RETURNING HOME to SHARER FAMILY HOUSE!! (Mom Spotted Twin Pond Monster in Backyard)


– One day on–
(screaming) – [Stephen] What mom? What?
(gasping) – We’re home!
– Made it! – We made it back from the beach. What is going on Sharers,
welcome to the vlog. Welcome back to another super epic day. So if you didn’t already
see, in our last vlog, Grace, John and I, we
all were at the beach. We finished everything up, we figured out where the pond monsters were living, where they were born, where
they’ve been hiding out. We trapped ’em with a
nylon, teflon net thing and now we’re coming back
home to visit everyone at the Sharer family house. My mom, baby Otter and Cooper and we’re gonna have to check in with mom to see what’s been going on
with the pond monster here. – Yeah, ’cause a lot of
you Sharers were commenting down below on my channels
that you saw the pond monster follow me to the beach, but we don’t know if there’s still more here
or if it came back with us. We don’t really know what
happened to that one. – Well, I don’t think the
pond monster came back because I looked all throughout the truck and we didn’t see anything
so we should be good. Oh there’s baby Otter and Cooper. We’re home!
(barking) – Hi babies!
– Hi! – Hi Cooper!
– Hi Cooper, hi Otter! – Oh it’s Cooper!
– Did you miss us? Yeah. You missed us! Hi baby Otter.
– Hi Cooper! – Yeah!
– They’re friends! They’re best friends ever.
– Yeah. John, Otter’s saying hi to you. – Hey Otter.
– What’s going on? – Cooper’s saying hi.
– High five, Cooper. – Hi five.
– Oh yeah. Have you seen mom? She outside working somewhere? Yeah?
– Looks like Cooper knows. She said back there.
– Mom? Is she behind the dumpster? Mom? – [John] Sounds like she’s around back. – Where is she? Is she back here? Mom? Are you home?
– No. – [Grace] I hear someone. – Mom? – [John] Looks like Cooper
knows where she is.. – [Stephen] Otter, what’re you looking at? What’re you looking at?
Where is she? – [John] Oh, looks like
Cooper’s all the way down there. – [Stephen] Cooper! Where’s mom? Where is she? Oh wow, they’ve really come
a long way on the bunker, check it out.
– Oh yeah. – It looks good. That bunker looks good, doesn’t it, John? – Yeah, looks like it’s almost done. – Oh yeah. Otter, come on. Come on. Otter, what d’you see? – [Grace] He’s looking up at that tree. – [Stephen] Otter, what is it? Hey, Otter, come on (whistling), come on. – What do you see?
– What? (dog whining)
Come on! Let’s go find mom, she’s
outside working somewhere. What is it, Otter?
(helicopter roaring) – It’s a helicopter.
– Oh, big helicopter. Is that what you’re looking at, Otter? – I think so.
– Yeah. It’s just a helicopter. All right, come on. Let’s go find mom. Mom! I don’t know, mom? Cooper, where’s mom?
– Where’d she go? – Where is she? Huh? Oh hey, mom.
– Oh, hey, hey! You’re back from the beach! Woo! Hug, hug, hug but I’m all dirty! – Ah, you’re a little dirty.
– Yeah! – What’re you doing back here? – Well, I’ve been trying to get the weeds away from the foundation, ’cause they have to paint back in here. It’s a mess. I don’t know if it’s true or not but I’ve been working out here quite a bit and there’s been some
action down at the pond. I didn’t call you ’cause
I know you’re away and I’m not 100% sure
but I think it’s time to start re-investigating the pond. – Well the good news is,
at the beach we learned a lot from the lifeguards
about the history of the pond monsters and
what kind of animal they are. – [Grace] And I read that book there, which had a lot of
facts about the monster. – Yeah, did you know that monsters are actually horseshoe crabs? – Horseshoe crabs? Have you ever seen a
horseshoe crab in fresh water? – No.
– No. That’s why it’s kinda
weird that the pond monster would be in the pond.
– Yeah. How did he even get down there? – I don’t know.
– I mean, if you think about it, between
the ocean and fresh water, there’s a mix of salt water
and fresh water and then– – [Stephen] I know but
there’s no stream here. Wait, what are those white
flags all around the pond? What is that?
– Oh, no, no, no. Don’t worry, that’s not
for the pond monster, that’s for Cooper.
