Scandal 6×08 Promo “A Stomach for Blood” (HD) Season 6 Episode 8 Promo

Scandal 6×08 Promo “A Stomach for Blood” (HD) Season 6 Episode 8 Promo

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We’re offering you 300 million dollars. I’m in. Is it done? New Scandal, next Thursday on ABC.

100 thoughts on “Scandal 6×08 Promo “A Stomach for Blood” (HD) Season 6 Episode 8 Promo”

  1. I feel like I just took a Vicodin with a shot of rum.  I didn't see that coming.  Abby WTF have you gotten into you looks like your being carted off somewhere.  Can Quinn peel her skin back.  IJS !!! This was a good episode.

  2. ok everyone especially olitzers im upset . the writers took huck out before jake and rowan ? oh no . this makes me mad . they better make huck seriously injured . they better not let my baby die . I knew that woman was a set up just like becky was . I was hoping that I was wrong about her . I was hoping that she was genuine oh abby you have no idea what you have gotten your self into or what you have done. 😤😠😢

  3. Huck has killed so many innocent people yet we are to be distraught he got shot. No sympathy. Karma should have been crossed his path. Shonda wants us to believe Abby is the mastermind in the whole plot to kill Vargas for money? Abby has been ride or die from S1. That is character assassination and complete bull. Papa Pope is evil yet now we are to sympathize and view him as a changed man who was in love.

  4. This season sucks!  First Rowan being the one to kill Vargas now Meg working for that woman, both so freaking predictable.  I'm just confused, did they kill Huck?  I just question it cause SR seems too scared to kill off real characters on this show and I feel like if he was really dead last week's promo would of been OTT and laying on thick that someone would die or that there would be a huge OMG moment.  I don't think he's dead, and I don't think Meg would of said to Abby "He won't know it was you," if she killed him.  Now if Huck is really dead then that was an ending but again, I don't think he's dead.  Putting that aside, I don't get why Abby would want Jennifer to die, put out a hit on Huck, and work with that other woman.  I know she has gotten power hungry but it's just ridiculous to me.  Abby is a b*tch to betray Liv who saved her from her abusive husband and the people she used to work for.  I guess Abby is dead to me now and another character SR has ruined.  Also, like I said before Huck has been defanged and easily played.  I knew Meg was an assassin.  They also kill me trying to victimize Rowan, along with having Huck defend him (but he killed the Remington pilot and those jurors for him, so I guess it's only fitting he would) Doesn't change the fact he has left Liv to rot when she was kidnapped, loved to lie, manipulate, and torture her constantly, put out hits on her friends, killed Jerry and Harrison, etc.  Also over Liv cause she will just get over this like she has everything else Rowan has done.  In general, this season blows with all the flashbacks and character centric episodes.  I'm starting to miss the ensemble feel to the show.  This new woman that is threatening Rowan, it's just so laughable along with them trying to victimize Rowan.  GMAFB, I also miss Jake!  A positive of this season though is that Fitz is barely shown, but it's not the first time he's been shown to be a nonentity if he isn't obsessing about Liv (S4 and 5B) Oh and this arc is going on too long, when is Cyrus getting out of prison?  I'm really ready to move on to another storyline.  I hope the 100th episode isn't this sh*tty but it probably will be lol.

  5. Literally I called it that Huck's GF was the baddie at the start of the episode and my twin said, "watch as they do a 180 and it's Abby" he even said it at the end of the previous episode _I shit you not_.
    Also, remember that one time, after busting in the skull of the former vice president, Olivia told Abby never to cross her again?
    I don't have much sympathy for a completely static character who's frankly a little boring, and a needlessly, perpetually traumatized murderer, but I don't think Huck's quite dead yet.

  6. Just wait till Abby gets hers, once Olivia finds out what she did, it is going to be game over. Like Olivia said last season to Abby after killing Andrew and I quote "never cross me again." This is going to be good but probably dragged out unfortunately

  7. I love how most people who said that Scandal has become very boring and predictable, can't even catch their breath right now.

  8. I swear to god if dis bitch kills off Huck I'm never watching another season of this shit. that's all I've got to say.

  9. Strange that Abby would do this knowing that Olivia and her father among others would be intent on destroying her for this.

  10. Oh Abby you messed up big time. it looks like she is caught and they are escorting her out of the WH. She made a deal with the devel. This guy that is offering her money gets on my nerv really. They both are very soon going down. i just don't get him.

  11. Huck can't be dead man. You saw her move the gun to the side to shoot his shoulder instead of his heart. And she said "huck will never know you were involved" not "hucks dead/taken care of". He's not dead I don't believe that

  12. I knew Abby was in on it. The moment she waltzed in the hospital in 5X01, as if she owned the place. Hope she's the next one to go.

  13. 1. People who still hate Jake are annoying af

    2. I really hope Huck is alive.

    3. Scandal is electric right now; each episode is just so fun to watch. It annoyed me at first, but I've been getting into it ever since the flashback focused on Jake; it answered some shxt and made everything much more interesting.


  15. Olivia and her damn gut… HELLOOOO Cyrus is still in jail, she didn't even apologize to Huck for being wrong! just so stupid..

  16. omfg im literally sitting here with my mouth hanging open after that episode!!!!!!!! I hope Huck doesnt die!!!!

  17. Abby wanted too much power. The President was right to always put her in her place. Now look what she's done. I mean of all things and all people. She is gonna pay for what happened to Huck.

  18. Oh wow! That's why I was wondering why Abby got so excited/interested when huck told her Jenny was still alive… But Becky was right.. Huck does have a soft spot and he was right when he was about to stick the needle in her neck but Huck is huck.. All i know is he better not DIE!!

