Somnifix Sleep Strips: Unboxing & Review

Somnifix Sleep Strips: Unboxing & Review

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Hi, I’m Dr. Mark Burhenne of So, today I want to talk to you about a very important product, the category is very important as well, and that is mouth tape. So, a lot of you may not know what I’m talking about but it’s exactly what maybe you’re thinking and that is taping your mouth closed when you go to sleep, of course. You can tape during the day if you want but that’s not very practical. So anyway, this is the Rolls-Royce product in the category it’s called Somnifix. My wife is actually crazy about this product. It’s about $20 a box. It gives you 28 pieces of mouth tape, individually wrapped. You can reuse the tape. I think we can get about three to five uses out of each tape. So, that gives you an idea of what it costs per night to tape but… So, why would you want to tape? What’s the big deal about mouth taping? The reason you want to mouth tape is because you’ll sleep better and you’ll produce more nitric oxide. And you may actually be able to balance the pH of your blood better. So, breathing is very important. Certainly, during the day while you’re awake but certainly, at night. You need to have your mouth closed. Now, there are some dental benefits to having your mouth closed at night. If you mouth breathe all night long, or even part of the night, you’re gonna get a dry mouth. You’re gonna get more cavities. You’re
gonna get more gum disease. And you’re gonna probably get some bad breath. A dry mouth is not an optimal condition for the inside of the mouth, the intraoral parts of the mouth. So anyway, Somnifix or mouth taping is a great way to solve those problems. I know that I’m very worried about getting gum disease because of the implications of gum disease. And if I can fix it quickly by just putting some tape on at night, I will do it. And I tape every single night. I sleep better. I feel better if I tape. So anyway, there are some tidbits on mouth taping, why should mouth tape. I would recommend using this product first because, and this is the purpose of the video, is that surgical tape, which is the product that I first recommended because this wasn’t available, surgical tape, don’t use duct tape please, surgical tape is a little sticky. It’s hard to peel off in the morning. You’ll never suffocate in the middle of the night. The tape comes off, with a struggle perhaps, but it will come off. But you know I have short beard hairs here, that hurt. Sometimes I pull off some skin. If I have chapped lips, I’ll pull off a piece and I’m sore all day long. That won’t happen with this tape. This tape is a lot more kind to your sensitive lip tissues. And it also has a little vent in it so just in case you get a little nervous there is a vent and that gives a lot of security to a lot of people that are a little nervous about mouth taping. And there are a lot of people that are nervous about mouth taping but I encourage you to try mouth taping. You’ll feel the difference. Give it 10 days. Most people feel the difference the next morning. Try it. See if you like it. I would recommend starting off with this because it’s the most comfortable, least threatening, just the warm fuzzy of all mouth tapes out there. So, in this video, I’m going to just open the box and show you what it’s like to mouth tape. This does have FDA approval for adults. I actually recommend it for children in my practice but I show them how to do it. And we can do vertical taping with surgical tape. There are lots of options. There’s a great little booklet in here that I encourage you to read. I believe it’s available online as well, the information. People that wear CPAPs, oral appliances, people that have sleep apnea can wear this. You know the old standby was the chin strap which wasn’t a great thing to use. But even if you don’t think you snore. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, young, try mouth taping to see what the effect is. If you wake up with a dry mouth in the morning, you should definitely be trying mouth tape. So, there’s a little groove on one side of the package. There it is. You tear that down and out. You pull the mouth tape out. So, okay. Now there’s a little vent. You can see the vent. There’s a smooth side and a rough side. And like a decal, you have to kind of pull them apart. There it is. Okay. And there’s a sticky side. It’s got great adhesive, it’s soft, it’s slightly elastic. Because I have some facial hair, I have to pucker up a little bit and kind of catch the fleshy part of the lips. Everyone’s a little different but I would use a very relaxed posture of the lips so that you’re not held in a place all night long in a non-relaxed position. So, make sure you’re comfortable with the position of your lips before you stick this on there. So, I’m just going to kind of relax, close my lips, and maybe just pucker out a little bit. So again, that’s because I have facial hair. So, here we go. Comes off if you need to in the middle of the night and this is a great test for you as well. I use it as a differential diagnosis in my practice. What that means is that if I have the patient accept the whole idea of mouth taping and if it keeps coming off at night, I know that they have an issue with nose breathing. And then I give a referral to an ENT and that problem gets fixed. If it stays on and they’re happy, that’s a great thing, too. And that reassures me, especially when I’m treating someone with sleep apnea, that they can breathe through their nose. So anyway, I can reuse it. That’s how you mouth tape. It’s easy. It should be fun. I’d recommend everyone, you know, your partner, everyone, try mouth taping. See what happens. You have nothing to lose except a really good night’s sleep and a good day the next day. So, try Somnifix. So, I just peeled it off instead of popping my lips open. Another reason this tape is so great that when I use surgical tape, I have this funny taste for probably a few hours in the morning. And also, as I told you before, I pull off some skin sometimes. But this doesn’t leave any residue and it’s still sticky. Usually, what my wife and I do, we just leave it at the edge of our bed like that, at the edge of our night table and it’s there the next evening. Easily picked up again and reused. So again, this is the Rolls-Royce of mouth tape. If you’re interested in mouth taping, go right to this don’t play around with surgical tape like I’ve been using for a while because it’s a pain in the neck. And I want your first experience of mouth taping to be a good one. So, because I really like this tape and I want people to try it and I want people to try it at least for ten days, I reached out to the company and I was able to get the viewers of this video a discount on buying their first box. So, look in the description below and you’ll see that there’s a discount code for saving some money on your first order of Somnifix. If you want to hear more about mouth taping, which we are always talking about, subscribe to this YouTube channel and you’ll get a lot more information about mouth taping. Again, thanks for watching this video. If you have more questions about this, I’d love to hear about what you think of mouth taping. It’s one of my favorite subjects but I like hearing what the reactions are. And why maybe you wouldn’t want to mouth tape because I have an answer for you. You should try mouth taping. Thanks for watching this video!

6 thoughts on “Somnifix Sleep Strips: Unboxing & Review”

  1. Buy bandaids that stick really well. Put one on your mouth slant ways. Cut the bandaid so that the sticky part is only on your lips. There. I saved you about 15 dollars. You even get the little slant to breathe a little bit from the white part of the bandaid.

  2. I am a mouth breather on
    bi-pap. My mouth will even open so far as to catch the bottom of a full face mask in my mouth. Somnifix alone isn’t strong enough to keep my mouth closed. But what you said about surgical tape is also true. My solution is a bit expensive because I find quite often I can’t use the Somnifix more than once. I place a Somnifix then place a 2 inch piece of surgical tape over it. This keeps my mouth closed rather well. Removing it all in the morning is not as painful as removing just surgical tape alone.

  3. I have asked Somnifix directly if this does contain formaldehyde which is used in many tapes and it is known carnicogen. Never got the answer which is not very reassuring…

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