– Oh, a fence for him. – He has to learn to stay in the yard. And I don’t want him jumping in the pond. Especially with the pond monster, so we’re keeping him safe. I don’t know what you’re gonna do, but I saw stuff, not just in one area. Kinda all over and I was a little worried that I saw stuff up in here.
– Wait, where up here? – Kinda like, see it’s getting very weedy and I don’t know… Oh my God!
– What? (screaming)
What is that? What is that? (screaming)
– Is there a snake? – [Stephen] Ah mom, ew, was that a snake? (screaming)
– What is it? – Oh my gosh, it’s not a snake. It’s not a snake, I don’t know. It’s a rope.
– Mom! – I’ve been on such high alert, every time I see something
I’m kinda nervous and I look! And every time I hear something, I look and I just saw something black. – That must have been from
the construction workers, they must have threw it
in there by accident. – It’s caught in here.
– Oh what is that? – Wait, wait!
– Maybe it leads to something. – I don’t know.
– What is it? – What?
– Oh my gosh, it’s so long! – Where does it go to? What? That makes no sense. What does that go to?
– I have no idea. But I heard stuff in this area. Oh my gosh.
– What? – Maybe the pond monster
was trying to trap me? (gasping) – You think it could do that?
– No. I don’t know. I don’t know. We need to get to the bottom of this. – Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. Where else did you see? Is this where you saw evidence of the pond monster or where else? – Not really, I saw this kind of stuff. Like going through there.
– Movement. – Oh movement.
– And every time I saw that we would just go in and
then I’d look out the window and really didn’t see anything. – Wait, so I don’t get it, what is this wood thing
that you’re putting up? – Well I started making a
trap and I was gonna try to put like weeds and
maybe some coy food or… – Oh to kinda bait it?
– Yeah, I don’t know– – [Stephen] Oh so it’s a
trap for the pond monster? – Yeah, I was thinking
about making a triangle, covering it with camouflage
and putting inside a bunch of stuff and then making a net, when you see it, pull it up. – Has the pond monster gotten any, have you seen any signs
of the pond monster closer to the house though? – When I was thinking if it was here, it could be coming here.
– Okay. – Up through the fence
if it’s trying to hide. You gotta think of how it would move. Where it would be able to
come close enough to the house where we wouldn’t see it, and
I’m thinking really the fence. – Oh, there’s that gap right there. – [Grace] Oh, there’s holes in the fence. – Oh there’s, wait, hold on.
– There’s a hole in the fence. – [John] Maybe it could get through there. – Wait, what’s with the holes, mom? Hold on, this isn’t good. What is this?
– It looks like it was scratched right here.
– Wait a second. Wait, what? Is this made of teflon? – Yeah, we found that out
from the animal control guy. – That’s weird?
– Oh my gosh. You know, I have a thought.
– What? – If the pond monster is super smart, he may have dug holes or scratched
holes or bit through this to make peep holes because from here, you can see me working
in the yard and at… – Oh, you’re right.
(banging) What was that?
– Probably just the wind. I don’t know.
– Oh gosh. Every time I hear
something I get so nervous. – Wait, Cooper seems nervous. What’s wrong baby?
(dog whining) – What’s wrong?
– But this is a good location. And then I’ve been up here.
(banging) – [Stephen] What is that noise? – [John] I think it’s this
flapping in the wind, look. – Is it windy out?
– It’s not even windy out. – I don’t feel anything.
– Oh the trees aren’t even, I don’t know.
– That’s weird. – I am just so glad you
guys are home because I didn’t wanna bother you but I’ve been a little bit nervous. – So when’s the last time
you saw any kind of movement from a potential pond monster?
– Yesterday. Yesterday?
– Yesterday. – Wait, so Grace, that
means whatever followed you to the beach wasn’t the same animal. – You’re right, that
means there’s another one. – But like I said, every
time I see something flash by my eye, and then it
disappears, or makes noise, I’m getting a little nervous.
– Yeah, I would too. – Oh and definitely splashing. Big splashing. Not the coy. I go down there, feed the
coy, they come up and eat. Later that day, I’m looking
out the window no coy– (banging)
– Cooper what’re you doing? – What’s that noise?
– He’s moving the fence. – Cooper!
