t do well with sulpha, or pore minimizing products( I break out).
    I desperately need help with wrinkles.
    I also have a high frequency ion machine that works better then anything else I have found.

  48. Then what abt the AHAs and BHAs.. they literally remove the top layer..ppl r raving abt them too.. do they help to prevent aging or aggravate the process?

  49. All those rude comments are from people who do not want to hear other people's opinion. Please watch full video. She is right. If you do not protect your skin..your skill will age using tretinoin.

  50. The information being presented here is wrong. Tretinoin hasn’t been shown to make you more photosensitive.

    There is no such as a ‘purer’ form of it either. It’s either tretinoin or it isn’t. The over the counter ones are not tretinoin. They are simply another form of vitamin A. Please stop spreading misinformation or at least put a disclaimer on the video saying you aren’t a medical professional.

  51. @goseechristy so if I use retinol not from prescription, just from the counter, can I use it every year for example every fall and winter? Or just every year in one season like just fall ?

  52. People are so rude and defensive in the comments. She never said retin a was evil and WILL age you. She said it CAN age you without proper use and precaution and she is giving tips they maybe helpful to SOME. Retin a ruined my skin when my derm gave me a bunch of samples with no instruction and it took using retin a less often and lesser strength to fix the damage.

  53. How long would you say it takes for permanent damage to occur from the inflammation process some might experience from retinoids?

  54. I have a friend who is a pharmacist and she also told me that excessive use of Retin A can destroy the skin. She has seen cases of people having very creepy skin later on in time. She knows them and me and she knows that we all use and have used sunscreen year-round so that would not be a problem. She could also give me any form of Retin A as in my country we don't have restrictions on that and you can get if at a very low price from the drugstore. I have bought the Neostrata retinol cream but I will start using it in winter to be safe, but I wouldn't use any form of Retin A all year round. Maybe I am too scared to use it but I prefer to be safe than sorry.

  55. i wanted to use this cream but after seeing this video iam hesitant to use this cream
    whats the use of cream if it thins stratum corneum and i cant go out in sun without sunscreen

  56. Suppose I am allergic to nuts and don’t make the effort to read the ingredients list and then eat two tubs of peanut butter. Will I blame the product or myself for being stupid? Retin A is almost perfect for skin renewal, what people lack is the basic ability to inform themselves before using it.

  57. Sunday Riley A+ gave me visible pores and fine lines connecting the pores and I look like I aged overnight! Christy, what can I do to fix this? I have dry skin and no acne issues.

  58. I read a study stating that glycolic acid peels are as effective as retin A. What are your thoughys on glycolic peels?

  59. So for anti-aging effects are you suggesting using it a few times ? I can’t see how anything other than prolonged use would be benificial

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