  19. I know Abby is power hungry but she wouldn't sell Olivia pope none of them would, she has some kind of hold on them. there is more to this, I don't care for Red but I know she wouldn't do this

  20. lol so much hate in the comments. this season is exciting as fuck. no one suspected abby. Shonda is GREAT! This is as big as her other show How To Get Away With Murder's plot twist! The writing is amazing and if you don't agree you don't have to watch. Also why does everyone think that Huck is dead lol he's probably just seriously injured. She didn't shoot him in the heart.

  21. When will the world learn?? "Get Out", now this!!! Don't Trust The Pale Faced Woman, under NO circumstances!

  22. Well not to be a spoiler but Huck is NOT DEAD. seeing as on his IMDB page Guillermo Diaz is still on scandal untill episode 16.
    So he is NOT dead.

  23. I see in the comments people being mad 'cause Huck is dead! First thing first, Huck is NOT dead. Meg put a bullet in Jennifer's head as soon as she saw her but decided to put four bullets in Huck's torso for a reason; no hitman will do something as stupid as putting bullet in the torso and not head when the target is in your face so my theory is Huck is alive but for a reason
    1. she caught feeling and couldn't fully kill him; so extremelly hurt and possibly dying in the hospital shoul do
    2. she's planning something herself and she needs Abby to believe that Huck's really dead so she w/someone else can finish her plan

  24. You guys remeber when Abby saved Olivia when she was kidnapped. I have think she is doing the same here. I just pray my Gut is telling me right. I also hope Huck isn't dead.

  25. I havent been watching the show because I cant get over how SR has totally destroyed the character of Liv and made her totally unrecognizable. It's like Season 5 came and then it was invasion of the body snatchers and some other being has infiltrated her body. Not to mention the destruction of the best couple on TV – I still hold out hope for #Olitz – so sick of Jake and the whole B613 crap. However I came to see whats going on because my entire FB feed today was all about Scandal.

    I have NEVER liked Abby. She was always too judgmental and so jealous of Liv and has always been disloyal to the woman who saved her life from her ex husband so I am not surprised but Liv is going to ger her ass if this is true and she killed Huck!!!!

  26. funny how everyone is saying Abby has been jealous of Olivia from S1 when she has actually been idolizing her blindly. And we are so quick to forget how she saved Olivia from the kidnappers and how Olivia ruined her relationship with David Rossen just because.. Yet she threw David under the bus when she found out what Olivia did. And then this Papa Pope story line is just weak A.F. Plus anyone else notice how Olivia's 'gut'' is never quite right.

  27. I always knew Abby was an ungrateful, jealous b*tch! but to threaten everybody's life?! The entire team? Olivia? When Olivia dragged her ass out of an abusive marriage and made Abby who she is – a second-rate, substandard version of Olivia. Olivia should have left Abby in the hell hole she crawled out of.

  28. I always knew Abby was an ungrateful, jealous b*tch! but to threaten everybody's life?! The entire team? Olivia? When Olivia dragged her ass out of an abusive marriage and made Abby who she is – a second-rate, substandard version of Olivia. Olivia should have left Abby in the hell hole she crawled out of.

  29. Olivia is really starting to piss me off! Huck is the only one that would ride or die for her dumb ass… Olivia needs to understand that sometimes she's not always right!!!!! Also screw her for not apologizing to Huck, she's so annoyingggggggg

  30. The show was boring but it was unpredictable, its now one of the best, Abby is nothing but a jealous woman, i cant beliv she is a traitor and she wanted to kill Hulk

  31. guys I can let you all know Huck will stay alive, and you would have known it too if you paid close attention to what Meg said at the end of (S06E7) previous episode.

  32. Glad they finally stepped up their game! the election story was a drag already and Olivia needed better content. I feel like a core cast member like Huck needed to go to keeps things juicy.

  33. something doesn't add up..if she is as guilty as it seems then why was she trying that hard to convince Olivia, Cyrus was innocent ?I mean she knew he was innocent but putting him in jail was kind of the point, right ?..

  34. Even though this episode focuses on one character, I will love this because I have been deprived of white hat Olivia and Abby. Once Olivia looks at the mirror of how power corrupts people, then she will put the white hat on. I mean that is how it usually goes.

  35. so why would she save liv by calling their old friend Stephen to rescue her? why not just let them sell her or kill her?

  36. Liv is annoying as fuck, always thinking that she's right😒😒😒 and thought she was above abbey , even putting her down talking about "your not a shark! you can come back and work for me" like bitch FOH! At least abbey didn't lie on her back to get where she is. Fuck Liv

  37. Abby craves power, one of her qualities, but turning her into an accomplice for the murder of the president elect, Huck, threatening Liv, leaving a trail of bodies along the way just for money???? She deserves a better story than this, 6 seasons of character building, we like her, Shonda can't just turn her in 2 episodes into this 'thing' we wouldn't now mind getting killed off after this.

  38. As soon a Meg shot Jenifer surely Huck should have shot Meg, he's too trained to be pausing out of shock!!! Am I right?

  39. Huck will not die because after she shot him his leg where shacking and he did that to make her believe. from the day the lady 👊 him, he knows she is up to something and he is just following her to see the end of her ladder. for that very reason, he can not go out without a bullet proof.

  40. @shondarhimes what in THEE entire fuck, I don't think I've ever been this upset after an episode of #Scandal -7 DAYS for THAT I'm so tight!

  41. The most retarded episode thus far. Every scene in this episode was a replay of previous episodes, if you're going to repeat the plot, at least be creative about it.

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