– Cooper don’t scare me! And then I look out the window,
no coys, food’s all gone but there’s big splashing. – The monster likes coy food so maybe, after you fed the coy, did
you then see the splashing? Or did you see it before? – You know, the coy
don’t eat all the food. There’s always some that
floats and actually, now that I think about
it, the coy were eating and then they all disappeared
at once which is not normal because they usually kinda eat, and when they’re full they leave, but they don’t all leave at the one time. So I’m wondering if that pond
monster scares them away. And then takes their food. – So the invisible fence
that we got for the dogs is actually tricking the dogs
to not see the pond monster ’cause the pond monster just goes across the border right there, could head up into the
woods and go that way. – Oh no, they could still
see the pond monster. They just can’t get to it.
– Yeah. – So we need to each Cooper
and Otter a special bark that says, “Pond monster.”
– That makes sense. – Where’s the fence end? Right in the woods there?
– Yeah. Right in the woods and he can get around where the wood pile is, which again, could be a great hiding place. – So why don’t we go check this spot out. Oh look, the fence is ripped.
(screaming) What? What?
– I just saw that log move. I’m not kidding, that’s
the kind of stuff– (screaming) That’s the kinda stuff I’ve been seeing! – I don’t see anything.
– I’m getting outta here! No, no, no, no, no, no!
– What? It looks fine.
– No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m serious, Stephen. Hold on. When I’m outside working,
there should be no stuff like that going on and I’m telling you, it does it all the time, it’s so smart and it tricks me and it makes moves– – Wait, does what all the time? – Like noises, things moving, flashes. – Wait, look a second, look,
this net is broken right here. – What’s going on?
– Straight torn marks. That’s weird.
– Huh. – Stephen, I’m only staying
close but I’m gonna be behind. – Okay.
– Like 10 feet behind. – Okay, I’m gonna go check it out then. – Wait, look at that.
– Yeah, let’s go take a look. – What? – That tree over there, it
looks like it got ripped out. – Oh you’re right.
– Yeah, there’s a huge hole. – [Stephen] Wait, invisible fence goes all the way down there. Where does the whole fence go? – The pond monster will not be affected by the electric fence, there’s no way. He can sneak, the dogs can’t,
but he can sneak in and out any place he wants.
– Okay. – Hey Stephen?
– What? – Also, another amazing
hiding place, which I think. Where that tree fell
over, there’s a huge hole. Huge!
– Okay, let’s go check it out. – You think it’s the house of the monster? – [Stephen] You think it’s the nest where they’ve been hiding?
– I don’t know. – Wait, anyone else hear something? Like a deer?
– No. Do you?
– Cooper! – What? What mom? What?
(banging) – [Stephen] I don’t
understand why that’s falling. – There’s nothing over there. – It seems pretty unstable.
– Stephen! – What?
– It’s not normal. – It might just be unstable, look. – No, it can’t be!
– They fall really easily. – I think it’s just windy.
– It’s just unstable. Mom, it’s fine. – I wouldn’t worry that much about it. – Ah, John, don’t knock all
that over, put that back. – All right.
– All right. I think John was just messing with us. – John, are you messing with us? – No, I promise, it wasn’t me.
– Come on, John. – It definitely was.
– You’re scaring me. – No, I would never do that.
– John. – [Grace] You’re a pranker. – Look, I’m cleaning it up now. – Okay.
– Comment down below if you saw John move those.
– I didn’t, I promise! – John!
– I don’t know. I don’t believe you. All right, at least I feel better. – All right, let’s go check out this tree. We need to get some more evidence. But seriously John, no more goofing off. If you actually see something,
be real about it, okay? – Don’t worry, I’ll yell.
– No more pranking. – All right, let’s go see what this is. Oh, there’s a big hole in this tree thing! – Oh that looks exactly like a nest. – Yeah, it probably got made into a nest. Oh my goodness! Whoa! That is a deep hole! – Yeah, it’s big enough
where I would live there. – [Stephen] That is a
deep hole, oh my goodness. – [Grace] I feel like a
monster like ripped this open. – [Stephen] Wait, look at that. What is that at the very bottom? – [Grace] That looks like an egg. – That actually looks like a legit egg. – [John] Maybe that’s the
thing that comes out of– – The dogs used to come
all the way to here so I stopped ’em because I was afraid they’d get in the hole,
which they were trying to. They would be at the top of that hole, which is how I found it. We had to put that fence
here to keep ’em out. – [Stephen] Well, yeah, good thing, wait, we gotta get that egg thing at the bottom. – I don’t know how to get it. I don’t wanna go in there. – [Stephen] You don’t wanna go down there? – No.
– Do you have your iPhone? – Flashlight’s on, I don’t
think it’s doing anything. – Oh, it is?
