Singaporeans Try: Don’t Flinch Challenge

Singaporeans Try: Don’t Flinch Challenge

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Is it gonna fly out at him? Oh god! Hi! – Hello!
– Hello! Are you good at keeping your composure? I’m good right until you asked me to. Yea. Oh my god. Now I feel like I’m just gonna explode everywhere. I think jumpscares right, the music will lead you up. So it’s like, *imitates music getting louder*. Then, suddenly got no music. But what if someone… Bah! Walao… If you would like to refer to our SG Try episode where we tried the game… What kind of things make your hair stand? I’m very hairy. Then every time I’m in like an air-con room, then all my arm hair’s just like… – Me too!
– Mari kita. Not that kind of hair stand! Oh, okay. The cold. There was this period of time last year right, my whole Facebook wall right, – was someone tagging Adria Alyssa Tham.
– The lizard! Yea! Then it’s like, lizard and eggs, lizard and eggs, – lizard and eggs behind the door kind.
– Yea! Then I’m like… Damn disgusting you know! I don’t dare to open my eyes. – It’s like five people.
– Then I remove my tag. You know the phobia videos? – Trypophobia.
– Trypophobia. Or those with a lot of holes. Wah, I can’t take it. You know how some people like to watch pimple popping? I knew you were gonna say that! It just makes me cringe. On today’s episode of Singaporeans Try, we are going to be doing a Don’t Flinch Challenge! – Means like, I cannot move?
– Wah. You cannot move. I confirm flinch. Ooh my god, if you come near my body I will scream. – Better check the backdrop now.
– We are ready. Anyone hiding behind? Huh?! Wah. Okay, okay, okay. From now on we’ll be as cool as a cucumber. Oh my god. I’m actually… *Sounds from background* Did you hear that?! – I think I better just take off my specs.
– Satanic music. Satanic, oh. This is some weird music… Oh no, he’s gonna bite us like a shark. I’m trying not to blink. He’s going to bonk us. Here we go. That’s so cute and funny. I tried to hold it in. I was like… Cannot do it. This is me walking to McDonald’s when it’s closed. I’m gonna win this challenge. John, we’re gonna ace this. Yea. No, no, no, it’s gonna… Oh! Oh my god, it’s not… What the fudge! Got eggs. It’s spiders. It’s gonna be many spiders. Oh I hate this shit. Neh. Hah! Neh. What is that. I thought when you hit the broom on the spider, the spider will jump at you or something. Yea. I’m so glad I don’t have my glasses on right now. Yea, to me it just looks like sesame seeds. I hate seeing this shit! Oh. *Motorcycle revving sounds* I cannot! x9 Oh god! Why?! Oh my god! Ugh! What is that? That is a f*******… – That is a pimple popping.
– Okay, I’m flinching because I hate it! Maggots… Pus? Maggots or pus? Maggots in some animal… Huh. – I cannot! x5
– Oh my god, it’s really bad. Oh my… This is… Oh my god. This is… This is the ones that I really don’t like. That was kind of gross. I always watch this kind of videos, Bei. Oh, she’s like… Why you replay?! Why you replay?! No! How are you okay with this?! Okay, I was more affected by the little holes that it left behind… – Ya. Okay, I am getting goosebumps right now.
– ‘Cause, trypophobia is like… You got flinch at any? Nope. Can I hold on to my heart? You can hold on to my sleeve. This is a man feeding his snake specimens. Oh god. Help him. This snake is temperamental. Like, just eat it. I love snakes. This man is super skilled. – This is the most chill…
– Is like… Chill what? Chill guy? Yea. The most chill zookeeper in the history of zookeepers. Yea man. I hate the freaking build up. – Oh my god, please.
– Is the snake gonna kill the guy? Jesus man! What the hell! Is it gonna fly out at him? Oh god! Oh my god! I’m so angry! Well, I died. I’m not afraid of snakes. But, I think the whole danced that he had with that snake built up all the tension, you know? I thought the troublesome snake is the flinch. Yea! – Like, keep coming out, then like…
