Somi’s sister Evlin runs away from Jinkyung because of her breath![Sister’s SlamDunk 2/2017.05.19]

Somi’s sister Evlin runs away from Jinkyung because of her breath![Sister’s SlamDunk 2/2017.05.19]

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Now… While you’re all fighting, the teacher will come in and smack the podium. – “What’s going on?” / – Yes. Then you all look towards the teacher. The trench coat looks good on you. (An angry Hyungsuk comes in to quiet the class) Action! – Get off me! / – You little punk! – Hey! Hey! / – Who is this string bean? (Watching a fight is so much fun) Hey, hey, hey! You brats! What are you doing in class? Hey! Try to be more like Minzy. Sit down! You all have to freeze when the teacher comes in. But the teacher came in smiling. – Director, in this scene… / – Yes. Hyungsuk comes in and slaps the desk. They all freeze and look back for one second… – And then… / – Right. (How dare you ignore me?) (Great) Very nice. Teacher, why did the color of your pants change? Why did the color of your pants change? (An unplanned fashion show) Let’s give a hand to Mr. An for his passion. You brought a few more pairs of pants, right? Good, you have more pants. This is where the teacher needs to act. Ready. Why did you make it so difficult? (Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2) (The action scene is starting to look real) Nice! (Somi’s actions have become flashier) (Nervous) (Go!) Hey, hey, hey! What’s going on here? You’d better sit down! Sit down now! Sit! (Gosh) Keep going? Cut. Wasn’t his acting awkward? He’s smiling! I just can’t get angry. The teacher was smiling. – You’re supposed to be angry. / – I smiled too much? (Shucks) (He’s always smiling) (Help me, I can’t stop smiling) I had to act like I was angry at such sweet girls. I wish I was able to act a bit angrier. It’s kind of a shame. (They continue to shoot with ever-smiling Hyungsuk) What’s going on here? – Whatever! / – Whatever! Hey! Sit down now. Stop fighting and sit down. Try to be more like Minzy. You brats… Okay, cut. Here they are. – Hello, everyone! / – Hello! Evelyn, say hi. Say hello. My concept for today is a studious student that doesn’t get into fights. What was the highest ranking you got as a student? Second place? – Second place? / – What grade were you? There were only two people? She said two people… I got a scholarship. You got a scholarship? Yeah. What about you? – Huh? / – What about you? I always sat in the back. In the back like this. – In sweat pants? / – Like this. – Right. Of course. / – With slippers on. Of course. Don’t do what I did. Make sure you study hard. I always tell Somi to study hard. I did well on my midterms, Sook. – Good. Come here. You did well? / – Yes. – Good job. / – I did well. You did well on your midterms? What place are you? They haven’t told us yet but I checked my answers. – I did well. / – You did well? You’re in the higher ranks? I didn’t get that many wrong. So Minzy… We’ll get an individual shot of you. (The shy bookworm Minzy finds studying easy) What am I supposed to do? – Just act like you’re studying. / – Okay. How convenient. All I have to do is study. Action. I played a bookworm. It’s a role that really suits my personality. Minzy, you didn’t spend much time in school? I had to keep practicing. It was when I was preparing for my group’s album. So I never got to apply for college. I had a lot of aspirations to study. So I invested in my education myself. I got it for all 3 years. I studied hard and they gave me a scholarship. I’d say I was the model student. Jinyoung, act cute for them. Viewers, you guys! Chaeyoung, act cute. I’m Han Chaeyoung! (The Unnies can bring out their cuteness) We’re all acting cute. I’m 43 years old. So pretty. Hello. I’m Jinkyung. (Laughing) Jinkyung. – The hearts are disappearing. / – I love you all. Let’s have Evelyn act cute. – Evelyn. / – Evelyn, show us your cuteness. – Start. / – I had a dream of a ghost. So adorable! So cute. Gosh, you’re so cute. So cute. Your breath stinks. My breath does not stink. (Evelyn outs her on her stinky breath) (Gosh) Put her down. She wants to be saved. Stop joking around! – Stop joking. / – Save Evelyn. My breath stinks? My breath does not stink. – Your breath does stink! / – Hey! – Your breath does stink! / – Hey! My breath does not stink! Really, Evelyn? No, right? – Her breath really smelled bad. / – Hey! Gosh! – Hey! / – Geez, Jinkyung. (Feels wronged) I’m not someone that usually has bad breath. For real. Honestly. It’s not because it’s my breath. It really doesn’t smell. Evelyn seems a bit sensitive. A girl like her could later become a poet or… A painter or an artist. She can pick up faint scents that nobody else can. What a clever girl. Everyone saw that. This is nuts. How many people are on? – How many is this? / – 20,000. 20,000 people just heard that about you. Evelyn! Can you tell them it was just a joke? Where did she go? Evelyn! Evelyn. Evelyn ran away. Evelyn, you were lying when you said I had bad breath, right? Tell everyone that. – 1. 2. / – It wasn’t a joke. Hey! – You have bad breath! / – Hey! – Give me a kiss on my cheek. / – Kiss on the cheek. Chaeyoung. (A handsome music teacher will teach the class!) Action. So today, I’m going to introduce your new music teacher. Come on in. Nice to meet you. (Gosh) He’s so handsome. – Do you have a girlfriend? / – Are you single? – I’m getting married soon. / – Gosh! How long has it been? – We dated for 10 years. / – Gosh! – Do you love her? / – Yes, I love her. (Heartthrob) – You’re going to get married? / – I should. You don’t know that until the wedding! (These high school girls know too much) We’ll sing at your wedding. A wedding song? ♪ Marriage is insane ♪ ♪ That’s what I think ♪ (Gosh…) (Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2) Hello. Nice to meet you. – I’m Jang Jinyoung your music teacher. / – Wow. Nice to meet you. He’s handsome. – How old are you? / – What’s your name? Are you an only child? I have a younger sibling. Teacher, are you rich? No. I’m broke. I’m in massive debt. You’re in a lot of debt? A bit. – Sook will pay it off for you. / – Pardon? I wouldn’t let my husband work. (Now that music class starts!) (Bookworm Minzy gets excited and changes?) ♪ What do you think I dream about? ♪ (Everyone is having fun) (The quiet bookworm starts to stand up) (She throws off her glasses) (She undoes her hair) (Bookworm Minzy gets pumped up) (Let’s party, ninano) (That girl is so cool!) (Let’s party together, ninano) (This shy bookworm has hidden talents) Are you leaving? – We’re going. / – We should go. We’re just getting in the way. Bye, Evelyn! Things were really nice today because Evelyn was here. Evelyn. Bye, Matthew. We’ll see you all next time. – Bye. / – Goodbye. – Thank you. / – Evelyn. You should go too. – Evelyn, you have to go now. / – Sweetie. Sweetie. Evelyn, give me a hug. Evelyn, I want a hug too. (Auntie Jinkyung) Not from behind. Hug me from the front. I’m coming again next week. – Okay! / – Yeah, come next week. – Bye! / – Bye, Evelyn. Get home safe. (Who is working with the flashy neon sign?) I pretend there’s one there? So you’ll be sitting and the karaoke owner comes in. – Okay. / – So the owner comes in and… (A man walks onto the set) (A teacher that really loves his student) – You’re the karaoke owner? / – Yeah. You are? (Yewon can’t sing at karaoke) (She waits for a meeting of destiny) I was a vocal music major. I can’t sing. I don’t sing. (She met Wonjong and came to enjoy singing!) Goodness! He texts you late at night! I hope you two become a couple. He called me his best pupil. He wants to continue to teach me so that I’m good at singing. (Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2) (High school student Yewon can’t sing) (No matter how hard she tries) (She can’t overcome her trauma…) (The karaoke owner watches from afar!) You’re going in now. (He steps in to intervene!) Why aren’t you singing? You look like a great singer. From looking at you, you need to use your back. Try using your back. Like this. Curve your back. Right. Use your back. That’s it. Sing like that. Use your back. Your back. Got it? Here, have some more water. (Laughing) Wow, that was really funny. Wasn’t this a bit weird? No, no. It was really funny. Super funny. Very nice job. Aren’t you standing too far back? I’m his best pupil. His favorite pupil. – I’ll see you next time. / – Okay then.

