Seth Opens Up On WWE HIAC Ending! Cain Velasquez Injured! Hogan vs Vince! Wrestling News!

Seth Opens Up On WWE HIAC Ending! Cain Velasquez Injured! Hogan vs Vince! Wrestling News!

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Here’s your News for October
9th 2019 We’re looking ahead to Friday today,
as it seems two expected WWE
matches are about to be made official. Yesterday, the company
announced a press conference
at noon Pacific time at the T-Mobile Arena is Los Angeles, where, stars
like Triple H, Braun Strowman, new
WWE Champion Brock Lesnar Paul Heyman, Cain Velasquez,
Tyson Fury and Rey Mysterio
will appear. As of last week, Lesnar Vs.
Velasquez and Strowman Vs.
Fury was reportedly planned for Crown Jewel on October 31,
and it seems this conference will
publicly confirm those matches.
Velasquez, who has made the
jump from UFC, debuting on
SmackDown’s premiere on FOX, attacking Lesnar just moments
after he won the WWE title
from Kofi Kingston. A confrontation between
Strowman and Fury also took
place during the blue show, which led to a brawl between
the two monsters headling the
latest Monday Night RAW. This press conference will take
place shortly before the start
of the WWE Draft though it is possible that the
Velasquez-Lesnar bout won’t
be announced. In his SmackDown debut, fans
will have noticed the big knee
brace on the former UFC UFC Heavyweight Champ’s leg
and Dave Meltzer noted on
Wrestling Observer Radio that the Lesnar match may
have to be postponed due to
Cain needing knee surgery. “They could do Cain [at
WrestleMania vs Brock Lesnar]
you know do a one and one, Cain gets the surgery and comes
back, but if Cain gets the surgery
I’m not sure he’s back if he gets full reconstructive
surgery on that knee… let’s
say he gets it in November, he’s missing Mania for sure, not
even a chance. Maybe he can
get minor surgery and be back…
maybe.” Given the star-power of
Velasquez, the WWE would be wise not to force him to compete at
Crown Jewel, though the Saudi
Arabian deal has led to many matches matches happening that fans would
never have believed. At this point, it seems all WWE can
do is wait and see how major of a surgery for the former UFC Champion
needs. From a former UFC Heavyweight
Champ to the reigning Universal
Champion, as Seth Rollins hasn’t had a great
time since Hell in a Cell. Retaining the title in a very controversial
way, the fans at the Golden One Center booed the show heavily, demanded a
refund and chanted for AEW. After one fan held a sign saying “Seth
Rollins is Not Cool”, the Beast Slayer went to Twitter to use it as a
hashtag in a tweet about
surviving and prevailing. While Rollins can talk about Surviving
and prevailing all he wants, the irony
is that the Beast slayer recently quit Twitter, after the site
proved to be too much, though not
before he criticized Sasha Banks. In a scathing tweet, Rollins called
out the boss for quote “under-
delivering and continuing to wonder why” she’s not in more main events,
and given that Sasha’s match at Hell
in a Cell was one of the best of
the night, whilst Rollins’ match ended
up a mess, this tweet definitely
hasn’t aged well. Rollins certainly has had an interesting
time trying to win over fans on Twitter,
as after calling WWE the best pro wrestling in the world,
got into a spat with Will O’Spreay,
that made the Universal Champion look very
petty when he compared the
pair’s bank balances. Clearly, the main event upset a lot
of fans, and this was reflected in
the red brand’s viewing figures, as the show averaged 2.33 million
viewers, down about 200,000
from last week. Whilst last week’s RAW did do
well thanks to the appearance
of legends like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, this sharp drop is
likely due to Hell in a Cell. Breaking it down, hour one
overage 2.44 million, which
dipped to 2.33 million in in hour two, before settling at
2.23 million in hour three. Though losing nearly a quarter of
a million viewers from last week’s
show isn’t good in any way, it could’ve been much worse, so
hopefully WWE will have learned
their lesson after Hell in a Cell. On this week’s RAW, the love
triangle between Lana,
Lashley and Rusev continued, culminating with a promo where a
topless Lana shared a bed with
the man who isn’t her husband. There was little remorse for the
Ravishing Russian, as she
explained the angle in a backstage
video last week, and recently
tweeted a picture to taunt her
estranged husband. In the tweet, Lana included a picture
of her and Lashley in bed together,
telling fans she was living her best life, as she doesn’t seem sorry
at all for breaking Rusev’s heart,
as well as his bank account. This isn’t the first time fans have
