She inhaled our kitchen!!!


Fire! Mum, wake up, fire! Fire Service, please. 34 Claremont Avenue, London W11 4BS. Thank you. Come on, let’s wait outside. Mum, come on, there’s a fire in the kitchen. I’m just putting something on. We’re gonna die if we don’t get out. It doesn’t matter what you wear. Come on! I just hate all my clothes. Why have I never got anything to wear? What shall I put on? I’m just so fat, fat, fat, fat. Why won’t my cells stop multiplying? Mum, there is a fire downstairs! We must evacuate the building now! Easy for you to say, you’ve got a bloody uniform! It’s nice that you Where did you get those? That’s about it, then. What’d you think could’ve caused it? Could’ve been a cigarette. Patsy! Where was she? She couldn’t be down there. She’d never let six grown men out alive. Patsy! She inhaled our kitchen! I just nodded off.

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