– It’s got like an egg with a tail on it, do you see that? – I think that’s the tail
that comes out of its head once it grows up.
– Oh yeah, the spike thing. – Right, exactly. – Hold on, I’m gonna try
to get a stick and poke it. – [Grace] We don’t wanna hurt it though. – Let me try to get this.
– Don’t make it angry. – Watch out, here we go.
– Whoa, okay. – Stephen be careful, we don’t know if the pond monster’s nice. Maybe there are very
few left in the world. – [Grace] Yeah, we have to be careful. – We really don’t know. – Hold on, ready, I’m gonna touch it. You ready?
– Be careful. Don’t hurt it.
– Three, two, one. – Don’t crack it.
– Oh, it’s soft! – It’s soft? Leave it alone! Leave it alone, it could be its baby. – I don’t wanna touch it ’cause
if it’s an egg to an animal, you don’t wanna hurt the egg. – All animals protect their babies. – I’ll take a picture of it.
– Okay. Save it as evidence.
– We can send it to the lifeguards back at the beach. Ready? Three, two, one.
(flash clicking) All right, got a picture. – Okay.
– I don’t necessarily feel comfortable being between
the monster and it’s house. – No.
– That’s probably true. – I’m just gonna poin that out. – Momma deers do the same thing, all animals in the wild
protect their babies. Especially momma bears.
– You think it’s a bear? – No, it’s a bear.
– It’s not a bear. – Bears don’t grow from eggs, silly. – What is that noise? (screaming)
– Wait a minute! – What?
– I hear snapping of leaves. – I don’t see anything.
– There’s twisting. – It’s probably just deer.
– Wasn’t me this time! – I know it wasn’t John
this time, I saw John. – Hold on.
– Maybe we should move to the back yard.
– Yeah. I don’t feel comfortable here.
– Yeah, okay. Well, I think I’ve had enough. I’m gonna go back to get the
dogs, make sure they’re safe and get back to my work.
– Okay. – You guys do whatever
but don’t bother the egg. It’s so important, we don’t know if it’s an endangered species So, just keep an eye on it.
– Okay. – Okay, bye mom.
– I’ll see you later. – [Grace] Okay, go watch the dogs. – We’ll keep an eye on everything. – Thank you.
– Okay, so. We don’t wanna disrupt the egg. – [Grace] Yeah, we should just watch it. – No what is, Stephen, what is that thing? – John what?
(talking over one another) – We gotta run.
– What, what, what? (gasping) guys, guys, guys.
– We have to run outta here. – Here, take the camera.
– It’s ’cause we’re in between the nest,
we’re in between the nest. John, right in between the nest, go. We’re in between the nest. Wait go, I don’t care
Grace, just go quick. Go, quick, quick, quick. John, run, Grace, run, run, quick. (shrieking) Go, go, go.
– Stephen it’s after you. – [Stephen] It’s after us, it’s after us. – [Grace] Wait, I just heard another one. – [Stephen] Another one? There might be multiples. – [John] We need to go
back to the back yard. – Quick, we gotta get outta here! Go, Grace, go! Go, Grace, come on! Come on, go, go, get outta here, go. Go, go, go, go! Get outta here! Grace, we’re in between the
nest and the pond monster. Grace come on, hurry, hurry
Grace, hurry, hurry, hurry. Run, run, run, go, go, go, go, go! Hide, hide out. – Cooper’s barking.
– Cooper’s barking. They’re barking.
– They see something and we see it too.
– Okay, you know what? That’s the nest of the pond monster. – We gotta go, go inside.
– We found it. – Grab some stuff.
(screaming) Quick, just go, just
go, quick, inside, go! Wait okay, don’t look turn
around, go inside quick! Quick, quick, quick! No, I think we’re okay. I don’t know, I don’t
know, just go inside. Quick! Go, go, go, go. Grace, come on, come on, come on. – How close is it?
– I don’t know. Okay.
(puffing) Okay.
– That’s as fast as I’ve ran. – Good news is, well, I don’t
know if there’s good news but we did find the pond monster, we know where the nest
is, now we just need to figure out supplies.
– Grab some stuff. – And decipher that egg.
– I locked the door guys, so it can’t come in.
– Okay, let’s grab some more nets and more
supplies, all that good stuff. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll go get my camera so I
can record it on my channel. – Okay, let’s go. Whoa!
(screaming) (mumbling)

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