Simple Meditation Techniques : Proper Breathing in Meditation

Simple Meditation Techniques : Proper Breathing in Meditation

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Breath is extremely important when we’re talking
about meditation. You cannot come to a meditative state without acknowledgment of the breath.
Since the purpose of meditation is to bring us into the present moment, into our body
and into our senses in the present moment, the one way that never fails to get us there
is to focus on the breath. When you inhale and you’re thinking to yourself, I’m inhaling,
you cannot help to be in your body in the present moment. That’s what’s happening. You
are alive, you are breathing and you are here. And as you exhale, bring the focus to the
movement of the breath as if it’s moving out of the body. Same thing, you cannot help but
live in the breath in the moment. Now when you are able to simplify things to that level,
you can bring your focus to anything you like or you can continue sitting with the breath
and your inner world becomes quieter, becomes more peaceful. And when your inner world is
a place that you enjoy, a place that you can stand, then the outer world becomes more joyous
and more fun. You become curious and you become interested. It’s amazing the shift you can
make when you bring the focus inward and get to know the breath.

29 thoughts on “Simple Meditation Techniques : Proper Breathing in Meditation”

  1. i have a question when i was doin a breathing meditation i dont know after a while of meditating my body felt very light and i started hearing the bbbbbbbbgbbbbbbbbbbbbgbgbgb noice can any 1 tell me what was that that thank you

  2. Your perceptions are helpful to me. Many other people try to shroud meditation in mystery. our comments on breathing and insight meditation enable me to focus and not chase someone elses concept of perfection. I can't meditate if I'm all wrapped up in whether I'm doing correctly or not. Meditation isn't supposed to make you crazy.

  3. I love your video because it talks about the concept on breath and everything that wintermt10 was right on awesome job. Best meditation video I have seen so far thumbs UP

  4. @MrJivePirate So does the present Pope. It goes to show that we should not be the sheep following the shepard but to use our logic. Clearly when when we want to be spiritual by learning meditation, first thing to consider is to cultivate love and compassion towards all beings as oppose to allowing one's stomach to be a graveyard of animals.

  5. @MrJivePirate You don't have to justify your action. We all have free will to some extent. Just be aware of the Universal Law of Karma, be it good or bad.

  6. I have a question if I want to exercise, when is it good to do it, example, can I do it before meditating or is that out of the question because it accelerates the heart rate??? is it better to do it after? I have a very limited time : from 6 p.m. until around 9 p.m. for both exercise and meditation so what should I do???

  7. i'm also an atheist and meditate. its just a great way to clear the mind and center your thoughts. it make yours happiness and productivity exponentially increase.

  8. sp i just should focus on the breath and taking a road through happiness and experience to learn from to increase concentration and energy, it does help me meditation but now i am feeling that i am at a point were i am stuck, then comes the learning how to advance, every excercise will take me closer 😀

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    Great video!!!

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