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– Hi everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and today we’re
reuniting with the body and it feels so good. So hop into something comfy,
and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty my darling friends, let’s begin today’s
practice at the top of the mat, in Mountain Pose. Carefully place your feet,
stand up nice and tall, lift your heart,
and bring your palms together, Anjuli Mudra,
let’s start this practice by closing the eyes. And taking a deep breath in. Use your exhale to actively
relax the shoulders down. Let go of any stress or tension
that might’ve built up there. And today’s session
is all about reuniting with what matters most. And we know that
when we get disconnected from the things
that matter most, time with ourself, our breath, disconnection to center,
whatever it is, then it starts to
manifest in the body, and we can get a little stiff,
or we can even get sick. So today, we’re just
gonna tend to the body with the beautiful flow. We’re gonna jump right in,
so you bring the breath, and bring a little
gratitude for this time that’s so valuable. Thank you for
sharing it with me. When you’re ready,
bend your knees. Drop your fingertips down,
spread the fingertips wide. As you inhale,
reach up towards the sky, big breath,
so big stretch here. And then exhale to bend the
knees, send your fingertips down towards the ground,
Forward Fold. Three cycles of breath here as you get the
head below the heart. You can bend your knees as
generously as you like here. You can shake the head
a little yes, a little no. Even clasp opposite elbow
and rock gently side to side. Start to find
what feels good here. Again, letting
any stress or tension that may have accumulated
in any area of the body, allowing this
practice with the breath to help release
that, relieve you of any tightness that
has accumulated in the body. (softly chuckles)
Benji’s relaxing here. In your next inhale,
let’s lengthen the crown of the head forward, lift
the spine up about halfway. You wanna create
length in the neck as you breathe in. And then use your exhale
to slowly fold it back down. Alright, from here, fingertips
are gonna come to the mat, we’re gonna kick the
right foot all the way back, lower the right
knee to the ground. Front knee stays
over front ankle and we start to stretch
it out here, breathing deep. Inhale, open your chest,
look forward. Exhale, peel the
left hip crease back. Flex your left toes towards
your face, big stretch here. Inhale to find
length in the neck, maybe look forward again. And then exhale,
roll through that left foot. We’re gonna lift the back knee. Get light on the fingertips,
big stretch here. Inhale, draw the
shoulder blades together. Let your heart
energy radiate forward. Then exhale, plant the palms, step the left toes
back to Plank or Half Plank. Take a deep breath in as you
puff up through your back body, hollow through the front body, Big breath in. Long breath out. And then inhale
then look forward. Shift forward on the toes. Exhale to keep elbows
hugging into the side body as you lower all the
way down to the floor, or your dog’s paw. Then inhale, press
into the tops of the feet, lift your chest up,
Bhujangasana, Cobra, nice and low here
to start. Hey, bud. And then exhale, release. Curl the toes under,
option to press up to all fours here,
or power up to Plank. From all fours or Plank Pose, send the hips up and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Inhale, lots of love in
here as you pedal it out, stretching through
the side body. And exhale, reconnecting to the fingerprints, the knuckles,
your foundation. Awesome, here we go,
inhale in here, exhale. Find stillness in Downward Dog. Keep breathing. And then when you’re ready, bend the knees, carve a
line with your nose, look up. You’re gonna step just right
foot, just the right foot, all the way up,
lower the left knee down. Great, nice low lunge
here on the other side, front knee over front ankle. Breathe deep, stretch. Great, inhale to open
your chest, look forward. Exhale to slowly
take the hips back. So notice how my left
hip is over my left knee. I’m not coming all the way back. Pulling the
right hip crease back. Flex through your right foot,
so active in the foot. Inhale to open the chest,
look forward, and exhale to roll
through your right foot. Get light on the fingertips. You’re gonna
lift the back knee, strong back leg here. Reach your left
heel towards the back. As you inhale, tug the
shoulders away from the ears, open the chest,
think about drawing your shoulder blades
in towards each other here and melting them
down the back body. Great, awesome work,
inhale in. Exhale to plant the palms. Step it back to
Plank or Half Plank. Hug the elbows
into the side body. Look forward, shift forward. Keep breathing as you
