Sadhguru – Learn How To Sleep Correctly | TRY IT TONIGHT!

Sadhguru – Learn How To Sleep Correctly | TRY IT TONIGHT!

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If you sleep like that One thing that will happen to you is your sleep quota if you are sleeping for eight hours It’ll simply drop to three to four hours just straight away. Just Lie down for 12 minutes and do it till the last moment till you fall asleep You know, there’s a North Pole and a South Pole This means these are the magnetic centers and You also know the whole land masses all continents Have been slowly being pulled towards the north they’ve been traveling while the Himalayas is though whatever we’re seeing Himalayan mountain ranges that Manasarovar you will find seashells in Manasarovar Because at some point it was at sea, it was at mean sea level today It is at fifteen thousand six hundred feet So what transported this lake bed which was at sea level To this place is the whole indian subcontinent is crashing Into the central asian plate and this is why the Himalayan mountains are still continuing to grow It’s just piling up is just a crash every year India is losing about 1.3 centimeters are so not perfect on the number somewhere in that range every year India is losing about one point two three centimeters or something because it’s crashing into the Himalayan range and it’s piling up because The magnetic pull of the North Pole is slowly pulling all the land masses upward So such a huge magnetic pole where the continents are moving up that kind of magnetic pole is constantly in enforcement across the globe Suppose you had a little bit of anemia if you went to your doctor. What would he prescribe for you? IRON! So seems to be like it’s an important ingredient of your blood yes So if iron is floating around in your blood and If I put a very powerful magnet to the top of your head It is possible the slowly blood may start moving in that direction, isn’t it? Let’s say if it’s a very very powerful magnet If we start slowly pulling it up because there is elements of I in the blood Your body is designed like this That your heart which is the pumping station of the circulatory system Is 3/4 of the way up not half way down Because it is difficult to pump against gravity Easier to pump towards gravity so it’s placed here Generally all the pipes that are flowing down are larger ones What is going up or much finer ones as it goes up here. They’re almost hair like so minute that The circulatory system in your brain is such that if one extra drop enters there Hemorrhages will happen people have strokes So now you were like this Now you went like this Already there is a little bit of imbalance in the system because heart was pumping calculating the gravitational resistance Now suddenly there is no gravitational resistance. You became like this and now you put your head towards the north slowly It gets pulled towards your brain. So one thing that could happen to you is you could have disturbed sleep If you put you head to the north and sleep you could have disturbed sleep all kinds of dreams happening If you are in your old age, it is possible that you can have a stroke or you could just die in your sleep It’s very much possible. Not that if you sleep one day you will fall dead Every day every day every day if your bed is arranged that way that every day you are sleeping put your head to the north You are asking for trouble Some kind of trouble We do not know what kind of trouble you will get that depends on the strength of your system if it is weak Very weak you may fall that or you may get a stroke or you may just get disturbed sleep You may just have nightmares or during the day you act funny So many things will happen because excess circulation is happening in the brain when it should not be happening Simply because you put your head to the north So in case you go to South America Then you should not put your head to the South If you went to Australia, you should not put your head to the South you should you can put it to the north out there In the northern hemisphere you do not put your head to the north East is best North east is ok West is alright south If you must north No! Tonight before you go to bed spend at least 12 15 minutes Reminding yourself. You’re neither this body nor this mind just lie down and just Remind yourself. This body is not really you do you know in about if you live for about 60 years you’re on an average most human beings are eating anywhere between 1100 to 1400 tons of food So that means even what you think is my body is not this it’s changing every day New input is happening and all things are going away So 1,400 tons, you don’t have carry that much of weight right now. So obviously What you have as a body right now, it’s just a transient amount of food and soil, isn’t it? Hello So what you think is mine also is not it it is just all the time changing so at least try this much What is my body is not me? What I think is my mind is not me it is mine right now for use, but it’s not really me Just if you’re not able to do it just link it to your breath Inhalation. I am NOT the body Exhalation. I am not even the mind just lie down for 12 minutes and do it till the last moment till you fall asleep with Something you must notice most human beings when I say most I am very generous with the percentage ninety nine percent Ninety nine percent of the human beings never noticed that moment when they’re slipping from wakefulness to sleep They will simply go off like that if they’re alert they cannot sleep But there is a way to sleep in an alert manner if you sleep like that One thing that will happen to you is your sleep quota if you are sleeping for eight hours It will simply drop to three to four hours just straight away Now that moment when you are passing from wakefulness to sleep if you can still be conscious That I am NOT the body and I’m not the mind Believe me something Remarkable will happen Why does one person need well by prescription these days eight hours and why another person can do with half of that? see one thing is as We already went through the very physical body that you carry is just the food that you eaten, isn’t it? If you eat right and do certain things with your body you see very effortlessly Within three to four weeks. You can drop your sleep quota anywhere between two to three hours one and a half to three hours very easily you can drop if you just eat consciously and Just learn to sit properly You know just the posture your geometry of the body and What goes into the system if you just manage these two things you will see sleep quota will just come down like that At least forty to fifty percent The food that you eat must be alive You eat dead food and you want to live this is a little difficult thing To do because you have to raise the dead now But if you eat live food one thing you will see is the state of your mind your focus and your sleep quarters and Above all staying awake is not good enough. You have to stay alert, isn’t it? How alert you are how focused you are only to that extent everything else to you in this world, isn’t it so So if you eat a leaf or vegetable a fruit nut or a sprout. This is much simpler. If you must eat non-vegetarian food You must eat that which is farthest away from you So generally fish and water life is farthest away from you. So if you must eat non-vegetarian food Fish is the best thing to eat that way

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  1. Let us make it a point to study little may add right way to understand subtle things,!PranamGuruji, the great sadhguru ji,

  2. Many are confused about his speech because diffrent speech has been combined in this single video. Every living creature except humans are sensitive to magnetic pull of the earth.

