Smelly Toilet? 9 Easy Steps to Resolve. Pay Zero


have you ever cleaned your toilet really well but within an hour it still stinks of urine get out young Ben part-time plumber full-time dad and husband so your toilet stinks well there’s a good reason for that and in this video we’ll make you aware of several clues to look out for so you can clearly understand why this is happening to you and your toilet do you frequently find the toilet seat in the up position you’ve got a bookcase that looks like this your house is generally noisy you’ve got a double-decker bus parked in one of the bedrooms you’ve got a sandpit with hardly any utensils to make even a mud pie you’ve got little tykes car getting serviced in your lounge room and you’ve got a cubby with no soft furnishings you got members of your family who prefer to be carried like this you’ve got books about dinosaur on your toilet floor you’ve got members of your family that use alphabet letters upside down to make words and then you realize they’re actually rude words you find nerve ports in just random locations so if you’ve answered yes to one or any of these questions it’s pretty clear your house is infested with boys now in boys do a number one standing up I’m not sure how but the urine magically finds its way underneath the seat so now you really only have two options you could wait until it become men and leave home but that might take up to 40 years well the other option is take the toilet seat up completely and give it a good thorough clean and that will stop the smell and this is how to remove the toilet seat so you can really clean under it first of all need to put on your hazard suit three pair of thin gloves one pair of thick gloves and gas masks find the wingnuts under the seat and undo them lift the toilet seat up and towards you clean away all the dry gold crystals causing the smell and don’t forget to clean under the lip of the toilet where the seat sits also then apply the same amount of love to the sea running the seat and the hot water gives it its best result Oh buddy not in the kitchen sink in the trough what do you do reinstall the seat bolts and then place the toilet seat back on top of the toilet put on the wing nuts just loosely and adjust it make sure it’s nice and square and then when you’re happy then you can tighten up the wing nuts as they say in Holland success but if one day an eerie silence falls over your house don’t just assume that the boys are gone they’re probably just planning an ambush but it’s a thought of cleaning under your toilet seat gives you the bejeebies the next time myself or one of my guys I’m maintaining the plucking on your house arts Gus and will clean it for you just get beautiful plumbing a call on 1300 four five four triple word so just give beautiful plumbing a call on set ah just get beautiful so just get beautiful climb in come on

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