12 thoughts on “Shooting In French Quarter Leaves 11 Injured In New Orleans”

  1. Fake as the last 100+ No-Motive, No-connection to the dead, mass shooting drills pushed as real! Nobody is out at 3:30 in the morning, let alone ELEVEN people! This is a repeat of the Dayton Bar shooting, where the fake dead Derrik Fudge is alive and well because Dion Green used pictures of his real dad locked up for murder in Illinois until 2030! Derrik Fudge is the face of Lawrence Green! That's why they never have open casket public funeral services.

  2. Since the anti American leftist who are mostly foreigners, want to disarm America and force a hostile communist take over of our country, these fake shootings will continue until they either get thier way, or civil war starts.

    We already predicted there will be more fake shootings at least every month.

  3. Americans have the gun laws – and gun problems – that they deserve. AFAI have been able to discover, more Americans have died from gunshot wounds inflicted by other Americans within the USA than have been killed in all wars in which the USA has ever participated. This kind of cull rate strikes me as the best possible reason for supporting the Second Amendment.

  4. Free citizens return fire. Support concealed carry firearms. Soft targets are just sheep waiting to be slaughtered. 🐑

  5. Awww these poor foolish people should die from their injuries due to their own negligence. If they were really concerned for safety they would have taken owning a gun seriously

  6. A guy stabbed 2 to death in London and
    The act is known as terrorist attack, what is USA waiting to call this incident and hundreds past?? Still not called for what it is! El Paso, Florida, California, schools, bars, malls, etc. Etc DOMESTIC TERRORIZING CITIZENS!

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