sanity at an all time low – Breath of the Wild 100% Speedrun [3/4]

sanity at an all time low – Breath of the Wild 100% Speedrun [3/4]

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100 thoughts on “sanity at an all time low – Breath of the Wild 100% Speedrun [3/4]”

  1. You're getting better. I definitely think you could do a sub 30hr run if you prepped a bit before you gave it another shot.

  2. You were at 20k subs on youtube when you filmed this and are up to 35k by uploading time that's pretty pog

  3. Honestly, I appreciate all the effort you give for your YouTube audience. You go through all that footage, edit it, just for us to go “lol”

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I've only recently met your YT channel and Twitch streams and you are very talented and entertaining and I'm glad you showed up in my recommendations, keep up the good work!

  5. So you're telling me if I just do a casual playthrough of this game with a timer running I'll be sixth place on the leaderboard?

  6. 20:20 "My soul is falling apart"
    I suggest speedrunning Hollow Knight then. But don't do 100% with Godmaster DLC

  7. 23:00 "I'm only at like 20k subs on Youtube"
    >is at 34k

    (i know this was recorded a while ago but still lol)

  8. Breath of the wild is probably my favorite zelda game since wind waker. And even I look at this as a way to ruin your love for a game.
    You get my salute though, soldier.

  9. 47:20 – 44h 44m 44.44s is, in fact, a frame that exists. I went through it to check, that was worth it o/

  10. Honestly I think the only reason people kept asking about Eventide is that they wanted to hear you say it again. You say it in a weird funny way, like "Event tide" instead of "Even tide."

  11. When he says "guess we're walkin'" i just imagine a picture of him or link walking a way from a stump in the direction of a tree or pebble in the sky in some area of hyrule😂

  12. I tried to pause at 44:44:44.44, closest i could get was 44:44:44.42, i can't tell if i'm bad or if that's as good as you can get with the capture

  13. @Smallant1 apart from the fact that this is an AMAZING part of the BotW videos and all your meme runs, will there be any chance that you will play Hollow Knight? (English isn't my main language, hopefully I'm clear enough ;))

  14. Props for even trying this. I have over 300 hours in this game and apparently the game says I'm at 44%

  15. There's actually a frame of the video where the timer says 44:44:44:44 so it went down to the millisecond.

  16. this has been taking me over 300 hours how has he beat all of it in 60 hours… i'm disappointed in myself

  17. Still haven’t gotten that merch line, I don’t think. He’s currently at 115K subs. Goddamnit, Smallant, get it together.

  18. After like 3 hours of watching this series, I just realized that the horse bigant is a joke off of Smallant1🤦‍♂️

  19. "I was planning on getting merch at like, 50k subs, but we're only at like 20k?"
    it's 122k now mate, where's me shirt?

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