Stomach ulcers home remedy | Natural and Home Remedies for Ulcers

Stomach ulcers home remedy | Natural and Home Remedies for Ulcers

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Stomach ulcers home remedy | Natural and Home
Remedies for Ulcers 0:00:00.000,0:00:04.279
stomach ulcers gastric ulcers are open 0:00:02.429,0:00:07.230
source within the lining of the stomach 0:00:04.279,0:00:09.870
they are a type of peptic ulcer meaning 0:00:07.230,0:00:11.429
having to do with acid because of the 0:00:09.870,0:00:13.620
amount of acid present in the stomach 0:00:11.429,0:00:16.800
and the damage that can occur they are 0:00:13.620,0:00:19.109
often extremely painful the most common 0:00:16.800,0:00:22.890
cause of stomach ulcers as the bacterium 0:00:19.109,0:00:25.019
Helicobacter pylori or h pylori ulcers 0:00:22.890,0:00:27.359
may also be caused by overuse of 0:00:25.019,0:00:29.929
painkillers such as aspirin bear and 0:00:27.359,0:00:33.840
other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories 0:00:29.929,0:00:34.590
NSAIDs such as ibuprofen advil motrin or 0:00:33.840,0:00:37.710
naproxen 0:00:34.590,0:00:39.780
Naprosyn stomach ulcers are treated with 0:00:37.710,0:00:42.899
antibiotics and medications to reduce 0:00:39.780,0:00:45.180
and block stomach acid in addition to 0:00:42.899,0:00:46.770
this well proven treatment plan research 0:00:45.180,0:00:49.110
has shown that there are also some 0:00:46.770,0:00:52.170
natural home remedies that may be useful 0:00:49.110,0:00:54.239
in managing a stomach ulcer talk with 0:00:52.170,0:00:57.899
your doctor about adding these foods to 0:00:54.239,0:01:00.270
your diet 1 flavonoids research trusted 0:00:57.899,0:01:02.340
source suggests that flavonoids also 0:01:00.270,0:01:04.049
known as bioflavonoids may be an 0:01:02.340,0:01:07.170
effective additional treatment for 0:01:04.049,0:01:09.299
stomach ulcers flavonoids are compounds 0:01:07.170,0:01:12.150
that occur naturally in many fruits and 0:01:09.299,0:01:15.630
vegetables foods and drinks rich in 0:01:12.150,0:01:18.180
flavonoids include soy beans legumes red 0:01:15.630,0:01:20.549
grapes kale broccoli apples berries teas 0:01:18.180,0:01:22.920
especially green tea these foods may 0:01:20.549,0:01:26.280
also help the body fight against the h 0:01:22.920,0:01:28.439
pylori bacteria flavonoids are referred 0:01:26.280,0:01:30.450
to as gastro protective trusted source 0:01:28.439,0:01:32.130
which means they defend the lining of 0:01:30.450,0:01:34.680
the stomach and could allow ulcers to 0:01:32.130,0:01:36.960
heal according to the Linus Pauling 0:01:34.680,0:01:39.090
Institute there are no side effects of 0:01:36.960,0:01:41.430
consuming flavonoids in the amount found 0:01:39.090,0:01:43.470
in a typical diet but higher amounts of 0:01:41.430,0:01:46.380
flavonoids may interfere with blood 0:01:43.470,0:01:49.710
clotting you can get flavonoids in your 0:01:46.380,0:01:51.689
diet or take them as supplement to the 0:01:49.710,0:01:53.430
glycyrrhiza native licorice don’t let 0:01:51.689,0:01:55.950
that long first word give you a 0:01:53.430,0:01:58.229
stomachache the glycyrrhizin ated 0:01:55.950,0:02:01.170
licorice as just plain old licorice with 0:01:58.229,0:02:02.820
the sweet flavor extracted one study 0:02:01.170,0:02:04.590
trusted source showed that d 0:02:02.820,0:02:06.630
glycyrrhizin aided licorice might help 0:02:04.590,0:02:09.989
ulcers heal by inhibiting the growth of 0:02:06.630,0:02:12.090
h pylori the glycyrrhizin aided licorice 0:02:09.989,0:02:14.160
as available as a supplement 0:02:12.090,0:02:17.160
you can’t get this effect from eating 0:02:14.160,0:02:19.590
licorice candy though too much licorice 0:02:17.160,0:02:22.170