100 thoughts on “Somi’s sister Evlin runs away from Jinkyung because of her breath![Sister’s SlamDunk 2/2017.05.19]”

  1. Omo the caption is weird bad breath!!!! I feel bad for unni jinkyung + evelyn
    Its like Michael = Maikal xD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I dont like the tall girl that was a model she doesnt look like one and she ruins the group with her face and dance and acting and attitude

  3. I love both seasons. i do miss la miran… and jessi… and hyorin…. i miss them all!! why can’t they be there?

  4. Aigoo I Can’t handle Somi’s Cuteness I wish I have a family like there’s happy and living peacefully😤😤😤

  5. I love it when Sook shows her motherly side when it comes to Somi. Checking up on her studies, telling her to eat more and just keep babying her.

  6. kids are brutally honest 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so I believe Evelyn was speaking the truth!

  7. Evelyn is so freakin cute. Guys you should watch her interviewing Dua Lipa. Evelyn should sign with Blacklabel too like Ella gros did.

  8. I feel like both Evelyn and somi are no filter girls, not hating but mayyyybe they should've been raised better

  9. omg how in the world they were so many chaeyoung idol?
    1. Park Chaeyoung ( Rosè from blackpink)
    2. Son chaeyoung ( chaeyoung from twice
    3. Han Chaeyoung ( maybe from orther groups

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