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squalene squalane what is the difference between the two so today we’re going to
be talking about those two ingredients in skin care and how it may affect your
skin stay tuned so both of those are lipids and they are contained in
human sebum and actually in human sebum it can contain up to 30% of squalene so
it’s also found in fish liver oil such as shark liver but it’s also found in
plants and non animal species such as rice bran palm oil olive oil so when you
see it’s saying that it is plant derived or non animal-based that’s usually where
it comes from squalene is actually a hydrocarbon and it actually consists of
six non conjugated double bonds which basically means that it is unstable and
it is prone to oxidation squalene is actually highly oxidative when exposed
to pollutants such as ozone and cigarette smoke and sensitive to oxygen
free radicals created in the skin such as you when we were as sensitive to
oxygen free radicals such as UVA and UVB radiation
so although squalene is a it’s a pretty popular facial choice for people I don’t
recommend squalene to oily skin and break out from
you know types of the reason why is because when squalene oxidizes it can
turn to peroxide which then instigates inflammation which it can increase
breakouts hyperpigmentation formation of wrinkles and rough skin so how the
sebaceous glands can respond to the peroxiadation of squalene is it increases
overproduction of oil and the peroxidation of the squalene and
glycerides now squalane L A N E is a derivative of squalene L E N E it’s
basically a hydrogenation of the squalene it’s more stable and it’s best
used in areas where you have dry rough patches of skin such as your elbows your
knees and or the bottom of your feet so obviously when used as a skin care
ingredient it serves as an emollient and a moisturizer and some people even use
it on their scalp so squalane so squalane is actually has some
antibacterial properties and can help the skin barrier remain intact which is
great for people who have dry skin type so if you haven’t caught that video on
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an art and skincare is a science thanks for watching

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