Skin Care I Pimples – Causes & Home Remedies I పింపుల్స్ తగ్గాలంటే I Telugammai (తెలుగమ్మాయి)

Skin Care I Pimples – Causes & Home Remedies I పింపుల్స్ తగ్గాలంటే I Telugammai (తెలుగమ్మాయి)

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Hi Friends, Welcome to Telugammai Your Srividya Today i am discussing about Pimples Causes of Pimples and what care we have to take I want to share with you Pimples are common skin disease 85% of people will get pimples Not only for girls, boys also will get pimples We will feel itching, irritation, when we get pimples Skin also becomes dry Why pimples will come…? Over production of oil or oily skin Bacteria in the pores No proper cleaning of the skin No proper skin care causes Pimples I will give you some tips If you get pimples Dont touch that place Dont squeeze the pimples We have to take care of pimple Most of the people will scratch the pimples Touching it, squeezing the pimple If you do like that After pimples gone dark spot will form on the skin Thats why we should not touch that area Dont squeeze the pimple We have to take more water So our skin will be hydrated instead of dryness Water is good for our skin Dont feel more stress Follow these to avoid black spots I will tell you Home remedies to control pimples We will get Aloe Vera in every homes Or we can get Aloe Vera gel in the market We have to apply Aloe Vera gel at the pimple Give a little massage to it It helps in curing the pimple Aloe Vera contains more water So it will hydrate our skin from outside Aloe Vera gel also helps us as a Moisturizer for our skin It will prevent our skin from Dryness It will Moisturizer our skin So we can use Aloe Vera Gel Pimples also cause from Bactria in our skin pores Aloe Vera has anti bacterial, anti inflammatory properties So Aloe Vera helps in reducing the pimples Naturally Next one is honey, we will get in every home We can also apply honey to the pimples We will get good results We have to apply to the pimples to cure them Honey acts as a cleanser, which removes bacteria from our skin If there is any waste in our skin Honey will remove it Honey also acts as antioxidant Next one is Garlic It is very important It will reduce bad cholesterol Now we are discussing about the pimples Garlic also helps in preventing the pimples In every curry we have to add garlic It is very useful for our health If we take care when we get pimples We can prevent dark spots If we take care, pimples will cure naturally I think that this tips are useful to you I am telling you natural home remedies to control them With out using any chemicals I had tries these, when i got pimples Try these tips and Home remedies If you want more videos like these, Subscribe to my Channel – Telugammai Thank you for Watching

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