Secret’s Hidden within Breath of the Wild’s Music!

Secret’s Hidden within Breath of the Wild’s Music!

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Breath of the Wild’s music isn’t quite
like other Zelda games most of the time there isn’t even any music, but that does
not mean there wasn’t put in just as much effort as there was for other Zelda
games. Here are some secrets hidden within Breath of the Wild’s music! After
Link completes the Master Trials you can hear someone’s theme playing in the
background. But it’s played at different heights so it’s hard to recognize. I will
place all of the notes within the reach of one octave to make it easier for you
guys to recognize. Now you can easily recognize Fi’s Theme
from Skyward Sword! This is not only a musical easter egg, it also plays an
important role in Fi’s story as it implies that she is still with us in
this game. If you go to the Temple of Time, or what’s left of it,
you might hear some piano tones playing from time to time. Now, if we decrease the time in between those tones you can hear something quite interesting! It’s the theme of the Temple of Time
from Ocarina of Time. There is only one place where this song plays, and it is near
this little house on top of Hebra mountain. The song is reference to
Twilight Princess Inside a House music. The Champions Ballad DLC introduces us
to a new leitmotif. It is played when Kass tells you his stories, when you look
at Links final memory, and when you hang up the picture in Links house. But it
also plays when you are near one of the new shrines, but it plays really slow so
let me speed it up for you. This piece has a very simulair
construction to the Temple of Time’s music in this game.
And now that we’re at it why not go inside this shrine and see what secrets
it’s music has to hide! The shrine’s music takes a lot of
inspiration from the cave music from Link’s Awakening The shrine music also contains this
motive. This motive is a reference to the warping theme from the original Legend of Zelda. This motif is also used in Ocarina of
Time and The Minish Cap. Did you recognize the theme? Well it might just
resemble a part of Epona’s song! Though I’m not completely sure.
Epona’s song is also played by Kass near some stables. All of the memories make great use of
theme’s and leitmotifs. A perfect example is memory #15; Return of calamity Ganon As Urbosa, and later Mipha, talk to Zelda, an instrument accompanies them
playing their corresponding leitmotifs. I won’t be covering all of the memories,
as most of the themes or leitmotifs can be heard quite easily. Though, there is
one more memory that I really want to talk about and it’s memory #17; Zelda’s
Awakening, have a listen. I’m not sure if the composer intended on
doing so, but if we highlight some of these notes and clean it up a bit,
without changing the actual tones, we will get something like this: Did you recognize it? it’s Zelda’s Lullaby
originating from A Link to the Past I want to thank Manaka Kataoka for
taking such good care of the music for this game! The other credits are in the
description. Thank you for watching!

62 thoughts on “Secret’s Hidden within Breath of the Wild’s Music!”

  1. This took much more time than I originally planned…
    I was originally making this to celebrate 100 subscribers, but suddenly I went to 300 hahah, I hope you enjoy!

    There are probably a few grammar and pronunciation related errors in this video, don't hesitate telling me what is wrong as I'm always trying to learn new things.

  2. Thank you! I already knew some of them but not all! P. S. Can you tell me where are you from? I'm from Mario's country XD (yes Italy.)

  3. Oh and congratulations for 300 subscibers! I follow you from 100 subs, other 200 came out in a moment!! Ahahah I'm glad to follow your channel

  4. Aahhhh!!! This is so cool! I was really looking forward to it and I love it, I didn't hear most of these things and hadn't seen them pointed out anywhere before. Really good job on this!👍
    I love music so much, look at all the things it can do… From telling a story, to making someone feel a certain type of way, to making callbacks… I'd say keep it up, I absolutely loved it and really enjoyed watching it! =D

  5. Awesome video, man! That whistling one blew me away. I had no idea!!
    Also that last song for memory 17, I thought that was just a slightly slowed down guardian theme. Never noticed Zelda’s theme in it as well. Great ear!

  6. Going back to the game after this will make my experience so much different. Great video man, keep up the good job 🙂

  7. Very awesome. I love the soundtrack too! I don't know why some people don't, but nothing will stop me from enjoying it!

    Since you asked for our opinion on a patreon account, I think you should wait for more subscribers, because, if you know, not all people will donate. BUT with your subscriber growth REALLY coming in I believe that will be easy! More donations come in with more subscribers!

  8. i had no idea about the shrine one. i've probably realised it late again but i didn't realise the Rito Village theme was the same as the Dragon Roost Island theme

  9. You are talking about realy hidden things, that nobody have ever talked about before. I wonder how did you found all of this.
    I think you can make a part 2, because I have several other easter eggs in musics that I noticed. Tell me if you are interrested.
    In any case, great job !

  10. This is like the best video I've seen so far on music secrets in botw! You pointed out little ones I never would have noticed (I really loved the whistling one lol)
    Keep up the really great work!! 😀

  11. Link's Awakening was the first Zelda game I ever played, and I thought I noticed something similar in the Shrine theme too! Thanks for the neat video.

  12. You, sir, need more views! This is the only accurate review of the hidden references this game makes. You're the only one that gets them all correct!

  13. The last one made me think about Midna's song when she's hurt by the Spirit of Hylia's Lake, in Twilight Princess :0

  14. I wated for this its amazing I heard this when I played the game and hoped for a video like this for the other people who didnt get this 😀 thank you

  15. This video is basically what I was hoping to find, I keep reading that there is more and more references so I want to compare them but I understand why you didn't archive every song.
    The set up you did for this was very good, thank you.

  16. Most of the music in BoTW is meant to represent the downfall of Hyrule. Some of that music also represents the falling of the old, such as the music in the ruins of the temple of time.

  17. Cant believe i just found this lol a year later than its upload. Nice work dude, the only farfetched referente i found wad the memory that had zeldas lullaby.

  18. One of my favorites has always been the music in Rito village because all it is just a slowed down version of the music fro Dragon Roost Island in the Wind Waker (which is my favorite Zelda game)

  19. There's also Rito Village having a slowed down version of Dragonroost Island's theme, but, everybody knows that one…
    Also, Zora's Domain theme is similar to the one from Ocarina Of Time…a little bit…

  20. Also, Sidon's theme and the music that plays while you fight Vah Ruta all have the leitmotif of Mipha's Theme. I guess that melody is specific to the royal zora family? Sidon's theme is basically a faster and happier version of Mipha's theme.

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