lower down all the to the belly or to your dog’s chest,
then inhale, rise up, maybe a little bit higher this
time, Bhujangasana, Cobra. And use your exhale to
slowly lower it down. Press up to Plank or all fours, yogi’s choice,
take deep breath in. And then exhale,
hips up high and back, Downward Facing Dog,
awesome work. Beautiful, ground
through the left heel now. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward. From here, you’re
gonna again make sure that front knee
is over front ankle and then nice and easy, go ahead and lower the back
knee to kiss the earth and take your right
hand over to meet the left. So we’re here in a
bit of a Lizard variation. Awesome, from here
you’re gonna walk the palms out off the mat,
creating what feels like a Downward Dog
shape in the front body. And then option to keep the
back knee down on the earth or we’ll lift it up,
strong back leg, really reaching
that left heel back. Pulling the right hip
crease back here actively, breathing deep,
walking the hands out. Awesome,
take one more breath here, really breathing
into all four sides of the torso, strong back leg. Good, and then slowly
walking the hands back to frame your right foot, inhale, open the chest,
look forward. Exhale to plant the palms,
step the right toes back, Plank or Half Plank. This time, Chaturanga to Up Dog, or repeating belly to Cobra. So moving with your breath,
using the inhale to lift the heart,
Cobra or Up Dog, and then we’ll meet
in Downward Facing Dog, moving with the breath. Nice work.
In your Downward Dog, anchor through the
right heel this time. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Exhale, shift it
forward nice and easy. Try to step that
left foot up lightly. Then when you’re ready, check
front knee over front ankle, ground down through all four
corners of the front foot as you lower your
right knee to the earth. Great, swing
your left arm around and we’ll walk it out
this time, off the mat, towards the front
right corner of your mat or towards your dog’s face. And breathing deep here. Option to lift the back knee. Really strong in
that back leg here as you reach the
fingertips forward. Then peel the
left hip crease back, feel that kind of
hugging to the midline, that lift up
from the pelvic floor. You’re breathing into all
four sides of the torso here. Soften through the jaw,
soften through the skin of the forehead, take
one more big breath in. Good, and then slowly, you can walk the hands
back to frame the front foot. Back knee lowered or lifted, inhale, open the
chest to look forward. And then exhale to
plant the palms, step it back and take a vinyasa, belly to
Cobra, or Chaturanga to Up Dog. Move with your breath here,
no need to rush. We’ll meet in
Downward Facing Dog. Hips up high, heart melting towards
the tops of the thighs. Try to find that
external rotation in Downward Dog in
the upper arm bone. So your biceps are
shining in towards your ears, elbow creases towards
the front edge of your mat. Awesome work, inhale in. Exhale, slowly bend your knees, carve a line with
your nose to look forward and then slowly
make your way to the top. Keep breathing, you can hop,
you can step. You can crisscross, and
then when you get there, use your next inhale to find that flat back
position once again, lengthen through
the crown of the neck. And exhale to soften,
fold everything down. Root to rise here, inhale,
reach for the skies, spread the fingertips, big
beach ball up and overhead. And then exhale, palms
kiss together overhead and slide back down into home. Prayer position at the heart. Take a breath here,
observe, feel it out. Good, bend the knees, fingertips
go down to come up here. So inhale, root to rise again,
big stretch. Exhale, rain it down this time,
Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift,
moving with the breath. Exhale, soften and bow. Good, plant the palms,
step one foot back, then the other, Plank Pose. Inhale to shift forward,
look forward. Exhale, belly to Cobra,
or Chaturanga to Up Dog. Move with your breath. Downward Facing Dog,
when you get there, inhale lots of love in. (Benji softly barks) Exhale lots of love out. Good, anchor
through the left heel, inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward.
Step it all the way up. This time,
pivot on the back foot and rise up strong, Warrior I. Reach the fingertips up high, pull your right hip crease back. Back foot is strong,
left toes turning in, and sometimes people will ask me what the knife
edge of the foot means when I say press
in the knife edge. It means that sharp outer edge of your foot is grounding down so you kind of feel this
lift through your inner arch. Find Virabhadrasana I here,
Warrior I, lift your chest, inhale in. Exhale to rain it all the way
down, pivot on the back foot. Plant the palms,
step the right toes back. You can go straight
to Downward Dog here, or take a vinyasa.
