100 thoughts on “Stick Figure – Weight of Sound”

  1. This song is absolutely beautiful, Iโ€™ve been suffering from depression and things seem to all be falling apart. Once this song comes on it take all the negative energy away from me. The song up lifts me as if Iโ€™m actually escaping from reality. Thank you to the amazing Artist.

  2. umm..Me.. i deal with PTSD as a vet not tryinggg to boast but this stuff is awesome ASMR for me salute

  3. this my best song ever i hear in my life. best song. nice song. nice everything. still 4.20 onelove song

  4. No matter what keep your head up and your mind clear. Let your heart beat to the rhythm of love. Stay positive and stay loving ๐Ÿฅฐ

  5. this is such a beautiful song. only just come across it recently but it reminds me of my 3 favourite women …..my mrs my 2 daughters. <3

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    [H 261901 : SB 4/20]

  7. This song was my good vibe and happyness anchor on my first dmt hit it then becomes a transcending sound

  8. sounds silly but my bird finds a way to relax to this song, whenever i play it he will sit on me and close his eyes then fall asleep lol, love this song.

  9. So happy I got to hear this song live last August. I love stick figure, keep doing what youโ€™re doinโ€™!

  10. We all complimenting eachother cause we all high, but this is the purest form of love and community ive ever seen

  11. I heard this song for the first time thanx to a friend.

    We are not friends anymore.

    Whenever im sad i listen to this, it really does make me feel better, and it kind of reminds me that nice friend..
    Really really nice song.

  12. โ€œPlaying in your radio coming through your stereo and everybodyโ€™s getting down, you canโ€™t seem to let it go running like a video your haunted by the weight of sound. In your eyes you focus all the light, and for the night just relax and letโ€™s get high.โ€ My absolute favorite part!

  13. As a struggling 22 to year old in Houston Texas who has yet to find the person I hope is out there , this song helps my patient and anxiety . โœŒ๏ธ

  14. My little cousin donated his organs and they played this from when he was going to the operating room this was his favorite Song ๐Ÿ˜ญโค๏ธrip baby

  15. Going through an existential journey and stumbled across this song. I needed this so bad I absolutely love this song!

  16. Everthing became clear now, just let the natural smoke wash you, and remember : โ€œThe wound is the place where the Light enters youโ€.

  17. played this everyday for my son when he was in my wifes stomach, he loves stick figure cant wait for the concert in Vegas at the end of the year

  18. Since finding Stick Figure my soul has found it's place. I'm at peace at long last with the help of the music. Reditters>>>r/StickFigureFanClub

  19. Ever just turn off all your lights in the middle of night, put on this song while just staring into darkness and think about all your greatest s memories? If not, you should

  20. WOW!!! This song gives me such a strong feeling I can't even explain! Amazing song amazing feeling an vibes!! Please keep up the great work! StickFigure is stupid good music!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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