candy can be bad for some people trusted 0:02:19.590,0:02:24.629
source consuming more than two ounces 0:02:22.170,0:02:26.819
daily for more than two weeks can make 0:02:24.629,0:02:30.090
existing heart problems or high blood 0:02:26.819,0:02:32.670
pressure worse 3 probiotics probiotics 0:02:30.090,0:02:34.260
are the living bacteria and yeast that 0:02:32.670,0:02:36.629
provide healthy and important 0:02:34.260,0:02:39.330
microorganisms to your digestive tract 0:02:36.629,0:02:41.430
they are present in many common foods 0:02:39.330,0:02:45.329
particularly fermented foods 0:02:41.430,0:02:47.220
these include butter milk yogurt miso 0:02:45.329,0:02:50.310
kimchi kefir you can also take 0:02:47.220,0:02:52.140
probiotics in supplement form studies 0:02:50.310,0:02:54.630
have shown that probiotics may be 0:02:52.140,0:02:56.579
helpful in wiping out h pylori and 0:02:54.630,0:02:58.739
increasing the recovery rate trusted 0:02:56.579,0:03:00.150
source for people with ulcers when added 0:02:58.739,0:03:03.870
to the traditional regimen of 0:03:00.150,0:03:06.840
antibiotics for honey honey is far from 0:03:03.870,0:03:09.599
simply sweet depending on the plan it’s 0:03:06.840,0:03:11.879
derived from honey can contain up to 200 0:03:09.599,0:03:14.970
elements including polyphenols and other 0:03:11.879,0:03:17.160
antioxidants honey trusted source as a 0:03:14.970,0:03:20.639
powerful antibacterial and has been 0:03:17.160,0:03:22.650
shown to inhibit h pylori growth as long 0:03:20.639,0:03:24.630
as you have normal blood sugar levels 0:03:22.650,0:03:26.579
you can enjoy honey as you would any 0:03:24.630,0:03:29.910
sweetener with the bonus of perhaps 0:03:26.579,0:03:32.250
soothing your ulcers 5 garlic garlic 0:03:29.910,0:03:34.829
extract has been shown to inhibit h 0:03:32.250,0:03:37.799
pylori growth in lab animal and human 0:03:34.829,0:03:40.019
trials if you don’t like the taste and 0:03:37.799,0:03:42.650
lingering aftertaste of garlic you can 0:03:40.019,0:03:45.389
take garlic extract in supplement form 0:03:42.650,0:03:47.489
garlic acts as a blood thinner so ask 0:03:45.389,0:03:49.739
your doctor before taking it if you use 0:03:47.489,0:03:53.310
warfarin coumadin other prescription 0:03:49.739,0:03:55.560
blood thinners or aspirin 6 cranberry 0:03:53.310,0:03:58.079
cranberry has been shown in some studies 0:03:55.560,0:04:00.419
trusted source to help decrease urinary 0:03:58.079,0:04:02.160
tract infections by preventing bacteria 0:04:00.419,0:04:04.739
from settling on the walls of the 0:04:02.160,0:04:07.919
bladder cranberry and cranberry extract 0:04:04.739,0:04:10.950
also may help fight h pylori trusted 0:04:07.919,0:04:12.959
source you can drink cranberry juice eat 0:04:10.950,0:04:15.750
cranberries or take cranberry 0:04:12.959,0:04:17.840
supplements no specific amount of 0:04:15.750,0:04:21.030
consumption as associated with relief 0:04:17.840,0:04:23.310
too much cranberry in any form may cause 0:04:21.030,0:04:24.780
stomach and intestinal discomfort due to 0:04:23.310,0:04:26.820
its high sugar content 0:04:24.780,0:04:29.670
so start with small amounts and increase 0:04:26.820,0:04:31.440
gradually many commercial cranberry 0:04:29.670,0:04:34.110
juices are heavily sweetened with sugar 0:04:31.440,0:04:37.110
or high fructose corn syrup which can 0:04:34.110,0:04:39.750
also add empty calories avoid those 0:04:37.110,0:04:43.800
juices by buying juice sweetened only by 0:04:39.750,0:04:46.070
other juices 7 mastic mastic is the sap 0:04:43.800,0:04:48.630
of a tree grown in the Mediterranean 0:04:46.070,0:04:51.120
studies of the effectiveness of mastic 0:04:48.630,0:04:53.280
