Sidon ~ Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Song ~ (Gaston – Beauty and the Beast PARODY)

Sidon ~ Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Song ~ (Gaston – Beauty and the Beast PARODY)

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Nooooo one – Grins like Sidon, bucks up chins like Sidon. No one has those incredible – fins like Sidon. For there’s no Zora here half as manly, As the son of our great king Dorephan. You can search all the coral and algae But Sidon is the best in the sea and on land. No one, Swims like Sidon, flexes limbs like Sidon, No one rushes to help flood the Dins like Sidon. I’ll do all that I can to assist our champion! My what a guy, that Sidon! Give five, koroks! Give ten, rupees! Sidon is the best sea anemone! Whoa! No one fights like Sidon, works through nights like Sidon, In a shark attack, nobody bites like Sidon! I’m unrivaled in rampant enthusiasm! Ha! Ten points for Sidon! When I was a lad, my dear sister told me, of the Hylian champion named Link. Now, a century later I’ll fulfill her dream! And I’ll help him save us from the brink! No one , Dives like Sidon, saves our lives like Sidon. No one makes us feel warm and alive like Sidon! I use seaweed in all of my decorating! Whoa! My what a guy- Sidon!

100 thoughts on “Sidon ~ Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Song ~ (Gaston – Beauty and the Beast PARODY)”

  1. I don't know if you know this but apparently Sidon's voice actor saw this video so congrats! This is the link to Revali's voice actor's tumblr who I found this out from!

  2. Me before playing BotW: "Why is everyone making a big deal over this Sidon guy?"

    Me after playing BotW: "Damnit Link, you could have had this amazing guy as family, you idiot!"

  3. ;-; this is hands down the best video i have ever laid my eyes upon sniff sniff so amazing

  4. So apparently the voice actors of Sidon and ravioli saw this and this is combustible-lemons' bakugo video all over again

  5. This song is so nostalgic for me because I did beauty and the beast for my school play. And the touch of a sexy fish helps.

  6. Gosh this disturbs me to see this, Sidon.
    Zora Domain's in the dumps.
    Every guy would love to help you, Sidon.
    Even when they are just chumps.

    There's no one around as admired as you.
    You're everyone's favorite guy!
    Everyone's awed and inspired by you,
    And it's not very hard to see whyyyyyy!

  7. Very funny parody but it doesn’t fit Sidon to be honest. He would not tell others that they cannot be as good as him. He would tell everyone that they can do it and that he believes in them to be even better than him.

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