#SecretsFromTheSpa: Relaxing Breathing Tips | L’Occitane

#SecretsFromTheSpa: Relaxing Breathing Tips | L’Occitane

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Secrets from the Spa L’Occitane Relaxing breathing tips Hello Everyone! My name is Catherine,
I am a spa trainer at L’OCCITANE. Today I’m going to show you some exercices to breathe properly. Breathing techniques have many benefits on your well-being. Today, I’d like to show you a great anti-stress breathing exercise that will also increase your focus. You can do this exercise sitting or laying down. If you are sitting, make sure you are sitting on a comfortable chair with a back rest. Let’s start. First, inhale through your nose then exhale through your mouth. Now, while inhaling, inflate both your stomach and your chest. Place your hands on your chest and your stomach to feel the movement. Then exhale. Repeat the cycle ten times. To maximize the benefits of the exercise when you are at your maximum inhalation, try to hold your breath 3 to 4 seconds before exhaling. On exhalation, make sure you are breathing out slowly and deeply. You have to feel your chest and stomach are coming back to normal position. To boost the benefits of the exercise, you can also use essential oils for a complete sensorial experience. This is a very useful tip and you can do it at any time to relax, before a stressful event, to prepare your sleep, or to increase your productivity throughout the day. I hope you enjoyed this tip! Don’t hesitate to look at our L’OCCITANE YouTube channel to discover more tips from the Spa Team! Thank you!

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