on h pylori infection are mixed but at 0:04:51.120,0:04:55.530
least one small study trusted source 0:04:53.280,0:04:57.690
shows that chewing mastic gum may help 0:04:55.530,0:05:00.419
fight h pylori getting rid of the 0:04:57.690,0:05:03.300
bacteria in about 3 out of 10 people who 0:05:00.419,0:05:05.490
used it however when compared to the 0:05:03.300,0:05:07.770
traditional combination of antibiotics 0:05:05.490,0:05:09.660
and acid blocking medications the gum 0:05:07.770,0:05:12.090
was significantly less effective than 0:05:09.660,0:05:14.070
the medications the traditional 0:05:12.090,0:05:16.229
treatment got rid of the bacteria in 0:05:14.070,0:05:19.200
more than 75 percent of the people 0:05:16.229,0:05:22.590
studied you can chew the gum or swallow 0:05:19.200,0:05:24.720
mastic in supplement form 8 fruits 0:05:22.590,0:05:26.820
vegetables and whole grains a diet 0:05:24.720,0:05:29.460
centered on fruits vegetables and whole 0:05:26.820,0:05:32.190
grains is not only good for your overall 0:05:29.460,0:05:34.290
health according to the Mayo Clinic a 0:05:32.190,0:05:37.200
vitamin rich diet can help your body 0:05:34.290,0:05:39.600
heal your ulcer foods containing the 0:05:37.200,0:05:41.640
antioxidant polyphenols trusted source 0:05:39.600,0:05:44.850
may protect you from ulcers and help 0:05:41.640,0:05:47.460
ulcers heal polyphenol rich foods and 0:05:44.850,0:05:50.250
seasonings include dried rosemary 0:05:47.460,0:05:52.400
flaxseed Mexican oregano dark chocolate 0:05:50.250,0:05:54.720
blueberries raspberries strawberries 0:05:52.400,0:05:56.850
elderberries and blackberries black 0:05:54.720,0:05:59.160
olives foods to limit or avoid with 0:05:56.850,0:06:01.940
ulcers and acid reflux some people with 0:05:59.160,0:06:05.010
ulcers also have acid reflux disease in 0:06:01.940,0:06:07.080
some people certain foods can affect the 0:06:05.010,0:06:09.690
lower part of the esophagus called the 0:06:07.080,0:06:11.760
lower esophageal sphincter less allowing 0:06:09.690,0:06:14.760
acid and stomach contents to back up 0:06:11.760,0:06:16.860
into the esophagus this can cause injury 0:06:14.760,0:06:19.800
to the esophagus as well as heartburn 0:06:16.860,0:06:22.350
indigestion and other discomfort to 0:06:19.800,0:06:24.600
reduce acid reflux pain you may want to 0:06:22.350,0:06:27.330
limit coffee and other caffeinated 0:06:24.600,0:06:29.580
beverages carbonated beverages chocolate 0:06:27.330,0:06:31.680
chiles and hot peppers processed foods 0:06:29.580,0:06:34.260
foods with a high amount of salt deep 0:06:31.680,0:06:35.750
fried foods acidic foods like citrus and 0:06:34.260,0:06:38.120
tomatoes overeating and 0:06:35.750,0:06:40.610
within two to three hours of going to 0:06:38.120,0:06:43.850
bed may also worsen the symptoms of acid 0:06:40.610,0:06:46.040
reflux not every food acts the same for 0:06:43.850,0:06:48.260
every person so keeping track of which 0:06:46.040,0:06:51.740
food seemed to make acid reflux symptoms 0:06:48.260,0:06:53.930
worse can be helpful alcohol having more 0:06:51.740,0:06:56.180
than one drink a day for women and more 0:06:53.930,0:06:59.090
than two for men as considered excessive 0:06:56.180,0:07:01.610
drinking trusted source if a couple of 0:06:59.090,0:07:03.230
drinks after work is how you unwind you 0:07:01.610,0:07:06.410
might want to consider a healthier 0:07:03.230,0:07:09.590
alternative regular alcohol use causes 0:07:06.410,0:07:11.840
significant stomach inflammation also 0:07:09.590,0:07:13.570
alcohol as another substance that can 0:07:11.840,0:07:18.130
relax the lower part of the esophagus 0:07:13.570,0:07:18.130
increasing your risk for acid reflux

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