RWBY Chibi, Episode 20 – Roman’s Revenge | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi, Episode 20 – Roman’s Revenge | Rooster Teeth

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(intro music) RWBY Chibi! Ruby: Hey, Blake. Man, I’m so bummed. I think I crashed and burned
on that test today. How did you do? Y’know what? You’re right. In the long run, one test
is no big deal! I’ll do better next time. Thanks, Blake! Jaune: Hoo, alright, I’m gonna do it. I’m finally gonna tell Weiss
how I feel about her! I-I think, I dunno, Maybe? Uh…what do you think, Blake? Oh my gosh, you’re right. What was I thinking?! That would’ve…that would’ve been a disaster! Ah, y’know, I feel like you really get me. Thanks Blake. Hm-hm-hm… Huh? What? Why are you looking at me like that? Blake? Is it… is it about that thing I did? *Gasp* How did you find out about that? You can’t tell anyone! Look, uh, I’ll make it worth your while! A lifetime supply of tuna! Deal? Oh. You’re good. You’re VERY good. Oh, there you are! It’s always weird when these shadow clones don’t vanish. Ruby: Ah! I feel so much better! You’re the best! Weiss: You’re the worst. Blake: What’s going on? Jaune: OH, MY, GOSH, Blake, I have SO many girl problems! Oh, good thing you’re such a great listener. Blake: Uh.. Ruby: OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY OH HE NEVER ACTS LIKE THIS Cinder: No, it’s completely fine! He’s just a little grumpy today. Mine is usually so sweet. Ruby:I should not have taken him for a walk. It’s just he’s been stuck inside all day today. I’m so sorry! Ruby: Oh, hehe… Ruby: He looks very sweet! (Quietly) ZWEI, don’t embarrass me! Ruby: Good boy, Zwei! Ready… FETCH! Roman: Oh, Little Red, Little Red, Laugh while you can, Because, ROMAN TORCHWICK IS BACK IN TOWN! Mwu-hahahahhahahaah! You thought you could just move into a spinoff comedy series and leave ME behind? GUESS AGAIN! I will have my revenge! This time, things are gonna be different! Neo… it’s time to destroy those meddling kids once and for all! (Neo nods very loudly) And their stupid dog, too. PREPARE THE DEATH RAY! Roman: Urgh, right, don’t be a showoff. MY HOUR OF VICTORY IS AT HAND! Neo, Load the highly-explosive dust crystals! Ruby: ZWEEEEIIIIII!? Where’d you go, Dummy!? Roman: SHOO! Come on! Get outta here, your mangy mutt! What? NO! Nononono! This isn’t your stupid stick! Ugh! AHH! Wee-AH! Uh huh-huh-huh… Good… stupid doggy! Stay…. heheh… Ruby: Ah, Zwei! Hey you found a stick! Good boy! Come on, let’s go for a walk! Roman: AAAAAAAAAAGH I…. can’t feel my legs! Neo, how do I look? Ruby: Click here, if you wanna wear some stuff with us on it! And click here, if you wanna watch some stuff with us on it! Cuz, y’know, more of us! Duh! We’re awesome! (Rooster Teeth animation theme)

100 thoughts on “RWBY Chibi, Episode 20 – Roman’s Revenge | Rooster Teeth”

  1. I think it might be her coloration, and her name may already be a reference to that, every time I see Neo, I have a strong desire to call her Neapolitan

  2. 2:11 Ok, number one: you don't need his help to do that. And B: how ARE you the team leader, if you can't even recognize one of the most common varieties of the monsters you're (supposed to be) training to fight?

  3. First 1:30… Hello Kitty anyone? Remain emotionless and indifferent and you will become a mirror for others to project upon.

  4. Kids please don't try to eat cookies with your nose. Trust me when I say you'll do more choking then enjoying of the cookiness.

  5. Blake is basically like Lopez at the beginning, no matter what she says everyone else has their own conversation

  6. neo is the best female villian strong and silent, watch out cinder, cinder doesnt compare neo, who agrees with me?

  7. Me: Oh look, Neo is in RWBY Chibi, maybe they can give her a voice now
    Rooster Teeth: NOT TODAY
    All of my hopes and reams just went down the toilet

  8. "Neo it's time to destroy those meddling kids once and for all… and their stupid dog too." *Sacarstic speaking enable* Geez where did I heard about meddling kids and a dog before ?

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