– Yea, yea, yea. Oh my god! I hate it! It’s not even a scary cartoon! It’s a very cute cartoon! This is already how I torment her on a daily basis. I’m not even touching you, calm down! 3, 2, 1. I just said “Hello.” Time’s up. What the? That was so fast. I didn’t know what to do! Okay, fine. That counts right? Time’s up. Oh! Ra whispering into my ear is a treat! Let me prepare my ear for you. Here’s the thing I don’t want to get to close to you either. Oh my god! You say it as if you’re disgusted by me! No! Not you! 2, 1. Why you flinch?! Time’s up. Her voice suddenly got phlegm. Very funny! She, “let’s go to the beach, -each.” Then I decided that I don’t know the second line then I say, “I got lizard.” Time’s up. Not bad right? Oh damn, you’re good. You like this. Time’s up! What the f***? Oh shit, I wasted time by announcing that I wasn’t great. Ooh! You know I do to myself also very tickly! Okay, just so you know, this is actually our normal sitting position at our desks. Let’s just compare our knee lengths though. Get a grip. Go. Why you move? Wait. I didn’t even touch her then she moved away! Easy game. ‘Cause I’m bad at tickles! It’s not ’cause you’re good okay? Okay, okay… *sounds of struggle* I literally placed it on top. Then she senget(tilted). Meanwhile, I’m just enjoying the nice knee cap massage you’re providing me. Time’s up. Did you almost? Actually, that was quite shiok(enjoyable). Wah! Chee ****! What the heck! – Oh, I know what this is!
– What is this? – This is the head massager.
– Firework. Oh, I love this. This is amazing. But if we do it for each other, I think you will flinch. Oh! Cannot! Cannot! Cannot! Who does this for pleasure? Ow! You’re too fast! Oh. Sorry, oh. You just left it on my head. *Loud thud from Ra kicking the table* Oh god! That was a jumpscare for me! Time’s up. I almost died. Oh my god, don’t stop this is shiok. That’s not even hygienic! Actually, I’m not sure if this is grosser for who, you know? For the person who’s sticking into the ear or, – for the person who’s receiving the finger.
– We had this debate. Please lick your finger. That’s such a weird direction to shout. I’m trying to get my mouth wet enough, it’s so dry. – I’m so nervous.
– Wow, wow, wow, wow. Okay, okay. Wild, wild, wild(Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts). Okay, ready? Did you clean your ears? Yea, have. Okay. But you’re gonna help me clean it some more. Need to accumulate, *clears throat*. Ooh my god. Hey! Yours is damn wet, bro! Okay, I dab, I bad, I dab. I dab, I dab. Wait, I feel like I need to use this hand. Wah, damn disgusting. Ugh! Ugh! *Inaudible shrieks* Oh god! It was so warm and moist. Look, we flinched but we did it. I haven’t put in! That is damn disgusting! That is really damn gross! Okay, stop. This feels freaking weird. That was gross. Don’t touch me with that! How was the challenge? This is by far the most disgusting SG Try I’ve ever been on! Yea, there are some parts where I didn’t flinch but it definitely made my skin crawl. That part of me is so drained right now. Yea, I feel like I’ve aged three years. I appreciate good comedy, and that swimming pool one, was very funny. Which one made you flinch the most? Dog one, confirm dog one, confirm dog one, Everything. That thingy. The snake one. It was just so surprising. I hated the snake one. I wanted to launch myself into the next room. This is what is happening in Renae’s mind right now okay? There’s nothing else, it’s just the snake. It’s singed into my brain. Like, when I look at y’all, I see the snakehead in the centre.

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  1. The smart local contents are getting boring and boring. 😢 I wonder do they even realise that? Or I am watching too much of the same contents from other YouTubers?

  2. flinching




    making a quick, nervous movement as an instinctive reaction to fear, pain, or surprise.

    "he gave a flinching sideways glance, as if he were about to be reprimanded"



    the making of a quick, nervous movement as an instinctive reaction to fear, pain, or surprise.

    "there can be no flinching in the face of our duty"

  3. walau so i was eating my mac and cheese while watching this video then got the snake jumpscare ,,,,, my mac and cheese went everywhere help la HAHA


  5. Why. Would you put pictures of people's fears. On screen. When it might lead to anxiety… It's literally called phobia… Could have at least included a warning right before the phobia parts like "skip to … if you have …phobia". Not cool tsl 🙁

  6. Omg I laughed every time John and Adria didn't flinch 😂😂😂
    I was 😐 the entire video except the maggots 😒

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