Stomach Slimming No Exercise No Diet Lose Belly Fat Side Fat Fat Chest Arm Super Fast 100% Success

Stomach Slimming No Exercise No Diet Lose Belly Fat Side Fat Fat Chest Arm Super Fast 100% Success

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hello guys do our come and game back to
my channel so today I am here again with another asmr and mukbang on weightloss and
removing of stomach fats, if you have stomach fats you have to subscribe to
this channel all right, today I have simple ingredients that you can use before bedtime and then go to sleep guys this is good if you have
bloating you will remove it overnight, alright so the first
thing you need is black seed see if you don’t have black seed see can use the
black seed or black cumin seed okay to prepare this I need one sachet
of this, this is bedtime drink sachet of your black tea CIT look like
okay so what I will do is to open another one I’ll show you how this look
like inside oh my god this is you see how this is this is I look like okay so
I’m gonna the next now do is add a pour hot water into the glass co good so what I’m going to do is to leave this
in the water for let’s see let me say 30 seconds, so why is in
the water I will add my lemon make sure you wash the lemon, good
you can decide to squeeze in the lemon or slice and put into the water, I’m
going to slice or I’m slicing this is you have to continue to
watch to see the fruit I’m going to use to eat and drink this tea I’m
going to eat it and drink the tea so continue to watch to know that fruits
alright so I’m going to wait for 30 to 45 seconds and I will remove the black
see, friend this is 30 seconds so I guess I’ll remove the tea and then I keep
this aside okay so I have to turn it this is so hot I’m going to drink this why it is hot, if
you don’t like taking hot tea just allow it to cool down and then you take okay,
I’m going to drink this, to get rid of stomach fat you have to
turn on your notification okay you have to also subscribe to the channel if you
have not subscribed because i will be uploading an effective video on getting rid of belly
fat and weight loss Black seed’s purported weight loss benefits are derived from its possible blood-sugar lowering effects. The theory behind keeping your blood sugar balanced is that it can help you lose weight and improve your health, have to do sweets and also get rid of
belly fat mm-hmm so this is today book back on weight loss and this is good I’m
going to I’m going to take them one of Substances that help keep your blood-sugar levels steady also help you control your appetite because they reduce your carbohydrate cravings, Black cumin seeds contain high levels of phytosterols. you can drink and eat green or red apple for effective result effective bedtime drink, black cumin helps with weight loss by improving glucose levels and glucose absorption I’m going to continue to sip or drink with my tablespoon, this taste Normal, is not better it’s not sweet, black cumin also contains extremely high quantities of oleic acid this lemon will help to detoxify your
body so if you also want to detoxify your body, drink this tea to look good and to look smart refresh This fatty acid accelerates the rate at which your body burns fat. this drink will also help to
improve your health I’ve got to know it’s in my Apple my friends I’m going to allow this to
cool down okay then continue to
drink it later okay you have to follow me to do this if you want to lose belly
fat Apples are low in calories and high in fiber if love this video give it a huge thumbs up I’ll
see you again my next video check out my previous video I have tons of video on
this channel check them out and to watch all of them, I will see again in my next video bye

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