seen a love triangle in wrestling,
but we’ll just have to wait and see where this one goes, as it seems
that the Ravishing Russian is
having a lot of fun with her new role. Hall of Famer news now as Mike
Johnson of PW Insider reported
this week that 2012 inductee Edge Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on what
is being described as “WWE
business”, the same city where WWE’s head of Medical, Dr Joseph
Maroon is situated. Ever since Edge hit that spear on
the Summerslam kick-off show,
there has been speculating of one more match, and these rumors
grew recently when Edge
announced he’d be leaving the Edge & Christian Pod of
Awesomeness due to scheduling
and time constraints. Last week, Dave Meltzer reported
that Edge had signed a new deal to
stay with WWE after negotiating with another company, and though
it wasn’t said who was WWE’s
rivals in the negotiations, it’s likely
to have been AEW. Meltzer also revealed that the idea
of Edge returning had been “privately
discussed” backstage in WWE, but given the injuries that forced him
to retire in 2011, there is no guarantee he’ll be ever cleared for another
match. The timing of Edge’s visit to Pittsburgh
is interesting, given WWE’s Crown
Jewel show on October 31st and the Saudi deal has led to many
stars fans thought they’d never
see wrestle again do just that, including Shawn
Michaels and Goldberg. From one Hall of Famer to another
now, as Hulk Hogan has said he hopes to have one last match,
despite being 66 years old. Hogan, who was brought back to
the company earlier this year, will
be a part of Crown Jewel 2 and will coach five WWE Superstars with
Jimmy Hart, who will take on
Team Flair. Though the former WWE Champion is
set to get his 8th back surgery soon,
Hogan told the Los Angeles Times that he hopes to have a match
next month at WrestleMania 36, in
his hometown of Tampa, saying: “I talked to Vince, and I said I really
don’t know if I could live with myself
knowing my last match was with TNA. If I can get [my back]
fixed, I pray I can have one more
match. I told Vince, ‘When I get through this back surgery, I’m going to get in
the best shape of my life and we’re

we’re going to talk about me having
one last retirement match.’ I’d love for it to be against Vince. I
had such a great time with him in
the ring at WrestleMania 19. I had no idea what to expect from him,
but he’s a great bad guy. His timing
is great. I loved wrestling him, but everything he does hurts. When
you’re in the ring with someone
and they’re hurting you, you kind of pinch them on the wrist, and the
whole match I was doing that to
Vince. I was like, ‘Vince, take it easy!’ Everything he does hurts, but I’d like
to get in the ring with him one more
time for my last match.” Whilst Hogan may be gearing up for
one last match in WWE, William
Regal may be preparing for a real-life fight, as he has some
serious beef with British
Wrestling’s Knight family. Recently, Roy Bevis, brother of WWE’s
Paige, took to Facebook to blast
the NXT GM, claiming Regal was deliberately keeping
him and his family out of the company. “Been told I can’t go to WWE tryouts
because I threatened a NXT
trainer, or whatever. That’s bullshit. The bottom line is,
[William] Regal, we heard he was
slagging my family off,” claimed Roy. “A lot of wrestlers told us he was
slagging us off, calling us poutine
scum and my dad’s a gangster. I mentioned to Mr. Regal, ‘what’s your
problem with my dad, what’s your
problem with my family? Why do you keep blocking us? If
you got an issue, I’ll come on my own to meet you at any
venue in the world and we can have
a chat about it. Or a shoot fight, whatever you want to do. Kick the shit
out of each other, shake hands,
get done with it. ‘ He messaged my dad and was really
nice to my dad. I messaged him
saying, ‘it’s done. Thanks a lot.’ Men like to speak to each other
because that’s what most men do. I’m not a ‘Yes Man’ like most people
you hire. I don’t know why you
keep carrying this on. “And James Mason, who also works
for [Regal] at NXT, a good
friend of mine, slept with the mother of my child a year
after we split up, which is fine. I
asked him man-to-man ten years ago, ‘Did you do it?’ He said, ‘No.’ Then I
found out he did. At the end of the
day, just be honest in life. I would never change who I am. I am
a mental health advocate because
I’ve been abused and beat up as a child. And you’re not going to break me, mate. I’ll just carry on doing the Indie scene
because the UK Hooligans are
the best tag team around. The best-known tag team. You’re
never gonna stop me doing it. At
the end of the day, you should pick people on talent, not
because they give you a little
twisty. I will never do that If I never go to WWE, I never go.
