Robotnik Finally Wins

Robotnik Finally Wins

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Robotnik: At last, I turned Sonic the Hedgehog and all the animals in the world into robots! Robotnik: HAHAHAHA! Badniks: ALL HAIL ROBOTNIK. Robotnik: Now that my plan is complete, Robotnik: I can finally begin to… Robotnik: Uhhh… Robotnik: I can finally… Robotnik: Hang on. Robotnik: I turn the animals into robots, Robotnik: And then I… and then I… Robotnik: Shit, do you ever get so set on doing something, you forget why you started? Badniks: ALL HAIL ROBOTNIK. Robotnik: OK, that’s getting kind of creepy. Dr. Robotnik: Should’ve programmed you guys to say some other stuff… Badniks: ALL HAIL ROBOTNIK. Robotnik: Yeah, yeah, thank you, thank you very much, I got it ! Robotnik: Did I just wanna rule a planet of robots? That’s not very fulfilling. Robotnik: WAIT! Were the animals evil? Am I the hero? Robotnik: Let’s see….(mad scientist, mustache….) Robotnik: Nope, no, I’m definitely the bad guy. Robotnik: Did I want to dress the robot animals up in little outfits, is that it? Robotnik: That’s disturbing! Robotnik: Real f**ked up old me. Badniks: ALL HAIL ROBOTNIK. (We know your secret) Robotnik: Shut up! Robotnik: Where’s my planner? OK, animals to robots, OH YEAH, gotta get bread….. Robotnik: Huh.. Nothing about the why? Robotnik: You know, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t trying to turn animals into robots. Robotnik: Did I ever have a reason? And now that I’m done, what’s next? Robotnik: For the first time in my life, I don’t know what- Robotnik: WAIT! I REMEMBER MY PLAN! ( Robotnik: Hahaha, YES! YES. This makes so much sense now.

100 thoughts on “Robotnik Finally Wins”

  1. Huh, not the motivation I was expecting but good for you doc. Now I'm wondering if this band is part of Eggmanland or not…

  2. You know Sonic looks like metal when he is turned in to a robot could metal Sonic be another Sonic from a different timeline confirmed.

  3. So, wait a minute. Being a mad scientist wasn't enough to convince Robotnik that he was the bad guy? The mustache was what convinced him!?

  4. "You ever get so set on something that you forget why you started?"
    Can't say I have, but that's a tiny bit deep for this channel

  5. It's like the end of Mastermind World Conqueror where he blows up the Earth, and you get his ending line "hmmmm, I guess I didn't really think this through, oh well, better make the most of it", and he just gloats and flips off the remains of Earth as it floats in space.

  6. Eggman's dilemma is actually a lot common for the bad guys, if you think about it. At least Bowser knows what he wants (land lust, take Peach as trophy, etc).

  7. Ok Generations of fightinh robot armies,destroying bases and killing Demon like creatures and also GOD KNOWS HOW MUTCH MONEY for a Ireland saxophone concert.

  8. robotnik doesn't actually turn them into robots thats a product of the TV show he puts animals inside to run on a weel to power the robots thats when you destroy one you see it run off also nether sonic or robotnik are the bad guy until sega got lazy

  9. If you’ll check yourself, you will see
    That what you say at the end
    Is what’s word by the ear
    And not what’s built in the middle
    Only in Voice if Dorkly
    The radio advertisements work
    So get it well into your ears.

  10. But Dr.Eggman's robots weren't made of animals but just robot suits that create energy with a rotary without harming the animals, Sonic is just a twerp

  11. Robotnik: called robotnik in the video.

    Comments: nawww we're gonna be annoying and call him his b/s name "eggman"

  12. Do a dr wily finally wins video. Maybe he'll finally get some praise for his inventions DR LIGHT!! Geez take chance already you overcautious santa claus

  13. Aha so the theory of somebody was true: In the future Sonic will become ROBOTICED, and i know this vid is made for entertainment, also Metal wil go back to the bla bla bla bla BLA

  14. I totally agree with the ending, all his actions clearly pointed towards a robotic orchestra as his Endgame!

  15. So if there is something to be sure about this video is, Dr.Eggman Robotnik is still a virgin and will be till he dies, while the Robots live take control of the Universe and…..hmmmm, yeah bot sure what comes next 😂😂😂

  16. 70% of the comments bring up how Eggman FORGOT about his EGGMAN EMPIRE! and everyone says Shadow The Hedghog is Dumb (which he isn't lol) o-o

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