  3. Haha he does not know what he is talking about when he mentions iron in your body. The iron molecules, if they are like small magnets (which I am not sure they are) , will just change their direction and allign with the earth's magnetig field (like a compass) , but they will not move towards the North or South pole. There is no reason for them to move, they will only rotate to allign with the Earths magneic field. So there will not be a concentration of blood in your brain due to this. If there is any overflow of blood to your brain , the reasons are elsewhere , not in the earth magnetic field.

  4. We have, and use very powerful magnets. it is called Magnetic Resonance Imaging and It does not affect blood or drag it to the head or anywhere else. Also magnetic north and south poles are equally strong. Iron isn't attracted to the north pole of a magnet anymore than it is attracted to the south. Nor are continents or any other masses of land attracted to the North Pole, the "pile up" is caused by plate tectonics which have nothing to do with magnetism. Sorry, but this is absolute garbage.

    PS I'm a carnivore so eating live food is inadvisable. Do you think eating corn/wheat/whatever ground to a fine powder then cooked at high temperature is somehow a "live" food?

  5. Turning your position away from the North is useless, since the northern attraction pulls on your head anyways

  6. Omg..this one has a phd in idiotsy. .poor ppl who think this one is an inspiration. .
    Please idiot do a favour to humanity. ..either read and say sth smart. .either shut the wc once for all

  7. Ok, What's this Swami up to Now? If you want to get some better Sleep Just do some form of Exercise, and Medical Scientists have already done numerous studies, saying that sleeping in the Fetal Position is the most comfortable position. It's basically the same position that mostly everyone was in while being born inside the Mother's womb.

  8. This entire video is just utter, complete, total, exhaustive, unabridged and absolute nonsense that should be headed but no one, ever and for no reason.

  9. What exactly makes a guru a guru? Is it purely based on whether you can convince people to listen to you regardless of science, reality, truth?

  10. Weird. I sleep with my head pointing towards the north and I always have an awesome sleep AND Iโ€™m always refreshed and energized the next day

  11. Best sleep ever….try drinking a shit ton of alcohol and then masturbating. 60% of the time, it works every time.

  12. Why is his voice deeper than usual? did you slow down some parts to make the video 10 minutes long? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. What a nonsense, your body is not really yours because you are eating a lot of food in your life๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚
    You are not your mind and not your body, so we are nothing? This guy is quite depressing and the exercise doesn't work at all.

  14. That Facing North while sleeping is a total B S. Earth's magnetic field doesn't act on our bodies like that. And iron in our blood is in its various forms. Why don't you speak something which you know about Sadhguru? Maybe not so guru.

  15. To all the people. My advise is – Sleep the way you want to. If you clicked on this video that means you are looking to sleep better. Try sleeping in different directions. Maybe the placebo helps you. I don't trust science or yoga much. Whatever helps you reach that goal you set in your mind should be followed. Everything that isn't is bs.

  16. All people who are thinking if this is scientifically backed. The MRI does have effects on blood flow. The new QSM technique has found that increase of iron in the brain cells show – signs of mental disability in future. This is a 2019 research. It said if there is increase in iron in basnia gangilia- it shows signs of worsening control movement. The only available remedy this 'medical science' has is – "AnTi InfLammaTory" drugs. Nothing else. If medical science isn't talking about something so widely it shouldn't be confused with 'they don't want to because it's stupid'. It's mostly because they don't understand it themselves. Human body is a very complex mechanism. If the answers are there in ancient hindu scriptures, I'll try them out. I'll see if it works for me, even if as placebo. If it doesn't, I won't take a shit on it. Because unlike Bible, there are no commandments here. It's just recommendations. Maybe non-Indians are not familiar with that concept. It's okay. Btw this video is totally out of context. Completely. For eg there is a quote in an Upanishad (Acient text) – Aham Brahmasmi. "I AM THE UNIVERSE" I'll have to explain the whole context for you to know what I mean. Before you put science behind or front of any conclusion. First step is question, obvious assumptions. You are here on this video to find a solution, when you are genuinely looking for one, don't ask why. Try it. You can any day go back to your old ways.

  17. I've read of the benefits of sleeping on your left to improve circulation, but this is ridiculous.
    By this video's logic we may as well watch our blood pressure around the tides as we're 60% water.

  18. what a bunch of bull shit …. so from this standard every molecule of blood (iron) should come rushing out of the body under an MRI machine (that has many many folds magnetic pull vs the north pole).
    Iron in our blood does not get affected by ferromagnetism…. just read a book on it guys instead of listening to a con man!

  19. I have read somewhere in the Emerald tablets of Thoth about prolonging life by changing these sleep positions in a type of ritual.

  20. We want to see a conversation between RGV (Ram Gopal Varma) and Sadguru. ….๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    Because no one ever asking any logical questions to sadguru.๐Ÿ˜ž

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