That’s fair enough. But don’t keep
talking shit and blocking my family” Regal didn’t directly respond to the
claims on Facebook, but did
address them on Twitter, telling Roy to give him a call if he has
a problem, and also mentioned that
threatening a shoot fight with a WWE staff member probably
isn’t the best idea if you want
to get hired. Roy, who has also wrestled as Zebra
Kid and under his real name Roy Knight, has previous convictions for multiple
assaults and spent time in jail
for drunk driving, something that obviously WWE will
have considered when they’ve
deliberated on signing him. Though Regal may not be a fan of
him, one person who is is
Roy’s sister Paige, who recently said that WWE should
sign both him and their brother Zak,
though Paige also said she’d be
leaving Twitter, which ended up being a swerve, so
it’ll be interesting to see where
things go from here. While Paige’s time as a Superstar
came to an abrupt end last year, one woman is not doing so great
herself is Sasha Banks. After coming up short in her RAW
Women’s Title Hell in a Cell
match to Becky Lynch, the Boss was reportedly injured,
though the details of the injury
are uncertain. Though Banks reportedly said she
doesn’t want the information out there, someone clearly leaked it, though we’re
still not sure when she’ll be back. More Women’s division news now as
Dave Meltzer discussed the
recent angle on RAW that saw the Kabuki Warriors defeat
Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio,
Meltzer said that the plan is for an
Asuka-Becky feud, that will culminate with the Man
avenging her loss against the
Empress of Tomorrow. This week’s RAW saw a Champion’s
showcase tag team match, that ended when Asuka used the
green mist of Lynch to allow Kairi
Sane to get the pin, though the Irish Lasskicker took it upon
herself to wear the mist like a
badge of honor. For as good as Becky’s year has
been, it all started with a loss to Asuka
at the Royal Rumble, the same woman who took the
SmackDown Women’s title from her
at TLC 2018, and The Man even referenced this
on RAW, saying she’s been waiting
to fight Asuka for a long time. Many fans were surprised to see
Becky come out on top in her
feud with Sasha Banks and only time will tell whether Asuka
will be the one to take the RAW
Women’s title from her in the near
future. Although The Empress and the Man
may be locking horns very soon, one
Superstar fans haven’t seen in a while is Samoa Joe, who has
been out with a broken thumb,
according to the PW Insider. Obviously, this injury isn’t the most
serious of ailments, and Joe is
expected to be back as soon as he can be cleared, though there is
currently no timetable for his return. With the WWE draft scheduled for
this Friday’s SmackDown and
next week’s RAW, could the former US Champion
return then? Tune in to find out. We’ve got some worrying news now
as more details have emerged on
the recent arrest of Jeff Hardy. A police report obtained by TMZ has
said that Carthage Police in
North Carolina received a tip of a reckless driver on
October 3rd, and traced the car
which belonged to the former
WWE Champion. When they found the parked car,
Hardy was parked in front of a
liquor store, and Jeff was seen with two cases
of beer as well as dried blood
on his nose. Being pulled over shortly after, Hardy
told police that the blood was from
a fight with his wife, though a domestic dispute charge
was not filed. Hardy admitted to taking two shots
of vodka, and after failing a
sobriety test, was reportedly uncooperative when
asked for a breath or blood sample. Hardy, who was arrested for
Public Intoxication earlier this year, was booked with Driving While
Impaired and Driving on a
Revoked License, and will have his day in court
on November 7th. In a statement, WWE said “Jeff
Hardy is responsible for his own
actions” and though he may be popular, we can’t help but wonder how many
chances Jeff will get before he’s
let go by the company. Speaking of the law, the case of
Zachary Madsen continues, as
fans will remember him as the man accused of assaulting
Bret Hart at the Hall of Fame. A stupid thing to do in a room full
of fighters, Madson had a court
date of September 9th, but after skipping that, he was
arrested by authorities and appeared
in court on September 24th. Now, Madsen will have another
hearing on November 12th,
though he isn’t in custody so time will tell whether he
actually shows up. At this time, Madsen is still facing two
counts of assault in the third degree, as well as trespassing for jumping
the barricade, and if he is convicted, he could face one year in prison
for each assault charge. After all this legal drama, we’re going
to end on a lighter note, as WWE Studios is lining up another
TV project for the Big Show Paul Wight. Show already has a Netflix sitcom,
called The Big Show Show under
production, but this new show will see WWE team
with ITV America’s partner
Thinkfactory Media and has the working title ‘Big
Show Vs. The World: A Giant Abroad.’ Although the series doesn’t have a
home yet, it has been shopped
around to several networks and streaming services according
to the wrap, and in our opinion who wouldn’t want to watch the former
World Champion travel the world to
dig into local mysteries and legends? With his in-ring career seemingly over,
it seems that Show isn’t quite finished
entertaining fans around the world.

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