Moving with your breath. We’ll meet in Downward Dog. When you get there, again,
inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out, bend your knees,
get into your body. Give your thinking mind a break. Anchor the right heel, when you’re ready, inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward,
strong core. Step it up lightly,
we’ll pivot on the back foot, back toes turned in,
and when you’re ready, we rise up strong,
Virabhadrasana I, Warrior I. Strong legs, pressing into the
outer edge of that back foot, hug the low ribs in,
breathe deep, inhale. And then exhale,
raining it down. Come back to your lunge,
step it back, take a vinyasa here or move
straight to Downward Facing Dog. Good, inhale in
Downward Facing Dog. And exhale,
let the heels get heavy. Good, bend the knees,
inhale to look forward. Exhale to make your way to the
top once again, Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift,
your version. Exhale, soften and fold. Inhale, reach for the sky,
big stretch, big breath. Exhale, palms kiss together and slide back
down to the heart. Close your eyes here, inhale. And exhale. Good, fingertips
go down to come up. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, Forward Fold
all the way down. Inhale, halfway lift
with the breath, exhale fold. Beautiful, from here,
plant the palms, step or hop it back, Plank. Shift it forward, belly to Cobra or Chaturanga to Up Dog,
flowing with the breath. Meeting in Downward Facing Dog, inhale in here. Exhale to empty it out. Inhale, lift the right
leg up here, Three-Legged Dog. Exhale to shift it forward. Step it all the way up. This time keep
the back heel lifted, you could always
lower the back knee, and we’re gonna inhale,
sweep the fingertips forward, up and back, high lunge. Front knee over front ankle,
strong and steady here, connecting to the core,
draw your navel in and up just a bit,
find that inner support system. Then from here we’re
gonna bring the palms together, up and overhead, slowly take
the fingertips to the right. Feel this stretch
in the left-side body, front of the left hip crease, as you do a deep twist
over towards the right, bringing the outer
edge of the left elbow to the outer edge
of the right knee. Again, you could always
lower the back knee here, breathing deep. Breathing,
breathing, breathing. Finding that
length in the crown. Find that belly breath. Reach the back heel way back if your left knee is lifted, and then slowly
bringing it back to center. Frame your right foot,
plant the palms, step it back,
straight to Down Dog, or moving with your
breath through a vinyasa. Reuniting breath and body. Meet me in Downward Facing Dog. And when you’re ready,
anchor the right heel first, and then inhale,
lift the left leg up high, Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, shift it forward,
strong core. Step it up nice and easy,
squeezing your thighs to the midline as you
swoop the fingertips forward, up and back,
find your high lunge. Beautiful, stick with it,
stay calm, control your breath, inhale in. Exhale, palms kissed
together up and overhead. Slow tilt to the left,
strong foundation here as you feel that
stretch in the right side body, and as you’re ready,
diving into your twist here. Back knee can come to
the ground at any time, spiraling your
heart up towards the sky. Strong back leg if you
have the right knee lifted. Now everyone,
return to the breath. Breathe into your belly,
massage those internal organs. Lengthen through the crown. You got this, one more inhale and then use the exhale to
guide you back to the lunge. (softly mimics swoosh) Alright, last vinyasa here,
plant the palms, step it back,
take it or leave it, moving with your
breath nice and slow. Meet me in
Downward Facing Dog. Nice. In Downward Dog,
take three deep breaths, in and out, in and out,
in and out. Then bend your knees
after your three breaths. Make your way to the top
of your mat nice and slow. Forward Fold. And then bending the knees,
tucking the chin, and go slow here,
rolling up through the spine. Observing your breath noticing the quality
of air in the room, the quality of your breath, and noticing how
you feel in your body. As you rise back up to where we started,
Mountain Pose. Close your eyes,
let everything go here. And just take one
last final beat to be in your body. Let the breath just
return to its natural rhythm, natural flow here. And then slowly
drawing the palms together at the heart space, once again, giving thanks for this time to just reconnect, reunite. Find what feels good. Take one last breath in then exhale to bow the head to the hands toward the heart. Namaste. (upbeat music)

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